Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dinner at Happy 6 days Korean Restaurant

Last Friday night, I was able to have dinner with my friends at a restaurant here in Ortigas called Happy 6 Days. This is a Korean restaurant that serves authentic Korean food. 

I had been here a couple of times but I am just able to blog about this today since I wanted to see the consistency of the taste of their food and also the service. I love Korean food ever since I got introduced to it. I particularly love Ttokbokki!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Food Finds: Toasted Siopao

Hello ladies! I am back with another food find! 

If you live within Teacher's Village, you would probably know this place already. Last Sunday, my friend's Grandmother offered us this small bread that actually looks like siopao but its brown in color. 

it was actually called toasted siopao. 

I was surprised since I haven't tasted one and when I did, it tastes so different compared to the original siopao. 

Siopao or steamed bun is white in appearance and its quite fluffy which is its distinct trademark. 

This is what a toasted siopao looks like on the outside, You can definitely see that it has that bun shape but its brown in color with come dark contrasts.

It contains meat and a slice of egg on the inside. There isn't a special sauce that would be given to you to add with the toasted siopao since the filling inside has sauce which is savory. 

One thing that I like about this is two or three of these would make you full already so if you are watching your weight, you can eat this without the guilt. 

I would just like to remind you that eating too much is unhealthy so make sure to watch what you eat. 

My mom and my nephew actually likes this so I'm planning on buying again next time when I go to my friend's house. 

You can buy this at TatyStar Bakery located at Madasalin St., Teacher's Village in Quezon City. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Yakult: Another Definite Reminder of my younger days

When I was younger, Yakult is actually the drink that I have whenever I want something for my tummy. 

I have been drinking Yakult for a very long time and I think this has that nostalgic feel to it because it brings back lots of memories of my childhood. 

One such memory I have of it is when me and my family would go to Uniwide which was in Libis back then, and we would buy not one but 3 packs of these and drink it on our way home. As being the youngest, My older brothers would snatch my stash of Yakult on the way home and they would drink mine. I would eventually cry and whine but then they would give me two from their stash as a 'I'm sorry'. My brothers do that as a form of love - I know its weird.

The taste is quite sweet but not something that will overwhelm your taste buds. It is  mild and great when you put it in the freezer to refresh yourself on a hot day.

It is recommended to drink Yakult only once a day since it has live microorganisms. And too much of something is definitely bad for you.

I definitely love drinking Yakult during lunch time since its so hot and usually I drink it on my way to work to ward off the bad vibes that will come in the day. Trust me even if how much I love my work, there are still times I will have the urgency to smash... HULK mode lang teh? LOL

But anyway I really recommend Yakult for everyone for a great tummy.

Yakult is retailed at around 40 PHP per pack and around 8php to 11php for only 1 bottle.You can buy this at any supermarket and stores nationwide.

What is your fondest memory with Yakult?

Let me know on the comment box.

Much Love!

xx Alice

Monday, October 8, 2012

Indulgence Item of the week: KFC Krushers Coffee Jelly

Hello ladies! I am back with another indulgent item of the week! 

I like to indulge with little stuff because I believe taking advantage of little simple joys is like wasting your life. That is why I do enjoy everything even food and drinks! 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Food Finds under 50php: Midnight Hunger Pangs+Mang juan pancit in Tuyo and Kalamansi???

Hello ladies! I am back with another food find! 

I usually get hunger pangs in the middle of the night whenever I shoot new videos or edit new videos and photos for my lovelies ^^, luckily there is a lot of convenience stores in our neighborhood that I can go to in case I get hungry.