Thursday, April 11, 2013

Photoescape Travels to Bolinao Pangasinan Part 2!

Hello again!

I am back with part 2 of our Adventure! 

I wasn't able to take lots of pictures after the sunset since there isn't really much to do but eat dinner with my team mates. We did take a plunge in their pool which is a separate 75php. I immediately went to sleep after that. 

The morning after was kinda hectic since we need to be at our next destination before 8am. Our next destination was Patar beach!
Our cutie tour guide Aj is really knowledgeable and also very nice that he told us anything we want to know about Patar. I really suggest you befriend a local to know great places in the area if you ask me. 

The trip from our resort to the beach was about 30 minutes or so and on the way to Patar beach you will be greeted by the sea which looks so beautiful. I don't get to see the beach a lot so I really take in all the things I see because its so beautiful. 

Here's some fun facts about Patar Beach

1. It is considered the Boracay of the north because of its clear waters and fine white sand - Too bad I wasn't able to bring back some but there will be a part 2 for that for sure! :D

2. This is only 15 Km away from the town proper of Bolinao so it is about 1-2 hours of trip by car.

3. It is a public beach so expect lots of people, but its not overly congested so its still really nice to go to during the weekend.

When we got to the beach I was really overwhelmed because it is so beautiful. I have been to a lot of beaches when I was younger, and this is by far the most beautiful I have seen so far. There are still other beaches that I have visited but I don't think nothing will compare to this. 

The fine white sand that greets you will make you feel really good that you want to run around and play in the sand all day! One of the things that I found really fascinating is that even if the sun is already up I could walk around in the sand without getting my feet burned.

If you are asking about accommodations in Patar, there are actually a lot that you could choose from. There are also resorts at the farther left part of the beach but if you are not staying overnight you can avail their huts that only costs 300php.

We stayed there from 8am till around 11am which was kinda short if you ask me, but we still have to get back to the resort to collect our stuff and go back to Manila.

The way back to Manila was fun as well since we were able to buy some pasalubong for our families. I bought bamboo cake and also tupig. I will do a separate post on those for sure.

Our trip was really well spent since we were able to know each other much more and we also had really nice memories to remember by in case some of us will leave the team or the company.

I really enjoyed our trip and I'm actually planning on going back with my other friends next time if my time and money permits me.

Overall our trip in Bolinao is one of the best so far. The trip may be long and tiring, but the memories that we made has made it worth it.

What do you think of Bolinao? Have you visited it?

Let me know your experiences below!

I would love to know your experience too! I will post my review about the resort and also the complete itinerary in a couple of days. So watch out for that!

Till the next adventure!

Much love!

xx Alice


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