Wednesday, December 23, 2015

TINAPAYAN FESTIVAL, House of Breads – Speaks of Real Bread Flavor and No Other

There are only a few small businesses that turn into something near to an institution in a community after of years being in the business. I remember when we had our own small family business of an eatery that almost everyone in our neighborhood knows.

Our 'claim to fame' is basically what my mom cooks - from Adobo to even fried chicken everything gets sold out immediately. It wasn't until the late 1990s that my mama and papa decided to close it down because they can't manage it anymore.

And whenever I find these kinds of businesses I am so thrilled because it really takes a lot of hard work not just from the staff but also the owners to keep it that way! And for Tinapayan Festival: House of Breads, bringing that value and importance of bread to the public is what makes them well known.

Tinapayan Festival's Ensaymada

Hey guys! If you are a Filipino, you would probably know that every time we visit a friend or relative this is probably the most common bread that is being served to us - The Ensaymada. It was actually told that is a bread creation from the Spaniards. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ermita Hotel Tours

One of the things my relatives do is they like to do staycations. I like to do it too but not too much because I prefer to stay at home at time. 

But I had a chance to check out some of the hotels in Ermita after we went to the event EMBOA hosted. 

We were able to tour 2 hotels so I will show you these for today. I might do a hotel review, but that would be in the future. So expect that this will be an introduction. 

This is especially great if you are staying in the Ermita, Manila area so I might give you some tips. 

The first hotel we checked out is Miramar Hotel. As being an art deco hotel this actually was built during 1930's but was only re-established around 2000s. It is situated within the Roxas Boulevard area so expect that the rate in this area is quite higher than other hotels since Roxas Boulevard is one of the main roads here in Manila. 

The whole hotel has a vintage feel to it. And since it was built during the 1930's it has small hallways and boutique style of setting. 


For me I don't find this hotel suitable for me since if I am staying in the city I would prefer something that is in the middle of the city. This is actually more suitable to those that are staying for business. 

They do have a spa suite which you can use for sparty or a getaway for you and your partner. 

The second hotel we went to is Hotel Kimberly. 

The facade of the hotel is actually very clean and more like a condominium but don't let that fool you. The lobby is really spacious and each floor has wifi access. 

There are actually different rooms that they provide here at a more affordable rates. 

Compared to Miramar Hotel, I actually like this hotel more because it is near a mall and basically everything I need. And one thing I like about this hotel is that they have cheaper rates so if you are staying with your friends your wallet won't burn you. 

You can check out Miramar Hotel and Hotel Kimberly on Facebook for their rates. 

I will do another post on the individual hotels so make sure to check back. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

EMBOA Gives back this Christmas Season.

Christmas is a season for giving and that is what Ermita Manila Business Owners Association or EMBOA did last week at the Remedios Circle park 

They had a gift giving activity last week that an estimated 500 kids ages 7 to  12 from 16 barangas were given gift bags and were also treated to some performances such as a Chrismas carol and performances from the students from Philippine Womens University and Unibersidad de Manila. 

EMBOA is also one of the organizations that have led projects in the area such as Massive Clean up drives to make Ermita Manila go back to its bustling beauty it had before. 

Hoping for more great projects from this organizations! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ang Sarap! Philippine Food Festival

Last December 8, I was one of the very few people that was invited to witness Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement's event which is the Philippine Food Festival. 

This is a culminating activity in which they recognize Filipino individuals and brands that have contributed in making Philippine cuisine to be one of the most sought after not just Filipinos but by foreigners as well. 

The event took place at the old Senate Hall of the National Museum which brought me to my younger years when me and my family used to go at the National Museum. 

The invited were treated to different food from around the Philippines by some of the concessionaires that participated like Apag Marangle, Tinapayan Festival and Victoria's which gave samples of their most notable products. 

One of the attendees was its newest member, Ms. Shalani Soledad which also enjoyed some bread from Tinapayan Festival and the other concessionaires.

