Friday, June 17, 2016

Welcome to Space wars at Victoria Court!

For Star Wars fans, anything linked to this is the BOMB!

I have friends who would talk endlessly about star wars like there is no tomorrow so when I told them about Victoria Court's newest and most innovative suite they went off the roof.

Space Wars is a sci-fi inspired, hi-tech party suite that is completely designed front the ground up to feature a stunning spacecraft interior that is definitely instagram worthy.



From the spaceship cockpit with light switches to its custom designed infinity floor to the costumes and weapons that are readily available for its guests to fully be in the zone to play your favorite star wars character or re-enact that favorite scene it is available here.

 I definitely had my Jedi moment here with some of my blogger friends.

Its a 100 sqm floor area with innovative and superior hotel amenities that comes with a private garage that can be converted into a buffet and cocktail area for parties. Imagine having a star wars party here? It would definitely epic!

Speaking of the buffet, this also comes with a delightful array of space wars inspired menu options like the dark side burger, imperial pasta, trooper onigiri, space wars wrap, panatrooper and cocktails like the Jar Jar Drinks that compliments the whole experience in staying.

They also have other themed rooms like the Asgard Room for those who want to be transported to Thor's world and Christian Grey's suite complete with the Red Room of pain experience. And I've seen both rooms, and I love the Asgard because of something I will share to you on my vlog (to be uploaded soon!)

So for a truly out of this world experience, you can book the room by contacting Victoria Court through 0917-VCSERVE (0917-8273783) or you can send them an email at

You can also check out Victoria Court through their social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Much Love!

xx Alice

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