Monday, December 16, 2013

Beverage Find: OKF's Milky Be Happy

Hey hey! I'm back with a new post!

I haven't posted in a bad! but promise I will do more soon! For now let's get on this baby ok?

I haven't been feeling well lately. I don't know why but I decided to try to move on and with that the best way is to look for new stuff! hehe! I am a foodie but I don't let that get to me because that will just make my wallet and tummy get a massive rage on for me, but once in a while they let me be...

Today's post will be all about OKF's Milky Be Happy!

I'm not particularly sure about where the drink came from since there is an English and Russian (I think) writing on it. But according to the manufacturer at the back it says its from Korea.. quite confusing to me HELP!

This is quite similar to Milkis which is the real deal that it came from Korea. Retail price for this is only about 5 pesos cheaper than Milkis. I bought mine for about 19 pesos at Ministop a piece.

Compared to Milkis, Milky be happy comes in three flavors: Peach, Strawberry and Orange. I only tried out Peach and Strawberry since the store I bought these doesn't have the orange kind.

Peach has has milky pinkish color. Kind of looks like dish washing soap according to my brother. Taste wise- it was okay, it was quite sweet but I wasn't able to taste the peach flavor. It was in the aroma though. It really smelled like peaches but the taste didn't get me.

Now onto the Strawberry flavor. If you noticed in the picture it has more of a saturated milky red color into it - kind of looks like strawberry milk. The aroma though was off for me because it smelled like medicine for me - the ones that has the strawberry flavor? you get the clue. Taste wise, I was able to taste the strawberry but it was not the one that I expected.

Overall I was quite disappointed with these. I know they are cheaper and has a variety of flavors than Milkis, but I think I will just stick with Milkis for now. 

Have you tried these? 

What do you think about it?

Make sure to let me know on the comments section and also your beverage suggestions. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Thursday, November 7, 2013

BAGA Manila's 2nd Anniversary party!

Hello! Sorry for the late post. I haven't been feeling well lately so I wasn't able to update this as soon as I can. I hope you guys understand. 

Last October 26, I attended BAGA Manila's 2nd Anniversary which was held at A Venue's Parking Lot.

The event was full of surprises and also of food! different partners have participated in this event to celebrate the 2nd year of BAGA Manila.

Part from different activities and also performances from performers, the highlight of the program is the International Boodle Fight which is not your ordinary food challenge.

The participants are tasked to make their food - from scratch! From building the fire to cooking and eventually eating the dishes they will cook.

I was really amazed with the idea since its not an ordinary that you out eat your competitors - you have to be a great griller as well!

While waiting for the results, There was some performances by local act. And by the end of the boodle fight the winner was announced - The Japanese team won! I was really amazed because they were able to do everything well and on time as well.

Another highlight of the event was the performance of Lolita Carbon of ASIN, Itchyworms and Shamrock. Being a music lover I was like a teenager all over again seeing Lolita Carbon since when I was kid my mom always plays her song every morning and also seeing Itchyworms was a great opportunity. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a picture with them since my camera gave up on me on the last minute, but seeing them was really an experience I would not forget for sure.

Baga Manila is a great place to chill with your friends after work on a Friday night or even a great destination with your family on the weekends! 

Make sure to visit BAGA Manila and sample the food that their offer. I will surely go back soon! 

Visit BAGA Manila on Facebook for more information. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Are you ready for BAGA MANILA's 2nd Anniversary?


I know this post is late but I have a valid reason for it. I was too stressed last week because of work that I keep putting off this post. I'm sorry but I won't let that happen. 

Okay let's get on with this post shall we? 

Last October 12, I went to A. Venue in Makati to attend BAGA Manila's Bingo night. If you don't know what BAGA means it actually stands for Barbecuers and Grillers Association Manila. This group basically features barbecuers and grillers' establishments here in Manila to showcase one of Filipino's favorite - barbecue and grilled meat! 

I am a meat lover so I was in for a treat! Another reason why they are having this event is also to give out several units of grill and food handling training to several people in the event as well. 

And of course who wouldn't forget the food! We had a lot of food that was given for us to try. There were barbecue, isaw (chicken gizzards), Grilled chicken and so much more. 

The food selection are not all grilled food, there were some Italian dishes and also Korean food! There is also a small tiangge area where you could shop from a variety of items like books, clothes, accessories, to even get a henna tattoo! 

As part of BAGA Manila's 2nd Anniversary, they will be having tons of events lined up this coming 26th of October still at A Venue in Makati! From Zumba in the afternoon to a live performance to some local acts in the evening. 

And did I mention the entrance is FREE? 

Mark the date in your calendar this coming Saturday and bring your friends and family to BAGA Manila's 2nd Anniversary! 

