Tuesday, November 10, 2015

When in Subic.... eat at My Mommy's House of Kare Kare!

Subic Freeport is a melting pot of diverse people - both local and foreigners love visiting Subic Freeport not just for the outlet stores of our favorite brands but also the food - I basically grew up in Subic so you can say I can also mingle with the locals since I was born in Olongapo and went around the streets of Subic bay during Summer.
From Japanese, Korean to Indian food Subic has a lot to offer. But the best is still home cooked meals prepared by our Mommy. If craving for some you can have your home cooked meal by Mommy at My Mommy's House of Kare Kare.

Its quaint design brings a very homey feel to its customers that they keep coming back for more. You wouldn't actually notice My Mommy's House of Kare Kare because it is behind a huge track oval which serves as a venue for its citizens to run during the late afternoons and at night, but thankfully they have signage that tells you how to go to there.

And being known for their Kare Kare, My Mommy's House of Kare Kare brings you delicious Kare Kare that is so good that even without the preserved fish paste it still tastes great.

If craving Italian, My Mommy's House of Kare Kare also offers authentically made Pizza - all its ingredients are all from Italy to be true to its word and also cooked in an oven for that perfect bite.

One of the things I really love is when they are making the pizza they are actually making it in the store with fresh dough so you will be assured that the pizza is fresh and great tasting. 

Check out My Mommy's House of Kare Kare when you are in Subic.

Much Love!

xx Alice

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Be Like a Kpop Star at Leciel Hotel

Experience a top hotel stay like those in Gangnam with Leciel Hotel.

A couple of weeks ago, me and other bloggers came to Subic with The Big Difference Communications and JAB Hauz of Zen for Giro De Pilipinas. We initially stayed at Subic Bay Yacht Club - but that will be on another post. Then we stayed at Leciel Hotel.

With its goal to provide a swanky, irresistible vibe that makes its guest feel like a Kpop celebrity Leciel will be able to give you that without a hefty price. The whole facade of Leciel Hotel is very modern and actually looks like a condominium complex similar to the ones I see in Korean Dramas. 

With a wide variety of suites from 39 sq.m. rooms to their Presidential suites - you will think that you are in Gangnam with its one of a kind suites. We actually stayed at the Business class suite that has 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms and a small kitchen. One of the room has a big floor space that you can dance here! But of course I didn't do that because I was really tired from the day we had.

In terms of service they also provide high quality room and customer service in every inquiry. Amenities at Leciel Hotel also will make you love it more with its own spa service and sauna that are similar to the Jjimjilbangs of Korea. I wasn't able to try this, but I saw them and I was really surprised at how really nice they are. Can't wait to go back and try these for sure.

For more information or you would like to inquire about their services make sure to check Leciel Hotel on Facebook.

Much Love!

My Subic Yacht Club Experience

When I was younger, I remember always passing by Subic Bay Yacht Club to my cousin's house and wonder how it will feel like to stay there. 

Since I am born in Olongapo city, Its not really an option for me to stay at any hotel there because I have relatives that live there, but since I was there for work me, some bloggers and also JAB Hauz of Zen were lucky enough to stay for a night at Subic Bay Yacht Club. 

As being one of the most known places to stay in Subic Bay is probably Subic Bay Yacht Club.Just Located north west of Manila, Subic Bay Yacht Club over sees the Zambales Mountain Range in the east and the tranquil waters of Subic Bay that opens to the south China Sea on the west.

As one of its oldest and most renowned to all yacht owners who dock at Subic Bay - staying at the luxurious Subic Bay Yacht Club makes not just your yacht but you feel pampered. With its one of a kind service to its members, you would wish to be part of the members allowed to stay here. 

So being able to stay here is like heaven to be honest. Their beds are so comfy and also the rooms are really spacious that I actually did a somersault when we got there. Yeah I'm weird so don't judge me. 

It is indeed a perfect paradise with its safe harbor, elegant design and warm hospitality. They would actually remind you of being in one of the hotels in Cannes according to my friend Alex since he travels a lot more than I do abroad. The design of the whole Yacht Club itself is very European-inspired with its high ceiling facade and floor to ceiling doors.

To be honest I really feel Subic Bay Yacht Club really does live up to its tag line which is Experience us, Experience Subic Bay Yacht Club. Because they really make their guests feel that they are not just staying at a regular hotel but on a whole different level. 

For more information, You can check out Subic Bay Yacht Club on their Social Networking accounts to know more about them. 

Much Love! 

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