Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dinner at Happy 6 days Korean Restaurant

Last Friday night, I was able to have dinner with my friends at a restaurant here in Ortigas called Happy 6 Days. This is a Korean restaurant that serves authentic Korean food. 

I had been here a couple of times but I am just able to blog about this today since I wanted to see the consistency of the taste of their food and also the service. I love Korean food ever since I got introduced to it. I particularly love Ttokbokki!

The food prices range from 100 pesos to around 1000 pesos. The high priced meal that they serve is actually a shareable meal which is the grilled duck. Almost all meals served in Happy 6 Days are big portioned meals so you can share it with your friends. 

And also in every table you will be given a banchan or the sidedish of the day. The ones that we got are potato and napa cabbage kimchi and complimentary barley tea. 

The only problem with this restaurant is the time that you have to wait till your food is served. Of course given the 20 minutes time to wait for our meal, we actually waited for another 20 minutes for our meal to arrive. But trust me the wait is worth it with this restaurant.


We actually had a couple of orders of banchan while waiting for our food. We ordered Kimbap, Japchae, and Tteokbokki!

Meet my friends! This is a stolen shot because we got tired of waiting and just started to play with our gadgets kkkk...

Here is the Kimbap and Ttokbokki! Their ttokbokki is actually filled with veggies such as green bell pepper, cabbage and other stuff. The Kimbap that we ordered is also really nice since the taste is just like what I remember it would be. ^^,

The last food that came to our table is the Japchae. I really loved the taste of this one since its not too sweet unlike other restaurants would serve. And can you believe the size of this? There was only me and my friends and at the end of our meal I was stuffed.

I would really recommend Happy 6 Days restaurant to everyone to visit. This is located at Escriva Drive which is at the back of UA&P.

I'll definitely come back for more of their Japchae!

Have fun eating ! Let me know if you have eaten here! :)

Much Love!

xx Alice


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