Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ghost Walk at Intramuros

If you guys know I am really interested in paranormal activities so when given the chance - I will take that chance!

And what better way to experience that is definitely in the walled city of Intramuros! The Ghost Walk/Tour was prepared by the Center for Paranormal Studies. And to be honest it was not my first time to do this with them since I was able to experience it before on a real house that has a lot of paranormal activities going on.

We basically went all over Intramuros and had a tour guide talk about all the historical facts that happened in the walled city.

The building you see on the picture above is the only structure in Intramuros that has not been renovated. I forgot the name of the structure but I remembered a specific incident with it while we were on tour. I remember feeling quite weak being near the building.

We also went to the Manila Cathedral. Well outside though. And I just liked looking at the architectural structures of buildings in Intramuros. It has that old feel that you might feel that you are transported to another era.

I actually got home really late because of the tour. But it was lots of fun. You can avail of this tour with your friends so make sure to contact Center for Paranormal Studies so they can give you a proper schedule.

The only down side in the tour is that if you are in a very large group you might be able to experience a lot because you might be able to hear the tour guide well.

So I do have to go now thank you for reading! Make sure to check out Center for Paranormal Studies to know more about their tours and also future activities that they have. 

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  1. This post gave me chills, I heard many stories behind in Intramuros.