Friday, April 26, 2013

SUMMER ESCAPADE at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

Summer is a perfect time to celebrate with cool cocktails, bright outfits and lots of fun activities with the whole family. But since most of us can't go out of town as a family why don't we celebrate it with our whole family at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila?

Speaking of which, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila is having this special offer for local residents which is an all-inclusive staycation room package that is valid till June 30, 2013.

Starting with rates at 7,000 PHP net per room / night, locals are in a day of R & R at the hotel's spacious guestrooms. There is a complimentary buffet breakfast for two at Market Cafe, use of their outdoor pool with unlimited access to the Club Oasis Fitness Center, there is also a complimentary in-room internet access, plus 15% discount on some of the treatments in the Spa at Club Oasis...super relaxing don't you think? 

As an added bonus, guests booking the Summer Escapade room package receive 40% off on the daily lunch and dinner buffet, 20% discount on all a la carte items at Market Café, 20% discount at the Li Li Chinese restaurant, The Fireplace and Pastry Boutique. With its innovative and award-winning restaurants and lounges, the hotel continues to be the leading choice in the local food scene.

Relax, unwind and experience a one-of-a-kind vacation with a beautiful view of Manila Bay as Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila makes the perfect city destination for summer. I'm still thinking of booking a room soon just to get away from it all...I'll let you girls know if I do :)

To make a booking, please call Room Reservations at +63 2 245 1234 ext. 7512/7513 or e-mail  Alternatively visit 

Happy Staycation and Much Love!

xx Alice  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Complete Itinenary of our Bolinao Pangasinan Trip

Hello lovelies!

If you are planning to visit Bolinao Pangasinan for the weekend, you can check this post out to see how much you can spend in time and money.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rock Garden Resort...What I think about it

Hey guys! 

I'm back with a quick review on Rock Garden Resort. If you missed my post about our Bolinao trip you can check them out on the links below. 

Onto the post! 

I would just like to say that this review is 100% based on what I think of the resort. All the things I will say here are purely based on our experience with the resort, the personnel and the likes. 

There isn't much to say about this resort with the mere fact that it is near the town proper which is good if you want to buy more stuff since it will just be a 20 minute travel from the resort to the town market. One thing this resort boasts of is it doesn't have an entrance fee if you are just going to enjoy a day at the beach. 

The offer a lot of rooms and cottages for different sets of people, they have a dormitory style room in which it costs 4,000 PHP for non aircon while the one with the AC is around 6,000PHP per night. Pretty cheap if you ask me.
our room!

I will just talk about the dorm rooms since that's where we stayed the duration of our trip. If you will be out most of the time, I suggest you get the non aircon type which is much cheaper. The dorm rooms have 15 beds which is just enough for me and my team mates and also for our cute tour guide to stay in. If you like are more than 15 in the room, you can request for extra mats that would be 170 each.

It has two bathrooms so you won't have to hurry so much when there is a line to wash up in the morning and before going to bed.

Free tissue, toothpaste, soaps and shampoo

The bathroom is ok since its only a shower and a faucet. Don't even attempt to use the shower on these since it would take you 10 minutes to wash off your body since the water pressure is not much. You will have to use the faucet and the dipper to wash yourself off.

If you are not much of a fan of walking several flights of stairs, you will have to get used to it since their dorm rooms are located at the top floor. There are only two dorm rooms available at the resort so it would be best to reserve one if you will be having a big group outing like we did.

Below our dorm room is a picnic area and a gazebo in which you can eat there for lunch and dinner. You can also opt eating in the veranda of the dorm, but it would be a hassle especially if you will have to cook the meals there.

The picnic area doesn't have a lot of shade except for the gazebo so its not really good to hang out there during the afternoon since its windy.

Eating time! Talo talo na! :D

There is also a common cooking area for guests, unfortunately I didn't take a picture of that place which is just behind the front office of the resort.