The event was truly awesome because its not just a celebration of food that occurred but also a celebration to the people that made Filipino food as the best not just here but to the world. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Midnight Hunger Pains

I like to write when it is about twelve midnight onward. And when I get in the mood it won't stop until my tummy goes rumbling like a broken radiator - seriously it sounds like that after a few hours of continuous writing.

And thankfully I have this in our pantry - Potato bread from Tinapayan Festival! 

It is basically an ensaymada without the messy top. Its moist, sweet, fluffy and did I say sweet? 
Although its name is potato bread, I don't think there is any real potatoes, but maybe some potato flour. 

I am merely a hungry foodie that did a complete rampage on our pantry so please don't think that I am making a sensible point right now. 

And now my tummy is filled again I am ready to work! 

Honestly, do you guys get hungry while doing something for a long time? Let me know on the comment section! and let me know what you like to munch on when you get hungry. 

Much love!

xx Alice 

Food Review: Qubiertos Grill and Restaurant

Sometimes I like to treat myself with dining alone which is great because you get to enjoy your food more. There would be less fuss about what to order because you would just be ordering for one. 

That didn't sound great. It makes me sound that I am so bitter. 

Qubiertos is a grill and restaurant located in Kalayaan, Quezon City so if you are near the City hall its just behind it and its so easy to spot that you don't need google maps for this. 

The prices of this restaurant are actually cheap and they also offer student meals because there are schools near the establishment so this is definitely a place for students and young professionals to hang out in. 

What they do offer most is Filipino food, so if you have friends who are visiting the Philippines for the first time THIS is one of the places you should bring them. 

This is their version of sisig. Their version from the typical sisig is different because they use the brain of the animal which this is made from. I know it sounds gross but who cares they taste great! 

Their version of the pinoy fried rice is also amazing because its like a meal on its own. But being Filipino, even if there is something mixed in the rice, its still rice and we need our ulam for that! 

And for dessert, I had some suman crepe! 

Its sweet from the chocolate and peanut butter drizzle yet savory from the rice cake or suman. Its definitely something for the ones craving sweets because its so yummy. 

I really like Qubiertos and I would go back over and over because the food they serve is definitely Filipino with a very homey feel to it. Check out Qubiertos with your friends and family today! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

Taste of Capitol in Tomas Morato

Tomas Morato is one of the 'foodie' hubs here in Quezon City because there are a variety of restaurants that can cater to any cravings you have - From sweet boba (bubble milk tea) or to a fine dining experience its basically there. 

One of the newest addition to that is Taste of Capitol. Originally based in Kapitolyo, Pasig, Taste of Capitol moved in QC since it has a larger audience here. 

If you check out their menu, its mostly American food with a Filipino twist. The prices are also very reasonable and the portions are bigger than usual so make sure to bring your friends here to enjoy their savory dishes. 

The interior reminds me of cafes and restaurants I've seen on some American television shows. Its very artsy as well since all of their tables and walls are painted with colorful street art. Its very cozy but very hipster-like. 

This is their meatball. Compared to those that I've tasted this is a bit on the sweet and savory side due to the gravy or sauce. The sauce is not too liquidy nor too thick since if its either the sauce will overpower the meat ball. The meat itself is not too dry on the inside. 

Typically a Tex-Mex staple, Nachos are actually something most Americans enjoy since its very easy to make and the recipe is easy to tweak out for your personal preference. I love how the meat was just right and the tomatoes were just as fresh as if they were just picked up from the garden and chopped up. I was not really a fan of the cheese which was weird because that is one of the things that I look forward the most in nachos. 


This is actually one of my favorite food to make since the recipe is so easy to do and you can improvise. I also love to cook this for my brother since he likes to multi task so he can eat and do his job at the same time. As for this one, I like the tortilla bread since its not too stiff nor stale. The meat and vegetables were a bit chunkier in my taste but it has a nice texture. 

They also have a smaller version if you want something for sharing. And this is literally one bite for me. Its like eating a ssambap without the lettuce and replacing it with the tiny tortilla. 

