Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bih-Zahr : Out of the Ordinary but Budget friendly Bar to dine in light but party harder

Bih-Zahr (read as bizarre) RestoBar a cozy restaurant during the day and a hip-hop, rock and rainbow haven in the night. Located at No. 6 Scout Borromeo Street, South Triangle, Quezon City. You’ve probably been asking yourself what’s with the name, Bih-Zahr? It’s because we are not your average RestoBar.  It offers a wide variety of promos and group bundle of food and drink that is very light on the pocket.

Our Menu is usual, but it is unforgettable

The menu offers an extensive variety of great food and cocktails for everyone’s taste. To name a few of what we offer on our menu like Sinuglaw, Pork Sisig, Sisig Pizza, Fish and Chips, Gambas, Nachos, Beef Salpicao, Steak, Chili Fingers and Dynamite. Their Chef would recommend you to try our Pancit Bihon and Pancit Guisado, it may sound that you already have tasted it a gazillion time, but when you taste our Pancit you can say “This is it!”. Bih Zahr also offer a wide variety of cocktails for our ladies and mocktails for those who do not drink alcohol and on the rocks drink like rum and  whiskey.

Bih-Zahr RestoBar offers a week of different activities starting with
Monday Blues were all the music is soothing to the ears that will relax you. 

Tuesday’s Ladies Night all ladies will get one (1) free cocktail upon entering and ladies will rock the night away.

Wednesday 80’s, turn back time as we en route you to the sound of the 80’s.  

Thursday’s Rainbow Party, a night filled with laughters from our LGBT invited friends. 
Rocker Friday’s, they will rock until you drop.  
Hip-hop Saturday’s, lots of scratching and DJing.

There are also barkada bundles that are as low as 1,000php so make sure to check out Bih Zahr! 

Bih-Zahr is located at #6 Sct. Borromeo St. South Triangle Q.C. 

xx Alice

Monday, November 17, 2014

Must Love Desserts at Love Desserts!

I love sweets. 

Compared to my two brothers, I have a sweet tooth than they are that when they give me gifts it usually involves chocolates - if its my birthday it is A MUST that either one gives me chocolates no matter if it is locally made or from abroad just as long as it is chocolate I am okay with it. 

Speaking of chocolates, I am in love with one shop that serves all the sweets I could imagine - Love Desserts!

Located at Banawe in Quezon City, this quaint little place is the first to conceptualize this kind of buffet. 

The whole place is simple and doesn't have the shebang but one of the things I like about Love Desserts is that their variety of sweets are all home made and also it is different everyday so their customers would be surprised. 

One of the things I tried is their chocolate cake and also their blueberry peach crepe. 

They have individual stations for pastries, crepes and even a halo halo station! 

Their staff is super courteous and really attentive to their customers. I actually tried to ask them lots of questions even if they are busy and they still answered me without being annoyed. 

I am like that actually sometimes so they passed! 

Besides from the desserts they offer, Love Desserts also offer an array of entrees that can be ordered separately if you are not in the mood for sweets. 

One of the coolest thing I like in the store is how simple yet eye catching their interior is. 

This is a perfect place to hang out with your friends and just munch away. Although usually customers are only allowed to stay for about 2 hours but I think most people won't be able to stay long because of the sugar coma. 

If you would ask if I will go back? OF COURSE! 

I am planning to go back son to Love Desserts and try more of their sweet treats. 

Have you gone to Love Desserts? What is your favorite dessert?

Comment below! 

xx Alice 

Akira Opens its Newest Branch at Shangri-La Mall!

Akira The Art of Teppanyaki has opened its newest branch on the East wing of Shangrila Mall.

I really like Japanese food. I find that the way they prepare their food is really nice and also entertaining.

The difference of their Shangrila branch to the other branches is that it has 3 teppanyaki stations that you can use with your friends to see how teppanyaki is prepared.

Now onto the food! I really like the meat that they use in the teppanyaki because its really chewy and soft and just melts in your mouth.

I find it really nice to eat with rice.

Another thing I like about the Shangrila branch is the design is very minimalist but not cold.

You can check out Akira's Shangrila branch at the East wing of Shangrila mall.

Much Love!

xx Alice 

Brickfire: budget-friendly Steaks for All

I usually have savory cravings when the weekend starts. I don't know why but sometimes I crave for steaks most of the time. But unfortunately I have to go all the way to Eastwood sometimes and have to fork out a huge sum of money for it.

Thankfully I found a much better place that serves steaks near my house and won't burn the wallet- which is Brickfire!

First and foremost, Brickfire is a budget-friendly steakhouse. Its flagship dishes are The Duke and the Cowgirl Annie, which are generous cuts of tender local beef classically seasoned with salt and pepper.

That is where Brickfire stops being your typical budget steakhouse and becomes so much more.
One of the biggest differences with Brickfire is how the beef is cooked. Instead of the steaks being grilled, they are baked in a Brickfire oven, keeping the steaks tender and sealing in the flavorful juices, which is key to that irresistible beefy taste often found lacking in thinly cut, grilled steaks.

Brickfire doesn’t just stop differentiating itself there. It takes further steps into the diverse art of preparing steaks by offering two additional playful flavors: Honey Mustard and Wasabi. The Honey Mustard steaks are made with the famous Filipino sweet tooth in mind and are a nice alternative to the traditional salt and pepper flavor.

IIf you want to check out Brickfire they have 2 locations. One in Katipunan and one in SM North EDSA. You can visit them at Brickfire katipunan 41 2/F Xavier Residence Bldg., cor. R. Alvero and E.Abada St., Loyola heights, Q.C. Philippines (02) 426 2254 +63 917 354 7318
Brickfire SM north edsa Ground Flr annex (02) 441 4464 +63 927 523 1130
Much Love!
xx Alice 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Late Night Cravings: M.Y. Sans Skyflakes Cracker Sandwich

If you are a Filipino kid that grew up in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and even 2000's you would know Skyflakes. 

SkyFlakes are one of those really old brands that even our grandmothers would know! I remember growing up munching on these while drinking juice or hot chocolate. 

Its like saltine crackers - minus the salt. 

Nowadays Skyflakes have already updated their game with these. Instead of just regular crackers they have added some flavor in it that most of the older (don't deny it!) have enjoyed. 

I would admit that I actually grew up dipping one of the crackers to some hot fudge.

There are myriads of things you can make with skyflakes actually. You can put butter on it, or maybe peanut butter. My best bet is of course is eating it with coffee.

Thankfully now they came up with sky flakes with a spread like condensada and also chocolate!

The taste for both is similar but it wasn't the same. I think because of the consistency of the spread.

Overall I think its a great treat to munch on when you are hungry for sure.

Have you tried Sky Flakes cracker sandwiches?

Comment below!

xx Alice