Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Moonleaf Celebrates 9 Years in the business with 9 Pesos Milktea!

Moonleaf is one of the the most prominent milk tea shops in the Philippines and since they have turned 9 years in the business they decided to treat their patrons with 9 pesos milk teas for the first 100 customers. 

I am very thankful to be part of the event and I was able to try some of their dishes too. 

And I was able to try the cheese cloud on two of my favorite milk tea in Moonleaf - Thai Milk Tea and Thai Pink Tea. 

Cheese Cloud is one of the newest add on to your milk tea at Moonleaf which brings out a whole new creaminess to your favorite milk tea. I might change up my milk tea order because of this because I want to try it out with the other drinks Moonleaf offers its crazy about all the possibilities. 

I am actually surprised with the food that Moonleaf offers because for the longest time I actually haven't tried their pasta and I am super in love with their tuna pesto because its oozing with flavor and its just...amazing because I love pesto haha!

The one thing I always order though is their desserts because they are perfect with their drinks. My favorite is definitely the cheesecake although I hoped for chocolate cake but a girl can dream no? haha!

Congratulations Moonleaf for being in the business for 9 years! I hope you have more years to bring amazing milk tea for everyone and for more new flavors for everyone to enjoy. 

Check out Moonleaf Tea on their official social media pages for information about their latest promos and launches. 

Much Love!
xx Alice 

Monday, October 7, 2019

Samgyup sa Lahat is now open in Vitalez

You guys know I love Samgyupsal and I won't miss the opportunity to try new restaurants no matter how far they are.

Last Monday, September 30 2019 I was able to experience a new kind of samgyupsal at Samgyup Sa
Lahat in Vitalez, NAIA 1 Complex, Paranaque City.

This is actually just a stone throw away from NAIA Terminal one so getting here is very easy.

If you are coming from the North (i.e. Quezon City and its neighboring cities) Just take the bus route that says MIA or Mania International Airport and tell the conductor to drop you off at VItaliz or NAIA Complex one.

If you are from the South, try the route that goes through NAIA Terminal 1.

Samgyup Sa Lahat is actually a different concept compared to other restaurant that offers Samgyupsal because they have 4 types of marinated meats inspired from the 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Spring is marination in Oil, Salt, Pepper and Herbs. Summer is Spicy Gochujang, Autumn is Miso Sesame and Winter is Sweet Soy. Let me break down the taste for each marinate.

Spring is quite mellow but has a certain fluctuation in flavor compared to the other three. I actually like this because the taste is not overwhelming to the meat although if you prefer a more complex flavor experience this will fall a bit behind from the others. I still like this as a starter if you ask me.

Summer is Spicy Gochujang, by far is the most colorful out of the four marinates. Although intimidating to the eyes, the moment you cook the meat marinated in the Summer flavors its not that spicy for me. The taste is quite smokey and mouthwatering and I love  this.

Autumn is the Miso Sesame which has a deeper flavor classification for my tastebuds. This actually is the most plain  looking for me but the flavor makes up for the lack of color prior to cooking the meat.

Winter is Sweet Soy. I have never tried sweet soy before but this one is quite nice because it brings out a different side to the meat.

Out of the four marinates mentioned I would say my top two favorites is Autumn and Summer. I love the flavor of everything but I just like the complex tastes of the two.

If you don't prefer the marinated meat you can go with the traditional thinly sliced beef and pork but I am telling you that their marinated meat is amazing as well and its worth a try.

Another great thing about Samgyup sa Lahat is they also offer Chimaek which is Chicken and Beer for their happy hour special from 11 pm to 2am where you can get a bucket of beer for 288 pesos only and Chicken for 150 pesos. For the Chicken you can choose between Original, Sweet and Spicy.

They also offer unlimited ice cream for an additional 88 pesos on top of your samgyupsal which is definitely awesome because you can have all the ice cream after your samgyupsal.

They do have a 2 hr. time limit so enjoy your samgyupsal as much as you can and try as much as you want but don't be wasteful as they also have no leftover policy.

Overall what do I think of Samgyup Sa Lahat?

I LOVE IT! The only flaw I can say is they are too far from where I live and I hope they open one in QC because they have great selections and they are one of the most creative places that serve samgyupsal in experimenting on different flavors.

If you are near NAIA 1 I would definitely suggest this place to you guys.

For more information about Samgyup Sa Lahat check out their Facebook page here.

