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Quick Getaway From the City At Chateau Hestia: The Place

Hey guys! I am back with a new post about Chateau Hestia. 

This time it will be all about the rooms you can choose to stay and also what activities are in store for you at Chateau Hestia. 

Chateau Hestia currently has 7 rooms you can choose to stay over night or for a couple of days. Each room has its own beauty. Here are the rooms that we were toured in. 

The first room that was showed to us was the loft cottage. And unfortunately I lost my pictures to that cottage. But if you want to check it out you can check but as to what I've seen this can be a perfect haven for the backpacker who wants a comfort of a royalty. It has a Queen size bed and also the whole room is decorated with pieces from the Biedermeier Era of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchies. The rate to stay at this room is good for 2 persons which includes a breakfast for 3,500 pesos. 

The next one is the Suite Cottage. Unfortunately we were not given the chance to see the room that day because there was a couple that rented the place. But from the pictures in the website, I can honestly say this is the type that would be great for couples and families alike because its spacious and also has the best of both the Philippines and Europe to show in terms of its interior design. This suite can accommodate up to 5 persons with its King size bed, big living room with a steam bath and also includes breakfast for 5,400 pesos. 

Next is the room that I stayed in - Sampaguita Casita. This plush casita has a king size canopied 4 poster bed, a cozy alcove which can double as an extra bed. 

It has a Jacuzzi and a mini garden so while you are enjoying a dip you are surrounded by nature to relax. You can rent this room for 5,950 pesos which includes everything I've mentioned and also a breakfast. 

Next is the Capiz Casita. This is the room I can recommend for the girls because of its Tuscan bed and modern shower and steam bath. 

It also has large bay windows where you can just sit with your friends and chill. It also has a pocket garden that can be a great relaxation tool for the stressed mind. This casita is good for 2 to 3 persons for 5,150 pesos. 

Then off to the Bamboo Casita. This room was where the majority of the guys in our group stayed. Once you stepped in this casita you will be welcomed by the bamboo floor which give a very rustic and rural feel to this casita. For 4,850 pesos this is great for 2 persons. 

And now lets go to Casa Carmen and the Garden Cottage. 

Casa Carmen and the Garden Cottage are separated from the rest of the other cottages because they have an amazing over looking view of nature. 

Casa Carmen has a Filipino Heritage house theme that will make you think that you are in an ancestral house. 

This is actually what Chateau Hestia would recommend for 4 people and also honeymooners because it has a very romantic set up and if you want to dine under tihe gazebo they have one set up for you upon request. 

Casa Carmen's rate is 8,000 pesos which includes all the things I've mentioned and also this has its own kitchen!. 

The Garden Cottage can basically explain itself with its name. Its perched on a second level which also gives you an amazing over looking view and the peace and relaxation you would need.

 The rate for Garden Cottage is 5,000 pesos which is good for 2 persons.

This cottage is really quaint that it can be a good place to stay for those that are looking for a hideaway while working on a project or your next book.

The garden cottage and Casa Carmen are in between the very beautiful Gazebo that you can request to use if you are planning a romantic dinner or a private function.

Speaking of private function, There is also a function hall just above Chateau Hestia's restaurant which has a 100 person seating capacity. You can host a variety of events at the function room like wedding receptions, birthday celebrations and many more.

It gives a very personal touch when you are in a place like Chateau Hestia. I would really like you guys to try it out for yourselves.

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Much Love!

xx Alice


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