For more information or if you want to be part of BAGA Manila, make sure to LIKE their Facebook page

Have a safe Sunday ahead! 

xx Alice 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sentro 1771: First in Modern Filipino Cuisine

Hey guys! How y'all doing? The weekend's coming up so I suggest you check out this restaurant that offers Modern Filipino cuisine - Sentro 1771. 

Way back in 2002, Sentro 1771 exploded on the local culinary scene with it original Modern Filipino cuisine. Executive Chef Vicky Pacheco brought Filipino cuisine to the next level by presenting local dishes in a chich and elegant setting which combines Swiss and French techniques with that familiar Filipino flavor that we truly love. 

I was honored to try their new menu last Saturday with some blogger friends of mine. 

Sentro 1771 has a menu not like any other. If you are used to the standard menu that features fish, meat, or appetizers without a distinct recommendation to the first timers, busy people and foodie in us. The menu line up of Sentro 1771 is special because if you are a first timer they have a section of must try's, while for the foodies they have the A la Sentro offerings. If you are a busy yuppie that has no time to cook but still want to enjoy a home cooked meal at the end of the day they have the Home Cooking and Filipino Favorites section. Vegetarians and healthy eaters will have a time with their time at Sentro 1771 in the Vegetables and Salad section.

Sentro 1771 really has the best of both worlds for their customers.

The setting of the restaurant has a very homey feel - like when you are visiting your Grandad or Grandma for the weekend.

The al fresco setting of the restaurant still has a homey feel which is perfect if you will be having that Sunday Brunch with your family after Sunday mass. They also offer a rocking chair for your lolo or lola in case they need to sit for a bit while waiting.

I love how they have the old school menu board outside of the restaurant and has written the menu for the day. It has that old rustic feel to it.

When we got inside to our table, I was greeted by this painting. There are actually several other paintings shown in the restaurant that is really nice since it becomes the 'modern' touch in this homey restaurant.

I was also amazed because they have an open kitchen so you can your food being prepared. I love this concept since it also makes the customer see how efficient the staff are as well. The also have a menu board above the open kitchen so if you are a newbie you can just check this out since they offer the specialty of the house  in this section.

Upon settling down in our table, we were served dalandan juice. The taste was really refreshing to my taste buds since its not too sweet nor sour. I would definitely recommend this is you would like a drink on a hot day.

For our first course, we were given Duck Pancakes. These were Peking pancakes filled with strips of native duck slow-cooked in beer, rhum vinegar, soy sauce and muscovado sugar. Priced at 170 php for 4 pieces. 

The taste was actually not like of what I've expected. the meat of the duck was tender, much like of corned beef if you ask me. The addition of the vegetable and also the way it was served was quite new to me and its actually a good concept since the serving was enough for only one.

Next to be served was B2B sticks. These are skewered and grilled organic chicken gizzards cooked adobo-style. Priced at 150PHP for 4 pieces as well.

If you grew up eating street food here in Manila that these are mainly called Balun Balunan. I remember my mom freaking out of me when I first ate a stick of these when I was kid. The ones offered at Sentro 1771 was a more tender and the taste would not make you think these were chicken gizzard in the beginning.

Next to our list was the Macau Chorizo and Cheese Tidbits. These are mini spring rolls filled with Macau Chorizo, challots, and keso de bola. Priced at 240PHP. 

These reminded me of Lumpiang Shanghai. The only difference is that this spring rolls contains chorizo instead of the typical pork and beef meat. It also has cheese which gives somewhat a smoothness into it.

Next that was served were the camote cups. Carved Sweet potato filled with stir-fried cabbage, Baguio beans and carrots, This is priced at 240PHP for four pieces. 

If you are on a diet but you don't want to feel deprived you can eat this since the cups can be eaten as well as a substitute for rice. The taste was something my mom would make me when I was younger since I am not much of a fan of vegetables. 

Now onto the meats. We were first served with Chicken Adobo sa Gata. Still retains the vinegar-garlic-peppercorn balance but thickened with coconut milk. Priced at 250PHP which is good for 2 people.

This kind of adobo is more of a delicacy for me since its not every that you eat this kind of adobo. I like that this has more like a simple taste but full on flavor. 

Next was lamb caldereta. Boneless Lamb shoulder stewed with carrots, bell peppers, tomato sauce, and spices. This can be mild or spicy, this is priced at 480php.

 I was very amazed with this dish. I haven't tried lamb ever so I was in a treat with this. The meat was very tender which is great and it has quite a kick of flavor with the spices. 

