Sunday, December 11, 2016

Where to Eat in Ozamiz?

You will definitely know a place better by the food that they serve and Ozamiz is all about food. 

The street where we are staying is actually a foodie district because the restaurants are just next to each other! 

The Trip Going To Ozamiz

As a first time traveler by air (after a long time) I didn't know what to expect on our trip to Ozamiz. 

And if it is your first time travelling to Ozamiz City this post is for you! 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Amazing Adventure in Ozamiz City

Hey guys! I know I haven't been blogging for a while because I moved! well..its not permanent but I moved to Ozamiz City!

If you guys don't follow me on my instagram account @alicemate (which I highly suggest you do) I have been staying in the beautiful city of Ozamiz City!

Yes. The one in Mindanao. And I am loving it! 

The Reason for the move

Along with the office of the City Tourism and the city government has launched its Visit Ozamiz program last October.  The program is geared to show as to why the city is tagged as the cultural, historical and pilgrimage site of Misamis Occidental.

I am really honored to be part of this event. The mere fact that I get to experience the city before the main tour for our friends in the media and also a few social media influencers made my experience more vivid than what I first knew of Ozamiz. 


Quite honestly, The only thing that hesitated me in moving is the prejudice of the said place. Most people think that because it is in Mindanao, its not a safe place. Even my mom is against this move because I am half way across the country and she won't be able to see me on a daily basis unlike when I was staying in Manila.

I am the youngest, so this move is definitely harder for my mom than myself - Imagine the messages she sends me on a daily basis. 

The. Struggle. Is. Real. 

But she knows me more than anyone else in the world, that I am as stubborn as my papa, and I won't back down to a challenge - especially this one.

So here I am!

So the next few posts will be about my adventure in Ozamiz City. I might do several posts so make sure to check back here or check my Instagram page!

And if you are from Ozamiz City reading my blog right now and you might see me around the city, don't hesitate to say hi. Promise I don't bite haha! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Say Hello Again to the Chef Next Door!

I am a big fan of food related shows, I can spend a whole day just watching them because I learn a lot from the hosts and also their adventures and I am so glad to see a one of a kind television show on its 2nd season!

The Group Entertainment together with Lifestyle Network channel welcomes another feisty, hot character on the block this July with Chef Next Door and its host Chef Jonas Ng. 

Being the head chef and owner of Huat Pot Hotpot restaurant in Greenhills and Le Jardin in Bonifacio Global City, Chef Jonas will take us on a whole new culinary journey to the intricate food industry not just by the food but also showing us the faces, places and stories behind the food we love and enjoy.

Just like any other culinary shows, Chef Jonas shares his tips on how to prepare food the easiest and most practical ways. There are also some chef hacks that he has learned over ten years of working inside the kitchen.

The whole media launch was held in Le Jardin in BGC last week. We were served a lot of delicious food from different establishments that Chef Jonas also loves that honestly if you ask me to prepare them, I might just say please help me chef! 

If you are like me - which has a bit knowledge but still does not know if I have the skills to be like the experts watching Chef Next door is possibly the best show I can recommend since each episode teaches us how to come up with restaurant quality output from modern urban limitation because lets face it - with the limitation of space, budget and materials some of us would break down in tears in recreating that restaurant favorites in the comfort of our home...or maybe that is just me.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Chef Jonas along with some bloggers during the press launch and I asked him what can he suggest for that ultimate comfort food for the brokenhearted ones - yes humuhugot ako guys pagbigyan nyo na! 

And it might be something you guys have to check out on the next episodes of Chef Next Door. 

Something that I can also say you need to check out is Chef Jonas' #ChefNinjaMoves as he is also known as the "MacGyver" (PS Google what that word means to the younger millenials *wink*) for his ways to come up with creative and informative solutions in every kitchen crisis that is thrown to him that we can also use when the time come. 

As I have seen the first and second episode I can describe the show in 3 words: Comical, Adventurous and Passionate. 

So make sure to check out Chef Next Door and be prepared to fall in love (sige na nga pa-friendzoned nalang ) with Chef Jonas' adventures! 

Chef Next Door Season 2 will air regularly on Lifestyle every Wednesdays at 9:30pm, Thursdays at 1:00AM, Saturdays 6:00PM, Sundays 10:00AM, Mondays at 3:30PM, Tuesdays at 12:00MN. The show is a joint production venture by the Group Entertainment and iSnap Creatives. 

So make sure to check out Chef Next Door on Lifestyle! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Felicidad Mansion Celebrates Their First Anniversary

I don't normally post these kinds of things on this side of my blog but I guess this is where I can place them since its definitely something you really have to check out. 

The Felicidad Mansion is a one of its kind events venue in QC.

It is originally a mansion built in the 1970's that was converted into a spacious events place and had just celebrated their anniversary!

This was named after Dona Felicidad Tayag-Martin, the Matriarch of the Martin clan. In which after years of being a residential place, the family turned it to an events place but still preserving its beautiful wood ceilings, one of a kind chandeliers and the vintage doors.

Quite honestly this is my first time going in this venue and I am amazed by the exterior and also interior of this events place because it has that very vintage feel that is not forced. You would really love this place.