They also serve one of the yummiest mojitos in all of QC that is. And it comes in 2 sizes which was a big shock to me because when they served this to me I thought it would just be a tall glass, but it was actually for sharing - My bad! But this is really the best I tell you. 

They also serve flavored beers so if you have a liking in that kind make sure to try the ones they have at Taste of Capitol. 

I think Taste of Capitol is a nice place to hang out with your friends, especially if you are a foodie because most the food that they offer are really good and fit for your budget. Check them out on Tomas Morato and taste a different side of American dishes with a Filipino twist. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

Mojitos and calamares at Graham's Diner

Its no secret that I like to drink. I like to drink even when there is no occasion! But of course drinking in moderation is important and of legal age.

One of my good friends- Arnie invited me for an afternoon just to chill out and chat since its been a while since we chatted.

He actually introduced me to this place at BGC called Graham's Diner and once we were inside it was like I was not in BGC. Maybe its because of the interiors that would remind you of cafes abroad or maybe I was really fascinated by the big chalkboard/blackboard as their menu.

Arnie ordered coffee with some pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs while I have calamares and 2 glasses of mojitos. 

It was a weird combination though since he is having breakfast at 3 in the afternoon while I was starting party hour. But let me tell you about about those calamares. They were a-ma-zing! 

Or maybe they were amazing because of the mojitos. The mix of the mojito is just right and you would ask for more. 

But honestly I wouldn't recommend that because you might go drunk so drink responsibly! 

Overall I love these two at Graham's Diner. I will be coming back for more soon for a full review of their best sellers. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


Every Christmas, My Mama always prepare something special for Noche Buena and make the Christmas table festive as possible. The Christmas table will never be complete without the Christmas ham, chicken, and pasta dishes like spaghetti and macaroni salad.  

However, with the growing awareness and trend on health and wellness, Moms look for healthy alternative dishes that they can serve to their family.  They look for food that are low calorie, high-fiber and rich in vitamins, but still a delectable dish that their family can enjoy.

El Real has long responded to the healthy needs of wise, practical moms with the offering of El Real Healthy Spaghetti.  EL Real Healthy Spaghetti is the first naturally healthy spaghetti in the local market that is made with real Malunggay and Carrot bits.  It is high in fiber because it has Durum Wheat Semolina, has 0% Cholesterol, 0% Trans Fat and has Vitamin A, C and Calcium.  What’s more is that, it has no veggie taste that your kids will surely love.

EL REAL Spaghetti and Macaroni are quality products of Universal Robina Corporation (URC), that offers real good, real firm and real affordable pasta products that allow moms to show her real love to her family through REAL SARAP pasta dishes.

El Real Healthy Spaghetti is available in your favorite supermarkets and groceries for only P44.00 (500g) and P70.00 (1kg).  So turn your pasta dishes into spaghealthy goodness with El Real Healthy Spaghetti.  Because REAL Moms make REAL Choices for the family’s REAL Goodness and serve only REAL Sarap pasta dishes.

Like on EL REAL Facebook page for information and recipes of El Real.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

When in Subic.... eat at My Mommy's House of Kare Kare!

Subic Freeport is a melting pot of diverse people - both local and foreigners love visiting Subic Freeport not just for the outlet stores of our favorite brands but also the food - I basically grew up in Subic so you can say I can also mingle with the locals since I was born in Olongapo and went around the streets of Subic bay during Summer.
From Japanese, Korean to Indian food Subic has a lot to offer. But the best is still home cooked meals prepared by our Mommy. If craving for some you can have your home cooked meal by Mommy at My Mommy's House of Kare Kare.

Its quaint design brings a very homey feel to its customers that they keep coming back for more. You wouldn't actually notice My Mommy's House of Kare Kare because it is behind a huge track oval which serves as a venue for its citizens to run during the late afternoons and at night, but thankfully they have signage that tells you how to go to there.

