Thursday, September 25, 2014


People ask me what is the fun of being a foodie? 

Being a foodie means  being able to experience new food and trying out new stuff. You don't have to be a foodie - because everyone is a foodie nowadays. 

So try the Mega Food Tour at Mega mall for starters. 

Okay before I start this post I would just like to say sorry and good luck to the readers. You have been warned by the title that there will be a ton of food porn so don't blame me if you get hungry. But thank me if you go in the restaurants that I will be mentioning below. 

Okay now that is settled just to give you a preview a food tour consists of several new restaurants that you can try out at Megamall. Most of them are located at the new building which is the fashion hall so you won't get lost for sure. 

Our First stop is Ippudo. 

I have heard Ippudo from my Japanese and also other foodies that it is one of the up and coming Japanese restaurants here in the Philippines. 

It boasts their very personal service and also authentic Japanese service in which I was able to experience when I stepped in their restaurant. They have an open kitchen in which you will see the cooks busy making delicious ramen for everyone. 

One cool thing I noticed is they have a guide on how to properly eat a ramen in which you have sip, get some noodles and then get the meat. Ippudo started in 1985 by Japan's ramen king: Shigemi Kawahara with its Hakata-style tonkotsu and its rich and flavorful soup.

No wonder when I asked my cousin and friends in Japan they told me that Ippudo is really the best. 

I was able to try the Oroshi Ponzu Gyoza which is really good because its chewy but savory. 

 And the Shiromanu ramen which is rich and flavorful I think I need to go back for more soon. 

Next on the list is Linguini Fini. 

This Hongkong-based Italian restaurant boasts of using fresh and organic ingredients for its Italian specialties with a nose to tail philosophy which means every part of the animal meat is used in every cuisine they have on the menu. 

Another thing they boast is their colorful interior that showcases the Filipino way of life and culture. 

They also have an open kitchen in which you will see them cook your food in full glory. 

I was able to try the Papardelle Nose-to-tail Bolo. It is made with freshly prepared pasta. veal, and oxtail ragout. 

I didn't realized that I was eating oxtail already because the meat was really tender and the sauce was so good. 

 Another thing we were able to try is Linguini Fini's Porchetta. It is pork belly that has been slow roasted for about 5 hours with a side of caramelized onion marmalade. It can be served in two ways: sliced or chopped. 

If you think Ippudo is the only Japanese restaurant on the list - think again. Rosanjin offers its customers with authentic and classic dining experience minus the wallet wild fire. 

Once you enter the restaurant, you would notice the wagasa or the Japanese umbrellas that are on the ceiling. I remember when I still play with my little Japanese umbrella while wearing my Yukata...

Okay going off topic.. moving on! 

One special thing they have on their menu is for only 450php you can get a Japanese meal set which consists of Tempura, grilled mackerel, a bowl of sushi, miso soup and four side dishes and unlimited rice. 

For those with a sweet tooth, Here is Cupcakes by Sonja!

 Known for their Red Velvet with cream cheese icing it was like heaven to the tastebuds. 

Their other serving include the bacon and waffle milkshake and the birthday cake shake. 

Who says you cannot have a birthday cake everyday? You can have yours at Cupcakes by Sonja! 

My personal favorite is their smore tarts. They are sweet and oh so lovely I actually bought some the other day for the kiddos because they will surely love this. 

 Next on the list is Tim Ho Wan. 

You would know this place because just as 10 am starts people are queuing in just to get a taste of their best seller which is the pork bun. 

We were served some but unfortunately I wasn't able to take pictures because I got lost in the taste. 

Yeah they were that good. 

Next on the list is Canada's Triple O's by White Spot. 

To be honest, in this part of the tour I was near the breaking point and I think you are feeling the same as well. 

Being Canada's sauciest, juiciest, tastiest and best burgers around I was able to try their burger and I say that they do live up to their name with their premium beef patties. 

Next on the list Eri Curry! 

Eri Curry is a Japanese curry-based restaurant that serves - Japanese curry. Did you know that curry actually came from India but was introduced to the Japanese in which they tweaked it a little to suit their palette. 

One of their best sellers is the Thin sliced beef omelet curry which I tried and it was amazing because I chose the flavor to be a little spicy. 

You can also opt for something spicier or just go for plain. And the rice serving can be changed to your liking if you are a small eater or a big eater like me. 

