Friday, May 15, 2015

Home Cooked Kapampangan Food in Makati at Apag Marangle

Looking for an authentic Kapampangan food restaurant is hard for some that miss home because Kapampangan food is known for its rich flavor and savory sauces so knowing one that is in Makati is definitely a foodie adventure to try. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Feel like your with the stars in Puerto Galera: Hollywood Palm Beach Resort

And now we are at the last part of my recent trip to Puerto Galera. If you want to check out the other posts you can click here, here and here

White Beach is very popular in Puerto Galera and during its peak season hotels in this area is always fully booked so one tip I can give you is book a hotel that is a bit far from the beach front because they have cheaper rates and also there isn't much  noise so you'll have total relaxation. 

Something different from the ordinary PG has to offer with Tribez tours Puerto Galera

When you go to Puerto Galera what pops up in your head? The white sand beaches of White beach or maybe the culturally diverse Sabang? 

For me when the first thing that pops into my head is the adventure of knowing what Puerto Galera has more to offer. 

I am not afraid of an adventure, so when we were asked what we would like to do in Puerto Galera by our hosts from Tribes tours Puerto Galera I actually opted out of the usual snorkeling and island hopping most people told me to try because that is actually what Puerto Galera mainly offers. They actually offered us a land tour which I think is a much better adventure because there might be more than just the sea and the sand in Puerto Galera. 

On our last day, we were told to wake up early but due to the happenings we did the night before we didn't wake up early enough, but still our tour pushed through. 

Our first stop is the Mangyan Village in which we saw how the native Iraya-Mangyan tribes weave beautiful mats and other items.

The Iraya Mangyan Village is located at the foot of Mt. Malasimbo in Barangay Talipanan about 9 kilometers from the town center. 

I noticed that in terms of the patterns, the Iraya Mangyan has a very distinct pattern that I have never seen before.

The people at the village were very friendly and were game in taking pictures with us. They also offer different souvenirs like bags, bracelets, weaved baskets that they personally made.

On to our next adventure we went to Ponderosa!

Ponderosa or heavy in Latin is part of a golf course of the same name which is perched on a mountain top that has about 2,000 feet above sea level. 

One of the things that I discovered is there is also a zip line there! unfortunately we weren't able to try but going to the viewing deck was just as exciting as the zip line because that is something you don't see everyday - an over looking view of Puerto Galera! 

Ponderosa is just 20 minutes away from the town center and a lot of the rental services d know it. 

Then off to the last part of our tour which is checking out the hidden springs at Barangay Baklayan which is Da Pirmeda Paraoyan Eco Cultural Tour. The ride going there is like riding a roller coaster because the road isn't cemented yet, but the view going there was A-MA-ZING! 

After that wild jeepney ride, we had to trek to the hidden spring for another 5-15 minutes or so. When we arrived there the first thing I noticed is how similar the entrance was to a certain fictional village in a teleserye I've seen before

*coughs* La preza *coughs*  

The entrance for the hidden spring is only 50 pesos and you can also buy food and drinks there. 

I do love the over looking view of  Puerto Galera from the hidden springs which is not something we see everyday if you live in the city.

And if you know me enough you know that this kind of scenery is a once in a lifetime for me to see and I get giddy all over for it. 

We actually dipped in the water immediately, and if you noticed I was wearing pants because I didn't pack any swimwear (my bad!) The water was cold and it is refreshing!

After that we sped off back to our hotel because we need to get back to Manila before sunset.

But of course all of us were craving Halo Halo so we stopped over at a halo halo stand just beside the road. The Halo halo was only 25 pesos and it was superb! The ube was homemade which is rare to have nowadays.

And then after that we were back to the hotel and packed our stuff to catch our ride at Muelle port.

Overall our trip was awesome thanks to Tribes tours Puerto Galera because they offered something different from the ordinary. We were able to experience something that most people wouldn't think that Puerto Galera has!

Before I put all the links and information below I'll just show you some of our groufies! :D

Make sure to check Tribes tours Puerto Galera on Facebook to know about their rates and also packages they offer.

Also make sure to check back for the last part of our tour which is about the Hotel we stayed at.

See you soon!

Much Love!

xx Alice

Monday, May 4, 2015

Tara Na Sa Galera with Minolo Shipping Lines!

Its the middle of Summer and most people are thinking where to head off this season. And sometimes people tend to overlook the option of going to Puerto Galera. 

Puerto Galera is just about 2 to 3 hours away from Manila so having your whole weekend in this wonderful island won't be a problem because you can hop in a bus for about 1 hour and 30 minutes and another on a ferry so you can enjoy the sun, sand and summer!

Getting to Puerto Galera is pretty easy. The only struggle is which ferry to choose when you go to Puerto Galera. I was glad we chose Minolo Shipping lines because it has a steady schedule they follow and also its quite cheap! 

For about 500php you can have a round trip ticket to Puerto Galera! Its actually really cheap compared to other shipping lines I saw at the port when we got there. 

When we got to Batangas port we immediately went straight to our ferry. 

And since its been a while, I was nervous falling off the ramp but luckily the staff help out the passengers when you get in the ferry. 

The ferry was full of people. And what I mean by full is there isn't much space to go around. So I would suggest that you guys should arrive early so you can get prime seats which are the one in the front of the boat or at the very back of the boat.  

The reason for that is you'll have a chance to do a photo op while on the boat - no joke! people do it while the boat is moving! 

The ferry ride is about 45 minutes to about an hour so if you want to get some rest before you arrive at Puerto Galera you can take that chance. So once you arrive at the port, you will feel refreshed and energized to travel to your hotel. 

Minolo Shipping Line has a very big seating capacity and also very helpful staff that will help you locate which seats are still available. One thing I found really fascinating with their ship is that there is a bathroom so if ever you need to relive yourself while in the middle of the ocean, you can do it there. 

The trip was kind of boring on the most part because you will just see a body of water. The water splashes are cool though but aside from that there isn't really anything to do while you are on your way to the island but just enjoy the waves or take a nap.

As for our trip back to Batangas port, we actually got caught in the middle of a downpour on our way back which made the usual travel time much longer and also the waves were higher because of the weather. 

And truth be told, although I am afraid I actually fell asleep and kept bobbing my head while most of my co-passengers are shaking because of the waves. They were high but I have full trust in the captain of the ship to bring us to safety. 

Overall, I would recommend Minolo Shipping lines if you want a safe and noteworthy ride on your way to Puerto Galera. 

This is only part 1 of my whole experience of our trip to Puerto Galera so make sure to check this blog and my other blog for more updates! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice
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