And being known for their Kare Kare, My Mommy's House of Kare Kare brings you delicious Kare Kare that is so good that even without the preserved fish paste it still tastes great.

If craving Italian, My Mommy's House of Kare Kare also offers authentically made Pizza - all its ingredients are all from Italy to be true to its word and also cooked in an oven for that perfect bite.

One of the things I really love is when they are making the pizza they are actually making it in the store with fresh dough so you will be assured that the pizza is fresh and great tasting. 

Check out My Mommy's House of Kare Kare when you are in Subic.

Much Love!

xx Alice

pictures will be uploaded later.

Be Like a Kpop Star at Leciel Hotel

Experience a top hotel stay like those in Gangnam with Leciel Hotel.

A couple of weeks ago, me and other bloggers came to Subic with The Big Difference Communications and JAB Hauz of Zen for Giro De Pilipinas. We initially stayed at Subic Bay Yacht Club - but that will be on another post. Then we stayed at Leciel Hotel.

With its goal to provide a swanky, irresistible vibe that makes its guest feel like a Kpop celebrity Leciel will be able to give you that without a hefty price. The whole facade of Leciel Hotel is very modern and actually looks like a condominium complex similar to the ones I see in Korean Dramas. 

With a wide variety of suites from 39 sq.m. rooms to their Presidential suites - you will think that you are in Gangnam with its one of a kind suites. We actually stayed at the Business class suite that has 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms and a small kitchen. One of the room has a big floor space that you can dance here! But of course I didn't do that because I was really tired from the day we had.

In terms of service they also provide high quality room and customer service in every inquiry. Amenities at Leciel Hotel also will make you love it more with its own spa service and sauna that are similar to the Jjimjilbangs of Korea. I wasn't able to try this, but I saw them and I was really surprised at how really nice they are. Can't wait to go back and try these for sure.

For more information or you would like to inquire about their services make sure to check Leciel Hotel on Facebook.

Much Love!

My Subic Yacht Club Experience

When I was younger, I remember always passing by Subic Bay Yacht Club to my cousin's house and wonder how it will feel like to stay there. 

Since I am born in Olongapo city, Its not really an option for me to stay at any hotel there because I have relatives that live there, but since I was there for work me, some bloggers and also JAB Hauz of Zen were lucky enough to stay for a night at Subic Bay Yacht Club. 

As being one of the most known places to stay in Subic Bay is probably Subic Bay Yacht Club.Just Located north west of Manila, Subic Bay Yacht Club over sees the Zambales Mountain Range in the east and the tranquil waters of Subic Bay that opens to the south China Sea on the west.

As one of its oldest and most renowned to all yacht owners who dock at Subic Bay - staying at the luxurious Subic Bay Yacht Club makes not just your yacht but you feel pampered. With its one of a kind service to its members, you would wish to be part of the members allowed to stay here. 

So being able to stay here is like heaven to be honest. Their beds are so comfy and also the rooms are really spacious that I actually did a somersault when we got there. Yeah I'm weird so don't judge me. 

It is indeed a perfect paradise with its safe harbor, elegant design and warm hospitality. They would actually remind you of being in one of the hotels in Cannes according to my friend Alex since he travels a lot more than I do abroad. The design of the whole Yacht Club itself is very European-inspired with its high ceiling facade and floor to ceiling doors.

To be honest I really feel Subic Bay Yacht Club really does live up to its tag line which is Experience us, Experience Subic Bay Yacht Club. Because they really make their guests feel that they are not just staying at a regular hotel but on a whole different level. 

For more information, You can check out Subic Bay Yacht Club on their Social Networking accounts to know more about them. 

Much Love! 

pictures to be followed

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Perfect Omiyage: Hattendo Japanese Chilled Cream Bun

Growing up knowing the Japanese culture, I know how small family businesses tend to stick to the traditional way of preparing their items in which it also instills to the consumer that there is definitely a personal touch to the items they bought. 

That is what Hattendo is known for. Although they are new to the Asian market they are backed up with around 80 years of experience in bringing high quality chilled cream buns to the consumer. 