The cool thing about this venue is that they have their own catering partners and also they can help out in setting up what you want your event to look like. Its a one stop shop for the party of your dreams.

And quite honestly, I might just pick this venue if ever I get married.

Ayan na guys nagsabi na ko! #AlamNaThis

How to get to Felicidad Mansion: 

Located at Baler Street Corner Roosevelt Avenue in Quezon City, You can get to the venue via car, taxi or Public Utility Vehicle either from Quezon Avenue or from Munoz. The nearest landmark is you'll see is McDonald's. 

Okay now lets move on to the function rooms that they offer to your needs. Currently they offer 5 function rooms that varies with how many people that will be attending to your event. 


Here are the names and pax. 

Venice - 130 pax
Paris - 150 pax
Venice and Paris - 250 pax
Roma - 30 pax
Madrid - 50 pax

They also have a bridal suite so if you are having a wedding and you need a place to touch up on your make up or have a costume change (aminin may brides na ganun!) you can also add it in the package. 

And did you notice something about the name of the rooms? It is inspired by European cities that really highlight the aesthetic feel of the room. 

And as I've mentioned, Felicidad Mansion is a one stop shop since they are tied up with catering companies that suit your taste buds like Hizon's, Rich Gold, and also Taverna Catering just to name a few that also sponsored amazing food for the festivities. 

To add to the festivities, Richard Poon entertained the guests with a couple of songs. 

PS. Dun po sa magiging asawa ko pag ipunan mo na i-book si Richard Poon sa wedding naten. Gusto ko sya kumanta for our first dance and when I walk down the aisle. I love you na agad future hubby pag ginawa mo to! LOL

And also to my friends that will be getting married soon. You might want to check out this place first because it is absolutely amazing. Its like you had a destination wedding but without the expensive plane ticket. 

And yes I am making this statement on my blog that I will book this elegant venue when I get married. 

For more information about Felicidad Mansion they are located at # 2 Baler Street cor. Roosevelt Avenue, San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City. You may contact them at 964 5403, 372 5741, 0917 5152135 and 0917 5245308. 

or visit their website

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Friday, June 17, 2016

Welcome to Space wars at Victoria Court!

For Star Wars fans, anything linked to this is the BOMB!

I have friends who would talk endlessly about star wars like there is no tomorrow so when I told them about Victoria Court's newest and most innovative suite they went off the roof.

Space Wars is a sci-fi inspired, hi-tech party suite that is completely designed front the ground up to feature a stunning spacecraft interior that is definitely instagram worthy.



From the spaceship cockpit with light switches to its custom designed infinity floor to the costumes and weapons that are readily available for its guests to fully be in the zone to play your favorite star wars character or re-enact that favorite scene it is available here.

 I definitely had my Jedi moment here with some of my blogger friends.

Its a 100 sqm floor area with innovative and superior hotel amenities that comes with a private garage that can be converted into a buffet and cocktail area for parties. Imagine having a star wars party here? It would definitely epic!

Speaking of the buffet, this also comes with a delightful array of space wars inspired menu options like the dark side burger, imperial pasta, trooper onigiri, space wars wrap, panatrooper and cocktails like the Jar Jar Drinks that compliments the whole experience in staying.

They also have other themed rooms like the Asgard Room for those who want to be transported to Thor's world and Christian Grey's suite complete with the Red Room of pain experience. And I've seen both rooms, and I love the Asgard because of something I will share to you on my vlog (to be uploaded soon!)

So for a truly out of this world experience, you can book the room by contacting Victoria Court through 0917-VCSERVE (0917-8273783) or you can send them an email at

You can also check out Victoria Court through their social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Much Love!

xx Alice

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ghost Walk at Intramuros

If you guys know I am really interested in paranormal activities so when given the chance - I will take that chance!

And what better way to experience that is definitely in the walled city of Intramuros! The Ghost Walk/Tour was prepared by the Center for Paranormal Studies. And to be honest it was not my first time to do this with them since I was able to experience it before on a real house that has a lot of paranormal activities going on.

We basically went all over Intramuros and had a tour guide talk about all the historical facts that happened in the walled city.

The building you see on the picture above is the only structure in Intramuros that has not been renovated. I forgot the name of the structure but I remembered a specific incident with it while we were on tour. I remember feeling quite weak being near the building.

We also went to the Manila Cathedral. Well outside though. And I just liked looking at the architectural structures of buildings in Intramuros. It has that old feel that you might feel that you are transported to another era.

I actually got home really late because of the tour. But it was lots of fun. You can avail of this tour with your friends so make sure to contact Center for Paranormal Studies so they can give you a proper schedule.

The only down side in the tour is that if you are in a very large group you might be able to experience a lot because you might be able to hear the tour guide well.

So I do have to go now thank you for reading! Make sure to check out Center for Paranormal Studies to know more about their tours and also future activities that they have. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

HOW TO: Get to Boboy's Iniwow!

I know most of you will ask WHERE IS BOBOY'S INIWOW LOCATED? (kelangan ganun para intense lol)

So here are some ways you can get to Boboy's Iniwow for the travelling foodie.


