Thursday, September 25, 2014


People ask me what is the fun of being a foodie? 

Being a foodie means  being able to experience new food and trying out new stuff. You don't have to be a foodie - because everyone is a foodie nowadays. 

So try the Mega Food Tour at Mega mall for starters. 

Okay before I start this post I would just like to say sorry and good luck to the readers. You have been warned by the title that there will be a ton of food porn so don't blame me if you get hungry. But thank me if you go in the restaurants that I will be mentioning below. 

Okay now that is settled just to give you a preview a food tour consists of several new restaurants that you can try out at Megamall. Most of them are located at the new building which is the fashion hall so you won't get lost for sure. 

Our First stop is Ippudo. 

I have heard Ippudo from my Japanese and also other foodies that it is one of the up and coming Japanese restaurants here in the Philippines. 

It boasts their very personal service and also authentic Japanese service in which I was able to experience when I stepped in their restaurant. They have an open kitchen in which you will see the cooks busy making delicious ramen for everyone. 

One cool thing I noticed is they have a guide on how to properly eat a ramen in which you have sip, get some noodles and then get the meat. Ippudo started in 1985 by Japan's ramen king: Shigemi Kawahara with its Hakata-style tonkotsu and its rich and flavorful soup.

No wonder when I asked my cousin and friends in Japan they told me that Ippudo is really the best. 

I was able to try the Oroshi Ponzu Gyoza which is really good because its chewy but savory. 

 And the Shiromanu ramen which is rich and flavorful I think I need to go back for more soon. 

Next on the list is Linguini Fini. 

This Hongkong-based Italian restaurant boasts of using fresh and organic ingredients for its Italian specialties with a nose to tail philosophy which means every part of the animal meat is used in every cuisine they have on the menu. 

Another thing they boast is their colorful interior that showcases the Filipino way of life and culture. 

They also have an open kitchen in which you will see them cook your food in full glory. 

I was able to try the Papardelle Nose-to-tail Bolo. It is made with freshly prepared pasta. veal, and oxtail ragout. 

I didn't realized that I was eating oxtail already because the meat was really tender and the sauce was so good. 

 Another thing we were able to try is Linguini Fini's Porchetta. It is pork belly that has been slow roasted for about 5 hours with a side of caramelized onion marmalade. It can be served in two ways: sliced or chopped. 

If you think Ippudo is the only Japanese restaurant on the list - think again. Rosanjin offers its customers with authentic and classic dining experience minus the wallet wild fire. 

Once you enter the restaurant, you would notice the wagasa or the Japanese umbrellas that are on the ceiling. I remember when I still play with my little Japanese umbrella while wearing my Yukata...

Okay going off topic.. moving on! 

One special thing they have on their menu is for only 450php you can get a Japanese meal set which consists of Tempura, grilled mackerel, a bowl of sushi, miso soup and four side dishes and unlimited rice. 

For those with a sweet tooth, Here is Cupcakes by Sonja!

 Known for their Red Velvet with cream cheese icing it was like heaven to the tastebuds. 

Their other serving include the bacon and waffle milkshake and the birthday cake shake. 

Who says you cannot have a birthday cake everyday? You can have yours at Cupcakes by Sonja! 

My personal favorite is their smore tarts. They are sweet and oh so lovely I actually bought some the other day for the kiddos because they will surely love this. 

 Next on the list is Tim Ho Wan. 

You would know this place because just as 10 am starts people are queuing in just to get a taste of their best seller which is the pork bun. 

We were served some but unfortunately I wasn't able to take pictures because I got lost in the taste. 

Yeah they were that good. 

Next on the list is Canada's Triple O's by White Spot. 

To be honest, in this part of the tour I was near the breaking point and I think you are feeling the same as well. 

Being Canada's sauciest, juiciest, tastiest and best burgers around I was able to try their burger and I say that they do live up to their name with their premium beef patties. 

Next on the list Eri Curry! 

Eri Curry is a Japanese curry-based restaurant that serves - Japanese curry. Did you know that curry actually came from India but was introduced to the Japanese in which they tweaked it a little to suit their palette. 

One of their best sellers is the Thin sliced beef omelet curry which I tried and it was amazing because I chose the flavor to be a little spicy. 

You can also opt for something spicier or just go for plain. And the rice serving can be changed to your liking if you are a small eater or a big eater like me. 

I wasn't able to try the remaining two restaurants in the list on our tour which was for Kool Kids and Mochi Cream Cafe. I would suggest checking out my friend for those. 

If you are a serious foodie I would suggest you try these joints out for a whole new food experience. 

All of the restaurants mentioned are in Megamall so better check them out. 

Much Love and Happy Friday dear foodies! 

xx Alice


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