Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Afternoon Thirst Quenchers

On afternoons such as this one I really feel the urge to drink something cold even if I'm having a cold. Don't get me wrong, I know its bad to drink cold stuff when your sick but based on my experience its more of an indulgence since you can't have these everyday. 

First on my afternoon thirst quencher is Buko Shake (see picture above) 

Buko or coconut water has become a popular drink because its sweet even without sugar. I have been a coconut water drinker ever since I was a kid since my dad loves them. Buko is also known to keep the body cool and raises your metabolism to promote weight loss. 

But ever since the hype about this drink, there had been variations like buko shake. I like my buko shake with milk only - no added sugar since milk also has its sweeteners added to the coconut water and coconut bits. 

You can actually buy buko shake anywhere at affordable prices. I suggest you buy one from Buko Express or Buko Republic. But if there is none in your area you can also go for Fruitas. 

If you are not a coconut water person, you can go for tea! Iced tea for the least. Ever since my call center days I have been loving Lipton's Green Tea Japanese Tea and Lemon drink which is really nice and mild.

Trust me on this - This drink is a lifesaver if you are on the verge of screaming your guts out, drink this instead and you will feel much better. This is also really cheap since its around 20 - 25php on Ministop and other stores.

If you are out and about and you need to cool down, try this two drinks so your day will be okay.

That rhymed didn't it? haha! but I hope you got what I was talking about.

What is your hot afternoon thirst quenching drink? I would love to know your favorites.

Much Love!

xx Alice


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