Friday, November 9, 2012

Night out with my friends at Penpen's

Having a night out with my friends is a bit of a luxury if you ask me since I don't go out a lot. I may look like I party a lot but in reality I don't go out a lot since I was raised that way. 

I was really glad I was able to have a night out with my friends a week ago and we tried to check out PenPen's in Cubao Expo. I remember the last time I was in Cubao Expo PenPen's was not there yet. I think that was around a year ago if my memory serves me right. 

Penpen's is a restaurant owned by actor Pen Medina. I haven't met the guy personally, but from the stories I heard from my friends who are in the film and theater they said he is a nice guy. 

Penpen specializes in Filipino cuisines which is really cool since there are not a lot of Filipino restaurants in the market. They had a pasta all you can promo a couple of months back, unfortunately I wasn't able to try them. 

Their interior is very simple but you'll notice that their pillar has posters of old Filipino movies. Some of the posters were actually produced around 70's and 80's. I didn't spot any 90's film unfortunately. 

I felt a bit nostalgic looking at them because I was able to watch some of them, especially Oro, Plata, Mata which I watched 5 times when I was in Highschool. I'm a movie junkie so old film are one of my weaknesses.

When we got there at around 8pm or 9pm the place was packed with people in red shirts. There was I think a basketball game that day so most of their customers then came from Araneta Coliseum. Most of their regulars are college students since the prices of their food are cheap. You can say around 70php up till 300 php which is definitely a great score for college students that frequently go out.

But we weren't able to eat there since it was almost closing, we only tried their alcoholic drink called Malanding Margarita. I was quite curious with the name actually because why would you call a margarita malandi in the first place. Malandi in English is a flirt so meaning this margarita is a flirty one?

napaisip lang 

Malanding margarita consists of Triple Sec, Rhum, Gin, Tequila, and some fruit juices. Its a definite ladies drink although it does contain high proof alcohol the taste of the juice over empowers it. There are also other drinks such as the Asiong Salonga and other drinks.

We also ordered their Gabi chips which is around 70 php. We didn't order any other pulutan since I think the place was closing already when we got there. The chips were cut like the ones from Piatos but the taste is quite different. I like the taste but for some reason its not that crunchy as I like my chips to me.

Over all I liked our little night cap at Penpen's. I think I will definitely be back for more of their dishes instead so watch out for that.

Have you tried Penpen's before? What is your favorite dish from them?

Let me know on the comment box below!

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