OPTION 1: I suggest you ride the Jeep with the signage Rosario/Citi bank/ De Castro. Make sure to tell the driver to drop you off at De Castro or to Jenny's. Next is to ride a G Liner or RRCG Bus with the signage TAYTAY/CAINTA. Tell the conductor to drop you off Brookside, the drop off point is exactly in front of CK Square. 

OPTION 2: From Aurora Blvd, ride the jeep with the signage JUNCTION. Make sure to ask the driver to drop you off at Junction then just walk to CK Square. 


Ride the same RRCG or G Liner Bus as mentioned earlier and make sure to be dropped off at Brookside. 

From what I remember the same RRCG Bus passes by Greenhills center and its route is going to Quiapo so if you are from Manila make sure to remember that. 

Now I have to eat because of all the food I see in front of my computer is making me hungry. 

I hope this post is helpful! Make sure to leave a comment if you have more options to go to CK Square. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

BEFORE YOU SHUN MEAT (this week) Try Boboy's Iniwow!

Since it will be Holy Monday tomorrow most of us that will be observing the lenten season will surely eat less or possibly not eat any meat at all but before you do that I have a place to recommend to you guys - Boboy's Iniwow!

This Family-owned business is a restaurant that offers Filipino favorites at affordable prices. With their first branch at CK Square in Cainta its really accessible to those coming from Antipolo to the residents of Cainta. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Love is in the air at Zoocobia

Valentines just rolled down so I was wondering what you guys did during the day of love? 

Me? well honestly I was just home - not because I am one of the bitter ones who did not have a date. I just did not have a date and the energy.

But I did go on a road trip with some of my blogger friends the day before Valentines and we went to Zoocobia in Pampanga!

Friday, February 5, 2016

(PR) Soar high with the FEELING

Can you feel the love tonight? If not, you’ve got to believe its magic and experience the most romantic pre-valentine event, Zoocobia’s “LOVE IS IN THE AIR” this Feb 13, in Clark, Pampanga. Be ready to be bitten by the love bug and set your heart for amazing activities, adventures, and surprises that will surely make this season of love extra special.

Couples, family and friends, get enthralled and prepare for a very infectious romantic atmosphere as we bring back the much awaited Sky Lantern Flight. Hundreds of wish lanterns are expected to be lighted up all together signifying that love conquers all, even the sky. Enjoy a night of fascinating show, the Night Owl Show featuring Animal Parade, Horses on Parade, Aeta’s Tribal Show, Neon Show (Philippine Pride and Adventure Rides, LED Dancers, Night Owl Dancers and Fireworks Display. 

Zoocobia is a fun and amusing zoo theme park that offers a variety of interesting and enjoyable activities and attractions including the first gravity car ride in the Philippines called the Zooc Ride. It is suitable for all ages and will surely give you a thrilling experience. Complete your adventure experience by trying Clarkzilla Adventure, the new adventure park beside Zoocobia. It offers new hear-stopping activities like 4X4 Ride, ATV Ride and Zipline. Other Zoocbia attractions also include the Maze, Zoocology Museum, The Barn, Giant Slides and Birds of Paradise, a close encounter with different colourful birds nestled on tree branches. 

So what are you waiting for? Set your schedule, pack your bag, have fun with your loved ones, and experience the best adventure activities this season of love.  

For inquiries, you may visit our website TAG Media and Public Relations is the marketing and branding arm of Zoomanity Group. For strategic planning, digital marketing, business development and media, please contact 09166299381 or send an email to

Much Love! 

xx Alice

(PR) Power of Three at Paradizoo

Experience one of the celebrated events in the field of agriculture as Paradizoo reveal the annual “Power of Three" (floral, vegetable and livestock festival). 

From January 9 to March 31 expand and relish your understanding towards agriculture as they will exhibit and display farm produce, orchids, bonsai, veggies and livestock. 

Be enthralled to variety of breathtaking floral designs, orchids and flower arrangement , opening of Bonsai at Eclectic Garden and Seminar with Atish during Flower Festival starting Jan 16 up to Feb 6. 

And since it's the love month they will have a Pre-Valentine's Day Special Event on the 13th of February. There will be briefings, discussions on rabbit breeding and egg production programs and also witness the amazing animal parade on March 26.

And on February 6 get a chance to listen and learn from Senator Cynthia Villar about Agriculture and Sustainability.  

So we are inviting everyone to join us!  

Located in Mendez, Cavite, Paradizoo is ideal for picnics, educational field trips, outdoor, family and group outing programs. It is an enchanting paradise with soothing beauty of its flora and fauna. Paradizoo is one of the theme parks under Zoomanity Group. 

Zoomanity Group operates 5 Theme Parks in the Philippines and 1 in Japan :Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zoocobia in Clark,Pampanga , Zoocolate Thrills in Bohol,Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite, Residence Inn in Tagaytay and Zootopia in Nagano, Japan. 

TAG Media and Public Relations is the Marketing & Branding arm of Zoomanity Group under Yupangco Group of Companies. For more information, please call or text: 09166299381.

Much Love! 

xx Alice
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