Sunday, July 26, 2015

Food options at Chateau Hestia: Dinner Menu

And now my friends we have come to the part 99.9% of the time I would wish to be transported back where I ate because I want the experience to be as authentic and as unbiased as possible - The food! 

Chateau Hestia's food is more aligned to German cuisines due to its founder and owner. German food are traditionally rich and hearty. German food also incorporate potatoes and sauerkraut in their dishes.

I am really honored to meet the chef which is Ms. Natalia Moran that talked about the different dishes they serve their customers. 

One cool thing about Chateau Hestia's restaurant is they have a set menu to offer for those that have just visited Chateau Hestia for the first time. And also their set menu changes every month. 

Another thing that I discovered is that Chateau Hestia's goal is to serve the freshest food to its customers, or what we can call a farm to table setting since Chateau Hestia is surrounded by independently owned farms such as Malipayo Farms and they also grow some of the herbs used in Chateau Hestia's backyard you can expect that the produce is really fresh. 

This is going to be one of the longest food post I've written and there is sure going to be a LOT of food shots so I am warning you as soon as now - get a bag of pop corn! haha!
When we arrived at Chateau Hestia, we were served the set menu  

Chateau Hestia actually offers a different set menus every month. 


They also have a special cheese platter that showcases different kinds of cheeses from the tart to sweet kinds. 

They also served different kinds of bread that are all freshly made at Chateau Hestia. The Malunggay pesto that was served on the side isn't really my favorite because I expected it would taste like the regular kind - but it was very bitter for my liking. 

While munching on some bread, we were served with the thick and hearty squash soup.  This kind of soup would remind you of chilly days that you would just like to spend on your bed all day. 

This tasted great and its a great starter for you meal. 

There was actually two options for our main course and I chose the braised Lamb ravioli with mint sauce, feta cheese and tomato lamb au jus. the ravioli actually is thick for my liking but the lamb was really nice and soft to chew. The sauce was thick and has a deep flavor.

For Dessert we had Apple Streudel. I remember my friend once told me that a Streudel is similar to a pie, but honestly I don't know the difference is that the streudel does not overwhelm the palette with its sweetness. 

Okay guys I will have to cut this article for now because if I continue with every thing that I've tried at Chateau Hestia you might hate me for killing you diet. LOL!

watch out for the next post that will be about the breakfast and lunch options. 

Much Love!  

xx Alice

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Quick Getaway From the City At Chateau Hestia: The Place

Hey guys! I am back with a new post about Chateau Hestia. 

This time it will be all about the rooms you can choose to stay and also what activities are in store for you at Chateau Hestia. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quick Getaway From the City At Chateau Hestia: The Stay

Hey Guys! 

The weather nowadays is giving me the vibe to just go to bed and rest all day. And usually with my packed schedule sleep has become a luxury so I am very thankful to be part of the group of bloggers that were invited to experience Chateau Hestia last May 10 and 11 for an overnight stay.

This will be a 3 part series. So today's post will be all about my experience. 

Founded by Austrian national, Johannes Zehethofer in 2008, Chateau Hestia is a haven for those that are looking for some rest, relaxation and privacy without going far from the city. Located at Silang, Cavite and is off the beaten track, it gives the place a much sought after look because it would make you think that you are far from civilization with its surroundings. 

There are actually different rooms that are unique and will transport you to a different place once you enter.

I was really lucky to stay at Sampaguita Casita which has a jacuzzi! 

the room has no air conditioning but because of the trees that surrounds the casita and also the roof made out of Anahaw leaves, you won't have to worry about the heat. 


It has a very old yet modern but homey feel to it which is really nice because you will feel at home easily here. 

The bed in our room is a four poster bed that reminds me a bit of the old beds from the Spanish era. 
The bed was super comfortable that all I wanted to do is lay there and let time pass. 

Yes I just want to do this with the bed all day! Don't Judge me!!

The only problem though is that they don't have a clear 3G connection which is hard pertaining that I kinda live online 24/7. Its a little thing I will forget if the return is a soft bed that I wish I can take home. 

Over all my experience staying at the Sampaguita Casita was A-MA-ZING. I would definitely recommend this room to stay in when you book your stay at Chateau Hestia. 

Speaking of booking, You can book a room thru their website 

Check out the part 2 which is all about the other rooms and also a whole tour of Chateau Hestia and their rates. 

Much Love!

xx Alice

Breezy Dining Experience at Cafe Naya at the Palace

Hey guys! 

So far I have been dining out A LOT and the same old thing can be tiring so trying out something new is great. And I'm so thankful to try out Cafe Naya which is located at The Palace in Uptown BGC. 




The whole ambiance of the restaurant is like you went on a cruise. It also has an over looking view of Palace Pool club so this can be a great place to hang out with your friends after taking a dip at Palace Pool Club or after a night of partying at Valkyrie. 

Most of the dishes they serve are an array of Modern Mediterranean cuisines with a fusion twist. Here are some of my recommendations for you. 