The resort offers its beaches that is free of charge to guest, they also have pools if you don't want to go to the beach. If you use the pool it will be a 35 php for the kiddie pool while it would be 75 php for the adult pool. The pool is just fine since the water is just right - not too cold nor too hot even though its an outdoor pool.

There is also a mini zoo which you can check out different animals like monkeys, parrots, and snakes. There isn't really much about the mini zoo except for the talking parrot that says Pangit (ugly in English)

The resort also offers cottages to use if you would just stay there for the day. The cottages are alright if you ask me since its just like other cottages offered in the other resorts.

Now let's check out the beach!

Mind you that I expected a lot with their beach since its been years since I last went to the beach. And here's what I saw.

It was no elegant beach front if you ask me so I was a bit disappointed. I actually expected to walking to a sandy beach front. It was sandy alright but for only like 10 step? Sorry gotta be honest there. 

But I still have to check out the sea. It doesn't have big waves as I expected and it was relatively calm maybe because the rocks underneath have stopped it. There was also that smell of rotten fish. I'm not particular with scents but I can't remember knowing this scent when I go to the beach when I was younger.

The shore was definitely full of pointy rocks and sea grasses that it wasn't all appealing to go in the water. There were some families that did went in, I also did try but I was not happy because of all the rocks that I stepped on. It was far too painful to walk anymore even with my slippers in the water. 

Here are some other pictures of the resort!

Those are not fishies.. they're sea grasses. 

I still enjoyed our stay at the resort. The only thing that I didn't like is their beach front but over all everything was fine. If you want to save up on your accommodations if you are travelling on a group, they have the cheapest rate for sure. 

I suggest just book in this resort and explore the rest of Bolinao because I think that is the thing you really have to do in Bolinao is explore its hidden jewels.  

I would rate this resort 6 out of 10 stars, because their beach front is not appealing to me and my colleagues. Their staff are friendly although some are not as approachable as the others. The location of the resort is near the town proper but a bit hidden so its really best to know where you are going (or have google map on hold at.all.times LOL) I really love that they have pools as alternative if their guests want to do night swimming. They also have a mini zoo which is really nice if you have kids with you. 

Over all I think this resort is great. The beach front is not that good but above that I don't have any complains. 

If you want to see the rates you can check out the resort here

Much Love! 

-- Alice 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Photoescape Travels to Bolinao Pangasinan Part 2!

Hello again!

I am back with part 2 of our Adventure! 

I wasn't able to take lots of pictures after the sunset since there isn't really much to do but eat dinner with my team mates. We did take a plunge in their pool which is a separate 75php. I immediately went to sleep after that. 

The morning after was kinda hectic since we need to be at our next destination before 8am. Our next destination was Patar beach!
Our cutie tour guide Aj is really knowledgeable and also very nice that he told us anything we want to know about Patar. I really suggest you befriend a local to know great places in the area if you ask me. 

The trip from our resort to the beach was about 30 minutes or so and on the way to Patar beach you will be greeted by the sea which looks so beautiful. I don't get to see the beach a lot so I really take in all the things I see because its so beautiful. 

Here's some fun facts about Patar Beach

1. It is considered the Boracay of the north because of its clear waters and fine white sand - Too bad I wasn't able to bring back some but there will be a part 2 for that for sure! :D

2. This is only 15 Km away from the town proper of Bolinao so it is about 1-2 hours of trip by car.

3. It is a public beach so expect lots of people, but its not overly congested so its still really nice to go to during the weekend.

When we got to the beach I was really overwhelmed because it is so beautiful. I have been to a lot of beaches when I was younger, and this is by far the most beautiful I have seen so far. There are still other beaches that I have visited but I don't think nothing will compare to this. 

The fine white sand that greets you will make you feel really good that you want to run around and play in the sand all day! One of the things that I found really fascinating is that even if the sun is already up I could walk around in the sand without getting my feet burned.

If you are asking about accommodations in Patar, there are actually a lot that you could choose from. There are also resorts at the farther left part of the beach but if you are not staying overnight you can avail their huts that only costs 300php.