I wasn't able to try the remaining two restaurants in the list on our tour which was for Kool Kids and Mochi Cream Cafe. I would suggest checking out my friend for those. 

If you are a serious foodie I would suggest you try these joints out for a whole new food experience. 

All of the restaurants mentioned are in Megamall so better check them out. 

Much Love and Happy Friday dear foodies! 

xx Alice

Monday, September 22, 2014

Cafe France's New Gourmet Specialties!

I remember when I was younger my mom would make me sandwiches that are oh so good that I share them with my friends. 

Sharing a sandwich bring more than just something inside your stomach but something else - a thing called friendship. 

With that being said, I think sharing a Cafe France Gourmet sandwich sounds much better right? I am really honored to try some of their newest gourmet sandwiches which I know most of you girl would also love to try so here are my recommendations for you. 

First off is the Farmer's Ham, Brie and Raspberry.

It basically contains Farmer's Ham, creamy Brie Cheese, and has a sweet Raspberry Jam with fresh tomatoes and Lollo Rosa Lettuce. 

I would categorize this as something a low profile sandwich. It looks pretty plain and nothing much but when you bite into it packs a very fresh flavor with a surprising raspberry taste. I have never tried partnering Ham cheese and a jam spread in which this one is a winner. 

You can purchase this Ala Carte for 250php, with soda in glass for 275php, with soda in can for 295php, with juice or coffee for 305php or with an upgrade of juice/ coffee for 320php. 

Next is French Dip Roast Beef. 

Anything with beef is a winner for me. It is a premium choice roast beef slices with a luscious brown French dip. 

This is a very savory kind of sandwich. I would partner this with either coffee or juice but not soda in my liking. The reason for which is my tastebud actually goes hay wire when you add a soda as a beverage to a savory dish for me. But if you opt for soda that is fine for you. 

You can purchase this Ala Carte for 205php, with soda in glass for 230php, with soda in can for 250php, with juice or coffee for 260php or with an upgrade of juice/ coffee for 275php.

Next is Hickory Chicken. 

It is a lean, pulled chicken in a luscious barbecue sauce, topped with crunchy alfalfa spouts. The texture of this sandwich amazes me because its soft yet crunchy because of the alfalfa sprouts. It also has a very smoky taste from the barbecue sauce. 

You can purchase this Ala Carte for 235php, with soda in glass for 260php, with soda in can for 280php, with juice or coffee for 290php or with an upgrade of juice/ coffee for 305php.

Are you still with me? I hope you are not hungry yet because we still have a ton to go :))

Next off we have Mandarin BBQ Beef. 

It contains tender slices of brisket with a sweet tangy barbecue citrus sauce which are complimented by some orange slices. The sauce is quite sweet but it neutralizes with the orange slices which brings a bit of zing to the whole sandwich. 

You can purchase this Ala Carte for 285php, with soda in glass for 310php, with soda in can for 330php, with juice or coffee for 340php or with an upgrade of juice/ coffee for 355php.

Oriental Baked Chicken. 

It is Baked chicken fillet in a sweet and spicy garlic sauce added with an omelet, fresh tomatoes, lettuce and a mayonnaise spread. 

The taste of this is something that I would say is great to have when you want something different because the taste is out of the ordinary that I can't put my finger which one to pick out but it definitely has a very garlic taste. 

You can purchase this Ala Carte for 210php, with soda in glass for 235php, with soda in can for 255php, with juice or coffee for 265php or with an upgrade of juice/ coffee for 280php.

Now we have the Crispy Shrimp. 

It is basically a beer-battered plump shrimp smothered in a sweet and tangy honey-mustard sauce with tomatoes and lettuce. This is actually a highly recommended sandwich in Cafe France because of its crispiness and also the freshness of the shrimp. I like how the honey-mustard blends well with the beer battered shrimp and the vegetables in the sandwich. 

You can purchase this Ala Carte for 235php, with soda in glass for 260php, with soda in can for 280php, with juice or coffee for 290php or with an upgrade of juice/ coffee for 305php.

If you have reached this part without getting a bag of chips or that tub of ice cream I salute you my friend! We are now at the very last sandwich which is the Smoked Norwegian Salmon with Lemon Mayo. 

It is a succulent pink salmon with lush Lollo Rosa lettuce, fresh tomatoes and laced with a lemon mayo dressing. It was really my first time to try a lemon mayo dressing and I really love it! I like the freshness of the salmon complemented with the lemon mayo. 

