Saturday, October 19, 2013

Are you ready for BAGA MANILA's 2nd Anniversary?


I know this post is late but I have a valid reason for it. I was too stressed last week because of work that I keep putting off this post. I'm sorry but I won't let that happen. 

Okay let's get on with this post shall we? 

Last October 12, I went to A. Venue in Makati to attend BAGA Manila's Bingo night. If you don't know what BAGA means it actually stands for Barbecuers and Grillers Association Manila. This group basically features barbecuers and grillers' establishments here in Manila to showcase one of Filipino's favorite - barbecue and grilled meat! 

I am a meat lover so I was in for a treat! Another reason why they are having this event is also to give out several units of grill and food handling training to several people in the event as well. 

And of course who wouldn't forget the food! We had a lot of food that was given for us to try. There were barbecue, isaw (chicken gizzards), Grilled chicken and so much more. 

The food selection are not all grilled food, there were some Italian dishes and also Korean food! There is also a small tiangge area where you could shop from a variety of items like books, clothes, accessories, to even get a henna tattoo! 

As part of BAGA Manila's 2nd Anniversary, they will be having tons of events lined up this coming 26th of October still at A Venue in Makati! From Zumba in the afternoon to a live performance to some local acts in the evening. 

And did I mention the entrance is FREE? 

Mark the date in your calendar this coming Saturday and bring your friends and family to BAGA Manila's 2nd Anniversary! 

For more information or if you want to be part of BAGA Manila, make sure to LIKE their Facebook page

Have a safe Sunday ahead! 

xx Alice