Much Love!

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Caffeine Boost with Nitro 7 Coffee and Tea

I. Love. Coffee.

I have an article solely dedicated to one! And I know most of you also love it. Heck it probably makes your day a whole lot better having a cup and lately I discovered a new cafe that serves a different kind of coffee which I know some of you will like - Nitro Coffee at Nitro 7 Coffee and Tea.

What is Nitro Coffee? 

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is a coffee charged with Nitrogen which gives it a rich, creamy head similar to other nitro draft beer like Guinness. And if I explain further you would think this is about science so let's move on okay? haha

Nitro 7 Coffee and Tea is actually one of the first establishments in the Philippines to produce this in the country and they currently have 17 branches. Being the first in the Philippines market, its definitely a great achievement if you ask me.

And if you need a caffeine fix I would suggest you try it here since its also low acidity which means that it won't give you acid re-flux which tends to happen if you drink too much caffeinated beverages. I know most of us do wag na kayo mag deny.

Nitro 7 Coffee and Tea actually serves them in different and I was able to try two which is Nitro Black (120 pesos) and Strawberry Creme Nitroccino (160 pesos) So here are my thoughts about these two.

Black Nitro (120 pesos)

This for me is an Iced Americano on steroids and yes I said it! Its full on flavor and has that sharp bitterness but doesn't go on overdrive on my taste buds. I do love my coffee black with no sugar or any other added on to it which makes you experience the full flavor of the coffee... and here I am talking too much about coffee haha

Overall I love this! If you buy this and just look at it you will think it is Guinness but its not.

Strawberry Creme Nitroccino (160 pesos)

This one is actually the counterpart of Nitro Black in my taste buds because its super sweet for me. Its not something I hate but not usually what I will get in a cafe. The strawberry taste is like real strawberry which is sweet with a little tartness into it, I do like there is some creaminess into it which slices the sweetness for a bit. Its the kind of drink I think is best to have if you need a sugar boost for the day. This drink is not for me but I think others will like it.

And besides from the drink I was also able to try their food and their food is GOOD. Period. nah just kidding I know you want to know more LOL


Nitro 7 Coffee and Tea also serves pizza. I was only able to try two out of the four flavors that they offer: Pepperoni and Garlic and Cheese. The other variants are Italian Sausage (335 pesos) and BBQ Chicken (350 pesos). 

The Pepperoni pizza (335 pesos)  is nice because its thin crust and they didn't scrimped on the toppings. The taste is quite salty but if you pair it with the Nitro Black it actually cuts the saltiness which I like. 

The Garlic and Cheese (320 pesos) is actually my favorite because its flavor is just perfect for me. I love how the pizza has a little smokiness in it which I love the most. 

Wrap n' Roll

This is the Frank n' Cheese (125 pesos)  which is one of the latest addition to Nitro 7 Coffee and Tea food servings. Its a Frankfurt sausage and cheese wrapped in a soft tortilla and toasted to its cheesy and chewy goodness. This is actually great to enjoy while its quite warm because the cheese pull would definitely be amazing. 

eto na yung last item guys wag na kayo magalit sa gutom nyo ha. sorna labyu

Hot Pressed Sandwiches 

And the last item on the menu I was able to try is their hot pressed sandwiches that comes in four variants: Three cheese (115pesos), Corned Beef (115pesos), Tuna and Cheese (115pesos), and lastly Ham and Cheese (125 pesos).

I was able to try the Ham and Cheese and 3 Cheese. And oo gusto ko ng cheese wag na kayo magulat The hot pressed sandwiches are actually one of my go to food when I am at a cafe because they look so delectable and they also taste amazing. The Ham and Cheese didn't failed my taste buds one bit and I would definitely go back next time just for the sandwich and Nitro Black because they fit together. I can only describe 3 cheese as the kind of sandwich I would get if I want to have my cravings satisfied. The creaminess and sharpness of the cheese is a perfect combo with the Strawberry creme Nitroccino.

Overall my experience at Nitro 7 Coffee and Tea are amazing. Another reason why I would go back to Nitro 7 Coffee and Tea is they are affordable compared to other coffee shops in the metro that usually would cost me half an arm and some toes to afford. I will go back if given the chance and luckily they have 17 stores around the metro so I will surely grab a bite from them very soon. 

Check out their Social media pages too for more updates and information.

Much love!

xx Alice  

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

World Travel Expo 4 Brings Surprises to All Pinoy Travel Bugs!

