Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Summer Outing with my friends at Loreland + short review

Happy Summer! 

Last Saturday (April 14) Me and my friends went on a summer outing at Loreland in Antipolo. I have actually been really curious about this resort since I've seen their website and also reviews saying that this is a great place. 

Me and my friends chose to go on a night swimming trip since almost all the pools are outdoor pools which means that we would suffer sun burn with this. Its actually okay for me since my skin would get back to normal anyways :D 

yes the did that on purpose haha!

One word of advice though when you are going to have a trip with your friends is to plan it well, as in be very detailed with all the information like rates, transportation and other things. And if you are going to a resort much like Loreland I suggest you do an ocular first and make a reservation. 

Getting to Loreland is easy. You can just ride a jeep or FX going to Antipolo church then ride a tricycle to Loreland. All tricycle drivers know the place so rest assured you will arrive at the resort. You will be able to spend around 100 pesos alone on your way to the resort since a jeepney ride is 29 pesos and the special tricycle ride is 70 pesos. 

The entrance fee for the night tour is 170 php. The night tour starts from 7pm to 6am. 

 The cottage that we got is good for 6-8 people which is 850 php. I personally think its not really fit for 8 people, but it would depend on how much stuff you have with you. 

I was pointing at one of the pools. :D

Loreland is composed of 3 phases, each with a specialty. 

The view from Phase 1.

Phase 1 is for the ones that would like to see a view of manila while enjoying the pool. Phase 2 is more of the kids area since most of the pools there are 3 feet or 4 feet and also this is where you have bigger groups of people that like extreme activities like zip lining. Phase 3 is where they have the pool that is 5ft to 7ft and it has a slide.

 The way to the pools is a bit of a struggle for us since there were no specific directions where to go. And because most of the pools are crowded it took us about 15 minutes to get to a non-crowded pool. 

 I wasn't able to take a shot of the cottages since most of them have been occupied and people would think I'm weird if I take their photo just because haha! 

Over all I had fun at Loreland but there were just somethings that I was not really happy and I got a little disappointed. 

 1. The bathrooms were not that spacious. 

I have been to several resorts and I know how to describe a spacious bathroom. Another thing that disappointed me is that the female and male bathrooms are right in front of each other, so expect no privacy when you are washing up. 

2. The pools were too small and the water is not that clean. 

They only clean the water when everyone has left so I suggest you get to the resort at least an hour or two early so you will be able to enjoy the clean pool before everyone else. 

3. There were not a lot of trash cans in the area. 

This is something that I really check in a resort since most of the time people would just leave their mess. It is not a good sight if you ask me. 

I am only saying these so that I hope if ever me and my friends would go back we would have a much better experience at the resort.

There are also some things that I liked about the resort. 

1. The view. 

If you go to Phase 1, you would see a great view of Manila and this spot is actually good if you are on a date. 

2. The staff. 

Although some of the staff are not that specific with some of the details they were attentive and know how to handle semi-irate customers (one of my friends) 

3. Great place to exercise. 

I can honestly say that even though its hard to check the whole resort out on foot it can be one heck of an exercise. You might want to be a little careful though :) 

I am personally not a fan of these kinds of resorts since I usually go on a trip to relax.

If you are a type of person that would tolerate these places and you are on a budget you can check this out. 

You can visit their website 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


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