You can purchase this Ala Carte for 250php, with soda in glass for 275php, with soda in can for 295php, with juice or coffee for 305php or with an upgrade of juice/ coffee for 320php.

All of these include a side of potato chips in which you can also upgrade into potato wedges for an additional 25php. 

Over all my top picks to try are definitely the Smoked Norwegian Salmon with Lemon mayo, Crispy Shrimp, and the Hickory Chicken. 

Make sure to check out Cafe France if you want to try these delectable treats! 

Make sure to like them on Facebook to know about their on-going promos! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Taco Bell's Crunchy Choices

As promised, Here is my review on the Crunchy finds at Taco Bell. 

There are actually a lot of choices at Taco Bell. They have rice, burritos, nachos - basically a lot of Tex-Mex dishes. 

If you did not know there are only 2 branches that is situated only at Gateway Mall - First one at the ground floor the other one is at the Food court of Gateway Mall. There are also six Taco Bell Kiosks at the Smart-Araneta Colisium thus it has become a foodie destination for anything Tex-Mex 

Here are some of my recommendations for you: 

Crunchy Taco Supreme. 

It is a crunchy corn taco shell filled with seasoned beef, reduced-fat sour cream, crispy shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese and diced ripe tomatoes. 

The taste is like an explosion of flavors also with the texture of the taco plus the freshness of the lettuce and tomato.The seasoned meat is really nice actually because its not over cooked and it complements everything together. 

Next up is the Crunchwrap supreme. 

Its a soft, flour tortilla filled with seasoned beef, warm nacho cheese sauce with a crunchy tortilla shell with reduced fat sour cream, lettuce, and diced tomatoes that is wrapped and grilled to goodness. 

This is a big one which is really great to be shared with a friend - or two if you are not a big eater. 

I really like that even though it has a cheese sauce and fresh lettuce it didn't made the lettuce lose its freshness and its crunchiness when you bite into it. 

Next is the Nachos Supreme. 

Crisp, freshly prepared tortilla chips covered with seasoned beef, beans, warm nacho cheese and some diced ripe tomatoes topped with of course the reduced fat sour cream. 

The sheer description made you crave for it right? Yeah.. I think so. 

It is nachos! I remember one of my friends make this but the Taco Bell nachos really has a different taste because of its sour cream. 

There are still a lot more things you have to try at Taco Bell so make sure to check out Taco Bell at their stores in Gateway Mall, Cubao. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

Zomato Foodie Meet up at Taco Bell!


When you are a foodie you don't seek new food as simply eating out to suffice the hunger in the deep bowels of your digestive system but you are out for the experience. 

I would consider myself that because trying out new restaurants is fun and also exciting because you are one of the firsts to know if the place is good or not - in your opinion that is. 

With that being said,  I think being a foodie and sharing it is a great way to also meet similar foodies! There are a lot of closet foodies out there so having a similar place to exchange your thoughts is awesome. 

Just like Zomato! 

Last week, I was really honored to be invited to Zomato's Foodie Meet up at Taco Bell in Gateway Mall in Cubao. 

A Foodie meet up is basically meeting up with other foodies and trying out new food from that restaurant. We were able to sample a lot of crunchiness at Taco Bell that night so prepare yourself okay?

We were offered some of their crunchy specialties like the Taco Supreme, Crunchywrap Supreme and other really sumptuous feast for both the eyes and the palette. 

I will do a separate post on the food that we ate at Taco Bell because I just want to keep you guys hanging haha! 

But if you are interested in being a foodie I would suggest getting an account at Zomato. Its easy and also you get to meet a lot of other foodies out there that you can read on their adventures thru their reviews of certain restaurants. 

The other cool thing about Zomato is they give you the full details like the menu, its branches and also the prices of the food! 

It has over 10k of restaurants in is database from Fine Dining to Casual dining to fusion cuisine restaurants. 

I just made my account at Zomato but make sure to follow me there because I will be posting a lot for sure besides from posting here in my blog. 

Much Love and See you there! 


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wednesday Humpday Picks at Rue Bourbon

Its the middle of the week! 

I am pretty sure you are excited because there would just be 2 more days before the weekend arrives again. I am pretty stoked as well because I will out for a whole day of events and I am so excited for it! 