We stayed there from 8am till around 11am which was kinda short if you ask me, but we still have to get back to the resort to collect our stuff and go back to Manila.

The way back to Manila was fun as well since we were able to buy some pasalubong for our families. I bought bamboo cake and also tupig. I will do a separate post on those for sure.

Our trip was really well spent since we were able to know each other much more and we also had really nice memories to remember by in case some of us will leave the team or the company.

I really enjoyed our trip and I'm actually planning on going back with my other friends next time if my time and money permits me.

Overall our trip in Bolinao is one of the best so far. The trip may be long and tiring, but the memories that we made has made it worth it.

What do you think of Bolinao? Have you visited it?

Let me know your experiences below!

I would love to know your experience too! I will post my review about the resort and also the complete itinerary in a couple of days. So watch out for that!

Till the next adventure!

Much love!

xx Alice

There’s Plenty of Fish in the Sea at Sentro 1771

Summer is definitely my favorite season since its the perfect season to enjoy seafood dishes! I don't know maybe because my parents told me that most seafood are really best during this time of the year. And with that I think these seafood dishes that Sentro 1771  will surely find a home to your family’s top picks whether you’re aiming to be healthy or just simply finding comfort from your all-time favorite seafood choices.Their dishes are guaranteed low in saturated fat, these dishes are not only irresistible, they’re also good for the heart.


At Sentro 1771, tasty means healthy too especially if you’re having smoked milkfish spring rolls (P270 per serving) which could serve as a filling and satisfying appetizer or entree to your family or barkada food trip. A festive combination of smoked milkfish, salted egg, mustard greens, onions and tomato that are rolled like spring rolls, it’s served with slightly tangy vinaigrette for some zing to your tastebuds. An explosion of color, texture, and balance of flavors, it’s a lip smacking dish minus the guilt to the tummy if you want to keep that Summer body.

Equally-appealing and filled nothing but goodness of the sea, Sentro 1771's seafood sinigang sa miso (P250) is a classic favorite minus the meat but never lacking with mouthwatering elements such as gindara, milkfish, and shrimps seasoned with miso for more depth and flavor - nuf' said my mouth is watering with its goodness!

Good food begets fresh and all-natural ingredients, and that’s the promise of this dish. It’s spirited, chunky, and heartwarming especially that the broth is made from scratch. Plus, it has chockfull of colorful diced veggies from tomatoes, okra, taro corms, daikon, water spinach, and eggpplant stewed in tamarind. And as a charming signature tradition, you get the chance to adjust the level of sourness of the soup by sipping and tasting it before serving.

Fried usually gets a bad rap as something calorie-laden including myself, but not Sentro 1771’s Rated GG or galunggong (grilled mackerel scad, P230 and P445).

Yes my dear foodie friends, fried healthy food does exist at Sentro 1771 as this dish is fried in olive oil- which is regarded to be good for the heart as well, filleted and generously sprinkled with toasted bits of garlic.

Sentro 1771's Executive Chef Vicky Rose Pacheco not only takes pride in creating another certified Sentro 1771 original, the lowly fish was a given a rightful and impressive reputation considering galunggong is a rich source of protein and zinc.

If your family is in for smart eating, count on Sentro 1771 in satisfying you with something healthy and tasty too.  There’s nothing quite anything else like a brown rice that can make a marvelous pair with these amazing, healthy choices, so it’s a good thing that Sentro 1771 has this in the menu.  So whether you’re a healthy eater or seekers of all-natural whole foods, find these Sentro 1771 dishes indulgent, never leaving behind the taste and joy of eating while bringing a new appreciation for something deliciously low-calorie.

Sentro 1771 in Greenbelt 3 is open from 11am to 11pm (Monday to Sunday) while Serendra is from 7am to 10:00 pm (Sunday to Thursday) / 7am to 11:00pm (Friday to Saturday). For inquiries and reservations, call Sentro Greenbelt 3 (02) 757 3941 or Sentro Serendra (02) 856 0581.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Daekyo Team Conquers Bolinao Pangasinan Day1!