If you are into seafood, you can try their Fish of the day Pandan. It is a whole fish stuffed with sauteed onions, tomatoes, miso, and malunggay, tied with pandan. 220PHP per 100g. I heard that they use different kind of fish everyday that's why the taste my differ from each fish. I don't exactly know what fish this is called. The taste was quite nice but I can't really explain it any further. 

For vegetarians, you can try out the Two-egg ampalaya crepe. Sauteed bitter melon on an egg crepe, topped with salted duck egg. Priced at 150PHP. 

The taste was quite familiar to my palette since my mom and dad cooks a similar dish, but they actually mix the egg with the bitter melon. It wasn't bitter as to what I expected it to be which is good. 

We were also given the Seafood Bagoong Rice, which is rice topped with grilled squid, garlic shrimps and hito flakes. Priced 530PHP. 

The Seafood bagoong rice was a seafood lovers heaven. I don't really eat bagoong, or fermented fish paste, but in this rice dish there was not a trace of the aroma of the bagoong. I do like that it has fish meat so it will lessen your rice consumption. 

I know you have been craving with all the food porn that I have been showing you, trust me there is more to come so hold on in there! 

Now onto the next dish, This is actually Sentro 1771's specialty: Sinigang na corned beef! 

I know what your thinking...

WTH?!? corned beef?!?! 

Yes. My dear reader you read that right. It is corned beef. It is Corned beed short plate and boneless beef shanks in tamarind broth and native vegetables. Priced at 595Php. 

The taste was very much like what I remember but it wasn't as sour as I pictured it to be. We were told later that you can actually have the taste of the sinigang changed to your likeness. If you want it to be mild, you can ask for it to be milder or to be more sour. 

Now lets go to the desserts! 

This is Keso Flan. Its eaten with keso de bola and salted egg. The taste was something I didn't think off. I don't think this food combination will be replaced in my palette. It has a mixture of sweetness, saltiness, and a tart like taste with keso de bola. 

Next would be Fried suma which is basically fried suman topped with mango slices. The taste was mild and something I think perfect to be served with coffee or juice in the afternoon. 

Lastly, We were also served the banana tart. The taste was somewhat like an English pastry I would drink with tea. It was light but sweet whcih is perfect with tea! 

If you ask me, out of all the dishes that was served to me. My top picks would be the lamb caldereta, b2b sticks, camote cups and the desserts. 

I will definitely be back soon at sentro 1771, the First in Modern Filipino Cuisine for sure. Thank you as well to Ms. Cha Sy of for the invitation. Please do visit her blog too for the latest and the newest food stops in town. 

Sentro 1771 is located in Greenbelt 3 and also in Serendra. For inquiries and reservations call Sentro 1771 Greenbelt at (02) 7573941 or Sentro Serendra (02) 8560581. Also follow them on twitter and Facebook! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Kit Kat Heaven!!!

Kit Kat is one of those treats that I rarely get exited for since the ones that I've tried when I was your was the regular variant. Nothing really special really - not until I was able to try out two new flavors of Kit Kat!

I tried out Passion fruit and the coveted Green Tea flavor.

These were actually sold to me by my co-worker since her sibling travels a lot. She retails these at about 370PHP per bag of 12 mini pieces. 

Each piece are individually wrapped and contains 2 wafers layered with the selected flavor then covered in the same icing. 

The passion fruit was more of a main stay in the Japanese market according to my cousin, since it has a 'normal' taste - her words not mine. 

So since it was my first time to try it, I was a bit curious with the taste of Kit Kat's passion fruit flavor. When I tasted it, all I could say was ...hmmm? yes.It wasn't a real word but more of an expression. 

The aroma was fruity with a hint of creaminess. The taste was somewhat confuses me since it has a creamy, kind-of citrus zing into it that makes you want to reach out for more. I was taken back with the taste of the passion fruit that I actually liked it the more I tasted it.

Now to the coveted Green tea kit kat. 

I didn't expect much with this because I basically grew up drinking green tea because my mom would get tons of green tea from her Japanese friends, which ends up being in my cup since she says its good for your health.

The moment I opened this piece I braised myself for an outpouring of childhood memories - of my mom running after me to drink my afternoon green tea. The thought of it makes me cringe.

I don't have anything against drinking Japanese green tea, its just that whenever I smell it, it just reminds me of like the smell of grass. I have drank gallons of Japanese green tea which quite honestly made me sick of drinking it, but I think eating it will be fine...right?

The aroma of this is very much like the once I've drank before, but somehow I don't feel tensed eating it. The aroma is not that overwhelming to the mouth which is great.

If you ask me between the two which one I like more?

I would go with Passion fruit. The taste is quite new and its something that you want to have over and over again while the green tea one is just something I was accustomed to thus making it more of like an afternoon delight.

Which one would you prefer?

Make sure to leave your comments below!

Much Love!


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