Monday, July 20, 2015

Japanese Food At Tenya

Growing up eating a lot of Japanese Food, I've already become accustomed with the ever evolving style of food being offered at Japanese restaurants. From the Traditional sashimi to udons, Japanese food is a part of my life ever since I was young. 

So when Tenya opened its stores in Mega Mall then now at BGC Stop over, I can't help but feel giddy because a lot of my friends and relatives in Japan have been telling me about Tenya in a long time.


Tenya is known for their Tendon! What is a tendon? 

A tendon is basically a portmanteau of Tempura and Donburi. This is a common dish at Asakusa, Japan thus making it a big thing there. 

They also have tempura baskets if you are into that. And they also have a wide array of other Japanese side dishes to make you dining pleasure much better. 

 One of the coolest things here at Tenya is they serve you an unlimited amount of tea in between meals because tea is a good way to make your stomach calm for the next bite. 

Now let's talk about the food!


1. Chicken Karaage. 

Chicken Kaarage is actually a whole food by itself and you are done! I absolutely love how the chicken pieces are bite sized and they have a proper proportion of meat and the batter. We were also given some of what I can say is the best cooked Crab stick because they were still fresh and the batter to meat ratio is just enough which still keeps the meat fresh and nice to chew. 

 And for the main entree I got the All Star Tendon which is one of their best sellers. It has Black Tiger Prawn, Salmon, squid, Kani stick, Green beans and mushroom with a side of miso soup. 

You basically have the best of everything from Tenya as you can get to enjoy seafood and veggies at the same time. 

Japanese have a7 distinti way of how they cook Tempura which is to have the best ingredients to have the best meal to serve. Tenya didn't let me down on this. 

And for dessert we had a Japanese Ice cream that is only offered at Tenya. 

Its tangy and makes my taste buds dance when I tried this. I absolutely love it!

Overall, My experience at Tenya is definitely worth trying out again. Make sure to check out Tenya at Megamall and at BGC Stop Over. 

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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