Hattendo is named after a small shrine in Hiroshima, Japan. And the English translation of their name is unlimited prosperity.  

Hattendo is mainly known as the perfect "omiyage" or gifts according to my relatives in Japan because its perfect for your loved ones to enjoy on any season. 

And I am so happy that Hattendo is now in the Philippines! 

Hattendo Philippines currently has two main stores: one on the 2nd Floor of Mega mall's Fashion hall and the next at the South entrance of Mall of Asia. They also have a pop up store every Friday to Sunday at Rockwell Power plant mall. 

Instilling tradition, great taste and safe food for their customers, all chilled cream buns are done by hand inside the Hattendo factory in Hiroshima, Japan. They are sent here  exclusively to C3 Premium Partnerships, Inc. which me and some selected bloggers were honored to meet and ask some questions to them. 

They mainly talked about how the buns are made in Japan and also shared their experience in seeing first hand how its made and how meticulous each bun is made. We were also very lucky to try these chilled cream buns for ourselves and bring some home for our families. 

I'll be doing a second part about each flavor of the Hattendo Chilled Cream Buns on this blog and which ones are my top favorites.

Have you tried Hattendo? Let me know which is your favorite flavor on the comments section! 

Much Love! 
xx Alice 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Comfort food at Chateau Hestia

Sundays are reserved for spending some time with our loved ones and also that includes eating a scrumptious meal with them. A better way to do that is to enjoy great company at Chateau Hestia. 

Besides from being a bed and breakfast place, Chateau Hestia also offers delectable food that is fit for the family. Here are some of the food that I tried with some blogger friends of mine. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Food options at Chateau Hestia: Dinner Menu

And now my friends we have come to the part 99.9% of the time I would wish to be transported back where I ate because I want the experience to be as authentic and as unbiased as possible - The food! 

Chateau Hestia's food is more aligned to German cuisines due to its founder and owner. German food are traditionally rich and hearty. German food also incorporate potatoes and sauerkraut in their dishes.

I am really honored to meet the chef which is Ms. Natalia Moran that talked about the different dishes they serve their customers. 

One cool thing about Chateau Hestia's restaurant is they have a set menu to offer for those that have just visited Chateau Hestia for the first time. And also their set menu changes every month. 

Another thing that I discovered is that Chateau Hestia's goal is to serve the freshest food to its customers, or what we can call a farm to table setting since Chateau Hestia is surrounded by independently owned farms such as Malipayo Farms and they also grow some of the herbs used in Chateau Hestia's backyard you can expect that the produce is really fresh. 

This is going to be one of the longest food post I've written and there is sure going to be a LOT of food shots so I am warning you as soon as now - get a bag of pop corn! haha!
When we arrived at Chateau Hestia, we were served the set menu  

Chateau Hestia actually offers a different set menus every month. 


They also have a special cheese platter that showcases different kinds of cheeses from the tart to sweet kinds. 

They also served different kinds of bread that are all freshly made at Chateau Hestia. The Malunggay pesto that was served on the side isn't really my favorite because I expected it would taste like the regular kind - but it was very bitter for my liking. 

While munching on some bread, we were served with the thick and hearty squash soup.  This kind of soup would remind you of chilly days that you would just like to spend on your bed all day. 

This tasted great and its a great starter for you meal. 

There was actually two options for our main course and I chose the braised Lamb ravioli with mint sauce, feta cheese and tomato lamb au jus. the ravioli actually is thick for my liking but the lamb was really nice and soft to chew. The sauce was thick and has a deep flavor.

For Dessert we had Apple Streudel. I remember my friend once told me that a Streudel is similar to a pie, but honestly I don't know the difference is that the streudel does not overwhelm the palette with its sweetness. 

Okay guys I will have to cut this article for now because if I continue with every thing that I've tried at Chateau Hestia you might hate me for killing you diet. LOL!

watch out for the next post that will be about the breakfast and lunch options. 

Much Love!  

xx Alice
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