Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Perfect Gift for Mom this Mother's Day from Marriott Hotel

One of the people that know my taste in food is my mom. She would always cook delectable meals that fit me and my brother’s picky taste buds. One of her passions is eating too, so I’m pretty sure she will be so happy if I bring her to the Marriott Café for mother’s day for Sunday brunch in which the Marriott Café is known for having an upscale yet cosy venue to enjoy a great brunch with the family. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Team Building and outing @ 9 Waves!

Last Saturday (April 21) me and my office mates went on our annual team outing. This is actually my second time and I am really happy that I was able to join. 

Last year we went to Bosay Resort in Antipolo since last year it was just a spur of the moment thing while with this one we had a little over a month to prepare everything. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Food Review: Jollibee's Coffee Float

Ola ladies! 

With the summer heating up a better way to cool down is to sip a cool drink right? I always find it hard to drink floats although I like them, maybe its because after I drink them I feel more thirsty. 

I was able to find a new drink that can cool me down without making me more thirsty and it is from Jollibee! 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Summer Outing with my friends at Loreland + short review

Happy Summer! 

Last Saturday (April 14) Me and my friends went on a summer outing at Loreland in Antipolo. I have actually been really curious about this resort since I've seen their website and also reviews saying that this is a great place. 

Me and my friends chose to go on a night swimming trip since almost all the pools are outdoor pools which means that we would suffer sun burn with this. Its actually okay for me since my skin would get back to normal anyways :D 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Food Finds: Meiji Chocolate Almonds

I seriously love chocolates. I especially like these that were given to me by my god brother about a month ago. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chicken Deli's Meet and Greet with Alodia

Hi Everyone! 

Last Saturday I was really glad I was able to meet Alodia Gosengfiao since I won their twitter contest last Friday night. 

I was also able to try Chicken Deli's delicacy which are mostly Filipino food like Chicken Bacolod and their turon. 

It was actually Alodia's birthday so I was a bit happy that I was able to greet her on her birthday. I wasn't able to ask her any questions though which as a little bad :( but its okay since I'm pretty sure I'll be able to meet her next time. 

I was also able to meet other cosplayers, bloggers and eat some great food from Chicken Deli. 

With Sumi Go ^_^

I'll try to blog next time about their other specialties since I wasn't able to eat most of the time at the event, I was a bit fascinated though with the cosplayers that's why I wasn't able to eat haha! 

But thanks Chicken Deli! I will surely comeback to try some more! 

Follow Chicken Deli on twitter @Chicken_Deli and also on Facebook! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 

Food Finds: Veggie Bread at 7-11

I am a busy person and there are times I forget to bring my food with me to work so the next best thing for me instead of buying fast food is heading to the convenience stores near my office. 
I usually buy bread, canned tuna and pineapple juice or any juice I see on their chiller. 
I was actually curious with this bread that is why I bought it. This is like any other bread but it has veggies in it. 
Its quite cheap in its price which is 19.00PHP which is less than a dollar in the US. 

As upon opening it I was kinda curious what it would smell like since that would usually be my way to say if it tastes good or not. I know I'm weird so don't say it hehe!  I was actually surprise that when I opened this it smelled like pizza, I'm not kidding this REALLY smells like one! 
By taste it does taste good but not great. I'm no connoisseur but I think its because this was not fresh when I bought it. It was actually near its expiration date so I wasn't able to feel its crispiness. Ah the memories when I became a baker's apprentice.. sorry daydreaming again :) 
But overall this is a good buy if you want a different kind of bread. 
This is available in 7-11 for only 19.00 for 2 slices. 
Much Love! 
-- Alice