Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jelly G Review and Their Must Try Specialties!

With all the milk tea places that have been popping up in the metro there is a lot of options to choose from.

But besides from that did you know that those milk teas that you have been drinking isn't just refreshing but actually good for you?

I was able to try one of them thru Jelly G.

Jelly G is a Thai-inspired milk tea place that boasts of an all Thai inspired treats for its patrons.

One of them is the spicy dried mangoes.

These came straight from Thailand and I think would be great to munch on if you are hanging out with your friends at the mall. Its sweet, tart, and has a little kick of spiciness into it that most teens will enjoy.

One of their other specialties is their Thai Milk tea. I have tried other Thai milk teas and most of them are on the sweet side while this one is close to an authentic Thai milk tea. Its a bit bitter but is sweet in the long run.

The black thing on top is grass jelly. Unlike other milk tea places they topped their Thai milk tea with grass jelly that is home made which give it a refreshing aftertaste.

Thai milk tea takes a bit of getting used to but if you want something warm Jelly G also offers warm drinks such as their Jasmine Green Tea.

Its sweet and also has a fragrance because of the Jasmine. Its really nice to drink this one if you want to feel warm. Its topped off with some marshmallows for a sweet twist.

Caramel with Ice Cream is also one of their top sellers as well. Its a milk tea with caramel and topped off with Ice cream! 

Its sweet but not overwhelming to the palette and I like that this milk tea has more of a soothing after taste unlike other milk teas that has caramel in it. 

One of the things that is over looked at Jelly G's menu is their bread choices.

They have these toasted breads that you can make your own that are as cheap as 55php! I was able to try the Choco Banana which was recommended to us.

The spread actually is home made as well and its quite thick but not very sweet. Topped with banana slices I think this will be great with kids.

Pandan Delight for one is an under rated specialty of this place. The spread is really nice and refreshing that I think if you have a penchant for pandan you will reach out for this as well. 

Out of the three of course I was able to try Spicy Tuna!

I really need to save this for last because this is I think the best for me. The spread is really nice topped with red pepper powder that is home made I think was really nice and not too spicy.

If you want to try these as well you can check out Jelly G at Food Choices in Glorietta.

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