Following the success of the World Travel Lifestyle Expo which is the summer edition of World Travel Expo, they have actually launched their fourth year to be held this October 25 - 27 2019 at the SMX Convention Center Manila.

World Travel Expo 2019 aims to promote global destinations, tourist attractions, travel agencies and business trade relations which includes hotels, airlines, cruises, and other different modes of transportation all around the world.

I am actually quite excited because there will be about 300 booths that will showcase a large selection of travel packages, themed tours, inbound and outbound tour operators, hotels & resort accommodation, business industry partners, Travel insurances, agencies and travel accessories to the attendees.

There will also be Raffle Draws, Product Launches, company presentations, travel photography and video montage contest awarding and more surprises in store to everyone that will attend.

This is actually great for all travel bugs there because you can get ready to shop for your travel needs and book flights and trips in one place. I might do that since I am planning on going abroad next year just to have fun and explore. So if ever you see me at World Travel Expo don't hesitate so say Hi! I don't bite I promise

Make sure to mark your calendars this October 25-27 2019 for World Travel Expo 4

Much Love

xx Alice

Enjoy Samgyupsal at Leann's Tea House!


One of my luxury treat is eating samgyupsal, I know its surprising since I have eaten at several for quite some time but trust me when I say that I rarely eat samgyupsal I really do. Another thing I would like to say is I am also quite picky with places to eat samgyupsal because not a lot of samgyupsal places really serve great quality meat or their service is not at par to my liking.

And I think I have found a place I can say I am comfortable because of the variety of meat selections and also its near my place so if I want to splurge for a bit I think this will be the place I can go to. I am talking about Leann's Teahouse.

Located at Mother Ignacia, Quezon City this restaurant actually started out as the typical Korean restaurant that serves ala carte Korean dishes and since samgyupsal has risen into popularity, they also included unlimited Samgyupsal in their menu!

They have three sets which are the Unli Pork (399.00 pesos) Unli Pork & Beef (499.00 pesos) CPB Premium (599.00 Pesos) I would suggest getting the CPB Premium because you get the best of everything PLUS Meltique Beef. I will tell you guys more about Meltique Beef in a while.

To be honest the selection of meat they have are similar to other restaurants but their secret weapon is their meltique meat. Meltique is actually Top graded meat from Australia which is similar to the Japanese Wagyu beef. Its soft, melt in your mouth goodness is what I actually love. Another one of my favorite is their thinly sliced pork belly and beef cuts because they are so amazing to eat I think I ate about 3 servings each of those alone. napakamasiba mode lanangpake ganun!

Aside from the meat, They have one of the best tasting Kimchi in town because its not that spicy and doesn't have that pungent smell. I was able to take home some and made kimchi pancake with it and its the best thing to eat late at night while writing reviews if you ask me haha!

Aside from samgyupsal I was able to try also their ala carte servings of Pajeon or Korean Pancake which is fit to feed about 3 people (Large eaters) or about 6 people if they are not large eaters. The Pajeon is actually great and full of the toppings into it which makes the taste better than other places.

I was able to try this Cheese Kimchi Rice and I am in love. Its creamy and salty from the cheese with a kick of spice from the Kimchi. Another one is the Korean Fried Chicken. Its sweet with a bit of spice into it which I can suggest great to pair up with beer.

I wasn't able to try the soups since I was quite full at this point but those are seafood soup which smelled amazing, I will have to go back for sure to try those.

One thing I can say I love about Leann's Tea House is its not just your regular samgyupsal place because it also offers authentic Korean food if you don't want to stuff yourself too much. The place might be small but its not stuffy or hot. Its very cozy and perfect to spend time with your friends and family.

Share to me your favorite Samgyupsal spots on the comments section and have a great week!

Much love!

xx Alice

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Going Crazy For Takoyaki at Crazy Tako

One thing I haven't told you guys is I grew up eating a lot of Japanese food because of my mom's work and I am so happy that one of my favorite Japanese snack is locally available and I think I have found the perfect place to get it from and the place I am talking about is Crazy Tako!

But before we go on to Crazy Tako let's define first what is Takoyaki.

Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese snack or appetizer made of wheat flout-based batter and cooked in a special molded pan. Usually it is filled with minced or diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger and green onion.

And one of the best places I have tried takoyaki is at Crazy Tako in UP Town Center. To be honest, UP Town Center is quite far from where I live but I am willing to commute there or to any location to have this. 