Hello! I have been MIA for a while but I am definitely back! I am really happy that this 2013 I was able to accomplish something: TO TRAVEL! 

Traveling is something that I think is a luxury for me since I don't have a lot of time and money to go on trips every few months but I would give myself time during summer to enjoy the Sun, Surf, and the Sand! 

There will be parts that I will speak in beki language or in tagalog so just look at the pictures why I said those k? 

Let's start! 

Me and my team mates planned this for three months and each of us originally agreed to shell out 800 pesos but since there were some of out team mates that backed out at the last minute, we agreed to shell out 1k each. 

Medyo imbey ang first part I know pero wa care! matuloy sa matuloy dahil Pangasinan din to teh! 

We left Manila Friday night 11:30pm then we stopped over in Lakeshore gasoline station in Pampanga at around 2am to get some food in our systems and also stretch our legs since it will be another 4 hours of land travel. 

Manila to Pangasinan is around 6 to 8 hours of travel time so expect around 2 or 3 stop overs because the travel will take a toll on your legs and butt. 

Grabe ang pwet ko dun tinalo ang pinalo ng jinturon ni judas iscariot! haha! 

Around 7am we arrived at our first destination: Bolinao Falls. 

Bolinao Falls is highly recommended to visit since the water is really clear and also you can't help but take a dip in its cold waters. 

On the way to the falls, we were guided by this cute little kid named AJ. I will give you his details on the itinerary post if you want this cutie pie to be your guide. He is exceptionally trustworthy if you want to visit great places in Bolinao.

Thankfully Aj guided us to the falls because from the main road its around 30 - 45 minutes before you get to the falls. The road on the way to the falls is a little rough to get ready for a bumpy ride. There are also not a lot of good scenery so if you can take a nap during the bumpy ride, take the chance on that. 

When we arrived at the falls, you wouldn't really think that there is a falls in that area since its like a dead end. You would have to walk down a steep pathway to get to the falls which is around a 5 -10 minute trek from the parking area.

When we got to the falls I was really amazed that this place existed because its so beautiful!~

The water is super clear you would be able to see the floor! You do have to be careful since the rocks are quite slippery and some of my colleagues have slipped a few times. Thank God for Alaksan! haha! 

I didn't slip thankfully but it was quite a chore to get one part of the falls to the other. The water was exceptional since its cold but not ice cold. It was really refreshing to take a dip there. Take note from an eight hour drive to take a dip there is such a reward. 

Our next stop was the town market to buy our other essentials like meat and rice because we will be cooking our own food at the resort. I didn't take much photos there since I took a nap at the van. It actually took a toll on me from the falls to the marketplace so I had to get some shut eye. 

Pag ako antok wag nyo ako guguluhin dahil para akong si grumpy cat. Wit nyo akech subukan! LOL

Around 1PM we arrived at the resort. Originally the check in time was 2pm but since we came early and also we had reservations, they let us go to our dorm earlier. And yes the picture above is me trying to pose while I am in my post-woken up state. Groggy pa ako sa inet ng van! LOL

Instead of sleeping in the humid weather, I decided to check out the whole resort. I will share that to you girls next time since I don't want to take too much time with those things. 

I promise I will do a whole itinerary post next time, for now let's do the whole first person chorva~ LOL

I was really entertained with the mini zoo that they have because it has bird like the maina and this cutie parrot which I named Panget since this bird can only say Panget (ugly). I actually talked to it and I look really crazy but I don't care! I was on vacation LOL 

They also have an eagle but I feel bad for the little guy because its cage is too small for him to fly around. They also have a grumpy monkey that tried to snatch off my camera! Bad monkey! haha!

And that is the sunset that we were able to catch. I will post pictures on my Facebook Page if you want to see more pictures. 

There will be a part 2 and also a whole itinerary post if you want to do this too with your colleagues or your barkada!

Here's a sneak peek of  part 2! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

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