Sunday, July 26, 2015

Food options at Chateau Hestia: Dinner Menu

And now my friends we have come to the part 99.9% of the time I would wish to be transported back where I ate because I want the experience to be as authentic and as unbiased as possible - The food! 

Chateau Hestia's food is more aligned to German cuisines due to its founder and owner. German food are traditionally rich and hearty. German food also incorporate potatoes and sauerkraut in their dishes.

I am really honored to meet the chef which is Ms. Natalia Moran that talked about the different dishes they serve their customers. 

One cool thing about Chateau Hestia's restaurant is they have a set menu to offer for those that have just visited Chateau Hestia for the first time. And also their set menu changes every month. 

Another thing that I discovered is that Chateau Hestia's goal is to serve the freshest food to its customers, or what we can call a farm to table setting since Chateau Hestia is surrounded by independently owned farms such as Malipayo Farms and they also grow some of the herbs used in Chateau Hestia's backyard you can expect that the produce is really fresh. 

This is going to be one of the longest food post I've written and there is sure going to be a LOT of food shots so I am warning you as soon as now - get a bag of pop corn! haha!
When we arrived at Chateau Hestia, we were served the set menu  

Chateau Hestia actually offers a different set menus every month. 


They also have a special cheese platter that showcases different kinds of cheeses from the tart to sweet kinds. 

They also served different kinds of bread that are all freshly made at Chateau Hestia. The Malunggay pesto that was served on the side isn't really my favorite because I expected it would taste like the regular kind - but it was very bitter for my liking. 

While munching on some bread, we were served with the thick and hearty squash soup.  This kind of soup would remind you of chilly days that you would just like to spend on your bed all day. 

This tasted great and its a great starter for you meal. 

There was actually two options for our main course and I chose the braised Lamb ravioli with mint sauce, feta cheese and tomato lamb au jus. the ravioli actually is thick for my liking but the lamb was really nice and soft to chew. The sauce was thick and has a deep flavor.

For Dessert we had Apple Streudel. I remember my friend once told me that a Streudel is similar to a pie, but honestly I don't know the difference is that the streudel does not overwhelm the palette with its sweetness. 

Okay guys I will have to cut this article for now because if I continue with every thing that I've tried at Chateau Hestia you might hate me for killing you diet. LOL!

watch out for the next post that will be about the breakfast and lunch options. 

Much Love!  

xx Alice


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