The reason why is because their Takoyaki reminds me of the one I had as a child that was prepared to me by my second Oka san or mother Ayumi. The batter to octopus ratio is just right and it was cooked to perfection. As someone who has eaten authentic Japanese food from childhood I know that this was made from products from Japan o sadyang perfected ko lang tastebuds ko sa ganitong bagay.

 With Crazy Tako, most of the ingredients are imported from Japan, not including the octopus which is locally sourced. Another thing that makes me like Crazy Tako more is their special sauce that is also homemade which is quite hard to perfect. 

Aside from Takoyaki, Crazy Tako also serves octo fingers which are deep fried octopus tentacles and I will tell you even without the dipping sauce it is so good! this was actually the first thing that I first munched on was this and I honestly got addicted to it that I have actually went back a couple of times this week just for that. By the way you can try the octo fingers for only 99 pesos which is well worth every piece. 

And if you are also wondering Crazy Tako's Takoyaki is available in 4pc for 58 pesos and 8pc for 99 pesos so its definitely not something to break the bank.

For more info you can check out Crazy Tako's official Facebook account here for more information and also their locations (Which is 10 and counting!!) 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Yummiest Ramen Below 200 pesos at Yummy Tokyo

And yes I am back to blogging! dzai namiss ko to! 

And today's review is all about Yummy Tokyo! Honestly its been a hot minute since I had some ramen that didn't come in a Styrofoam cup (I'm talking to you Nissin Japan I freakin love you!) and quite honestly I think I have found my comfort food again for this rainy season. 

 Ramen is a staple in Japanese cuisine and quite frankly this is by far the most affordable that I have tried in a while. For as low as 149 pesos you would get to enjoy authentic Japanese ramen, who would say no to that?

Okay I'll tell you why I think this is an authentic Japanese ramen place is because the person who concocted the recipe for the ramen is actually Japanese and also their curry ramen is made from a curry powder that can only be bought in Japan! and yes I have it in my house and use it to as many dishes as possible so don't judge me.

And also Ramen isn't supposed to be a very complicated process. If you have been to Japan, most Ramen shops would have around the same or less items on their menu like in Yummy Tokyo. The whole reason for that is not to confuse the customers and also ramen is sort of food in Japan that is a no-hassle-needed when you order and eat them.

Okay I know you want to know about the ramen that I have tried and yes I tried several so I get the full experience so here goes.

Spicy Miso

I know what you are thinking - is it super spicy? Personally I don't think so, its more of a slow burn kind of spiciness for me which I actually prefer than the kind of spicy that burns you instantly. I love my taste buds and I don't want them to suffer on that kind of spice attack,but with the spicy miso its starts out mellow then from the side of your tongue to your throat you will feel that slow burn which is actually nice if you are eating this on a rainy day.


This is one of their best sellers and I am not surprised why. The creamy and slightly nutty flavor of this ramen just gives me enough feels to admit that this is my favorite too. Tantanmen is perfect for those that is trying out ramen for the very first time. Its mild flavor will swoop you in and not fail to warm you in the best way possible.


This would be my top 2 favorite out of the bunch because I love curry! The taste is quite bold because of the curry powder they use that also has some turmeric so expect a little spicy kick to it. This is more in the line of season ramen lovers because its quite complex but still doesn't intimidate your taste buds.

Cold Ramen

This is actually the under dog out of all the ramen that I have tried at Yummy Tokyo. This has a whole other level of taste since its not typically served hot like the rest of the other ramen in Yummy Tokyo. This has a vinegar-like taste so its quite sour but oddly enough its refreshing too. Its simple, basic and clean taste is actually the perfect palette cleanser if you prefer to eat quite a few bowls of ramen in the first place.

And besides from the ramen they also offer Onigiri and Gyoza which are also two staples for Japanese people everyday.

Currently they have 4 variants on their Onigiri but I was only able to try their Spam and mayo which is also my favorite and onigiri is the kind of food that you don't fail in execution and taste because its just rice with a topping on the inside of it. Their Gyoza is also a surprising twist on my dining experience because it was so thin its kind of scary to use chopsticks with this but it didn't break thank goodness. The taste is also superb and quite fresh if you ask me.

Overall my experience at Yummy Tokyo is definitely something I will go back for more. Check out their social media for more information about their latest offering and promos!

Much Love
xx Alice