For starters, you can try Uni and Ricotta. Its a fusion between the Italian Ricotta cheese with the Japanese Uni. Its very creamy and sweet but doesn't overpower the Uni. 

Warm Camembert. 

It has crisp bacon, Apples, and Camembert. I can only describe it in three words : Sweet, Tangy and Crunchy. This dish has a unique flavor that will intrigue you in trying it more. 

Fried Oysters. 

The batter didn't dried out the freshness of the oysters. I love this dish although I rarely eat oyster. 

Spicy Tako and Scallop Roll 

Its very chewy but has a kick because of the sriracha mixed with the seafood. Definite A+ for me! 

Now let's move on to the Main Courses. 

Pulled Duck Confit. 

This dish is actually the one that me and the others like because its very creamy and the pasta was Al Dente! Its a savory dish and quite honestly it reminds me a bit of home. 

Photo from Cafe Naya

24 hr Short ribs

When I first saw this I was like "gimme that short rib!" because of the name I got curious more and at the first chew it was like perfection. But then I realized something ITS A MEDIUM RARE! I'm not really into meat that were cooked at that temperature but I was surprised at how soft and easy to chew it is that I can't help coming back for seconds. 

The secret is basically they cooked the short ribs at a certain temperature for 24 hours to retrain some of its juices. 

A meat lover's delight this can be. 

And now for desert. 

Photo from Cafe Naya

Yoghurt Panna cotta

This sweet treat has caramelized pineapple to give it a little tangy twist. Its sweet but very light. 

There are actually a lot more food you can check out at Cafe Naya so make sure to drop by the Palace at Uptown BGC. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Monday, July 20, 2015

Japanese Food At Tenya

Growing up eating a lot of Japanese Food, I've already become accustomed with the ever evolving style of food being offered at Japanese restaurants. From the Traditional sashimi to udons, Japanese food is a part of my life ever since I was young. 

So when Tenya opened its stores in Mega Mall then now at BGC Stop over, I can't help but feel giddy because a lot of my friends and relatives in Japan have been telling me about Tenya in a long time.


Tenya is known for their Tendon! What is a tendon? 

A tendon is basically a portmanteau of Tempura and Donburi. This is a common dish at Asakusa, Japan thus making it a big thing there. 

They also have tempura baskets if you are into that. And they also have a wide array of other Japanese side dishes to make you dining pleasure much better. 

 One of the coolest things here at Tenya is they serve you an unlimited amount of tea in between meals because tea is a good way to make your stomach calm for the next bite. 

Now let's talk about the food!


1. Chicken Karaage. 

Chicken Kaarage is actually a whole food by itself and you are done! I absolutely love how the chicken pieces are bite sized and they have a proper proportion of meat and the batter. We were also given some of what I can say is the best cooked Crab stick because they were still fresh and the batter to meat ratio is just enough which still keeps the meat fresh and nice to chew. 

 And for the main entree I got the All Star Tendon which is one of their best sellers. It has Black Tiger Prawn, Salmon, squid, Kani stick, Green beans and mushroom with a side of miso soup. 

You basically have the best of everything from Tenya as you can get to enjoy seafood and veggies at the same time. 

Japanese have a7 distinti way of how they cook Tempura which is to have the best ingredients to have the best meal to serve. Tenya didn't let me down on this. 

And for dessert we had a Japanese Ice cream that is only offered at Tenya. 

Its tangy and makes my taste buds dance when I tried this. I absolutely love it!

Overall, My experience at Tenya is definitely worth trying out again. Make sure to check out Tenya at Megamall and at BGC Stop Over. 

Much Love!

xx Alice 

Enjoy the weekend with your family at Amber Trail Water Park!

I remember when I was younger, the last week of Summer is something that I dread because after that week I can't go out of town anymore with my family. If only I was able to discover this sooner all those last week of Summer would not be dreadful. I'm talking about Amber Trail Water Park in Pampanga! 

Just located along San Pablo, Mexico, Pampanga Amber Trail Water Park is just 15 minutes away from SM San Fernando. 

This water park is not just perfect for family outings but also team outings because it has a water basketball court, water volleyball court and 5 pools which everyone can use to what activity they want to do.

The whole water park has a pre-historic / jungle theme to it that would appeal to kids a lot.

One of the things I do love about this water park is their giant slide. I will admit that although I am terrified of heights I won't say no to some slide action. It was really fun but it almost killed me - due to my inexperienced nature with using tubes.

And if you look closely, the slides look like snakes which actually looks creepy at night haha!

There are units you can rent out which is great because you don't have to worry about leaving your stuff near the pool area.

One of the things that is needed to be checked on the room is if possible there can be 2 bathroom so when you are washing up there won't be a queue. The design of the villa is fit for families but its somewhere you can drop off your stuff then go swimming.

We also had a special treat when we were taught how to cook tocino the Pampanga way. I never really thought there was a better way than what I knew.

Overall my experience was great and I was also able to spend time with my new friends and learn also from them. Definitely check out Amber Trail Water Park!

Much Love!

xx Alice 
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