But if you are not having the same weekend as me then I think this place will cheer your up. Rue Bourbon Eastwood is one of the four restaurants that serve American cuisine. The interior is like a mardi gras setting with all the leather and also beer mugs in its interior. 

Spicy Seafood Agli Olio - 390PHP
Here's one of my recommendations: Spicy Seafood Agli Olio.

Of course before drinking make sure to eat some dinner and I think this is a great one to eat. It has some prawns, calamari, and mussels. 

Its like carbonara without the creaminess and was replaced with more of a seafood taste to it. 

After that of course you will be needing your pulutan or pica pica and Mango Barbeque Chicken Nachos would be great to pair up with your beer. 

The taste is very different from the usual nachos. Besides from the different colored nachos the variety of taste from the barbeque sauce, mango sauce and the chicken bit will make you reach out for it more. 

Cucumber beer for 260php

And of course I won't forget the drinks! 

If you are feeling heavy and you want to really clear your head go for a flavored beer. 

They have 6 flavors available: Caramel, Apple, Cucumber, Lychee, Roasted Hazelnut, and Cervesa Clara. 

You can have a glass for about 120php but if you really want to release that tension go for the Big Ass for 260php. 

Clear Peach for 250php per glass.

But if you are with your girl friends and you just want to chill go for a cocktail like Clear Peach for 250php. Its sweet and smooth. 

Those are just my night out picks if you are heading out tonight and would like to try Rue Bourbon. 

Rue Bourbon is located at Eastwood City walk 1 in Libis; Sky Ranch, Aguinaldo Highway in Tagaytay; Forbeswood Heights, Burgos Circle in BGC; and Ground Flr, Aguirre Bldg, 108 HV Dela Costa Cor Tordesillas St. Salcedo Village in Makati. 

Go forth and chill your Wednesday night at Rue Bourbon! 

Much Love! 


Filipino and Western Cuisines Minus The Burning Wallet Experience At Plana's Pantry

Whenever I go eat out with my friends there is one thing that burns within me: My wallet. 

I am a cheapskate and I am proud to say it. But whenever it comes to food I don't really care burning some cash in eating great food. If you agree with me raise your hand! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jelly G Review and Their Must Try Specialties!

With all the milk tea places that have been popping up in the metro there is a lot of options to choose from.

But besides from that did you know that those milk teas that you have been drinking isn't just refreshing but actually good for you?

I was able to try one of them thru Jelly G.

Jelly G is a Thai-inspired milk tea place that boasts of an all Thai inspired treats for its patrons.

One of them is the spicy dried mangoes.

These came straight from Thailand and I think would be great to munch on if you are hanging out with your friends at the mall. Its sweet, tart, and has a little kick of spiciness into it that most teens will enjoy.

One of their other specialties is their Thai Milk tea. I have tried other Thai milk teas and most of them are on the sweet side while this one is close to an authentic Thai milk tea. Its a bit bitter but is sweet in the long run.

The black thing on top is grass jelly. Unlike other milk tea places they topped their Thai milk tea with grass jelly that is home made which give it a refreshing aftertaste.

Thai milk tea takes a bit of getting used to but if you want something warm Jelly G also offers warm drinks such as their Jasmine Green Tea.

Its sweet and also has a fragrance because of the Jasmine. Its really nice to drink this one if you want to feel warm. Its topped off with some marshmallows for a sweet twist.

Caramel with Ice Cream is also one of their top sellers as well. Its a milk tea with caramel and topped off with Ice cream! 

Its sweet but not overwhelming to the palette and I like that this milk tea has more of a soothing after taste unlike other milk teas that has caramel in it. 

One of the things that is over looked at Jelly G's menu is their bread choices.

They have these toasted breads that you can make your own that are as cheap as 55php! I was able to try the Choco Banana which was recommended to us.

The spread actually is home made as well and its quite thick but not very sweet. Topped with banana slices I think this will be great with kids.

Pandan Delight for one is an under rated specialty of this place. The spread is really nice and refreshing that I think if you have a penchant for pandan you will reach out for this as well. 

Out of the three of course I was able to try Spicy Tuna!

I really need to save this for last because this is I think the best for me. The spread is really nice topped with red pepper powder that is home made I think was really nice and not too spicy.

If you want to try these as well you can check out Jelly G at Food Choices in Glorietta.

Make sure to LIKE their Facebook page to know more!

Much Love!