Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Team Building and outing @ 9 Waves!

Last Saturday (April 21) me and my office mates went on our annual team outing. This is actually my second time and I am really happy that I was able to join. 

Last year we went to Bosay Resort in Antipolo since last year it was just a spur of the moment thing while with this one we had a little over a month to prepare everything. 

This year we went to 9 Waves resort which is in San Mateo Rizal, Its only about an hour away from Manila. Going to this resort is fairly easy since you can ride a jeepney or an FX to the resort.

I would suggest you can get the FX in which you can just talk to the driver to drop you off into the resort if you are in a group. But if you are okay with the pollution on the way you can also go via jeep :D

If you are going there as a family or with your barkada I suggest you reserve your cottage, or in our case the pavillion which can hold up until 50 persons or more. 

Our cottage

The cottages actually costs from 500 PHP to 3,000 PHP which is budget friendly if you just want to have a swim with your friends and family.

The resort has 3 pools - The wave pool, kiddie pool and the one that has the double loop slide. 

Their main attraction is actually the wave pool because its something that everyone is excited to experience. Its like you are in the sea. I actually had several incidents there that I almost drowned but I survived haha! 

They also have their own version of Halo Halo which has a mashed kamote that is like ube. Its really yummy and colorful too!

Meet the Daekyo Team! well some of them though :D 

You can check out the rates of this resort at http://www.9wavesphilippines.com

I'll do another post for a review about this resort.

Much Love!

-- Alice


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