Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Food Finds: Veggie Bread at 7-11

I am a busy person and there are times I forget to bring my food with me to work so the next best thing for me instead of buying fast food is heading to the convenience stores near my office. 
I usually buy bread, canned tuna and pineapple juice or any juice I see on their chiller. 
I was actually curious with this bread that is why I bought it. This is like any other bread but it has veggies in it. 
Its quite cheap in its price which is 19.00PHP which is less than a dollar in the US. 

As upon opening it I was kinda curious what it would smell like since that would usually be my way to say if it tastes good or not. I know I'm weird so don't say it hehe!  I was actually surprise that when I opened this it smelled like pizza, I'm not kidding this REALLY smells like one! 
By taste it does taste good but not great. I'm no connoisseur but I think its because this was not fresh when I bought it. It was actually near its expiration date so I wasn't able to feel its crispiness. Ah the memories when I became a baker's apprentice.. sorry daydreaming again :) 
But overall this is a good buy if you want a different kind of bread. 
This is available in 7-11 for only 19.00 for 2 slices. 
Much Love! 
-- Alice  


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