Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Perfect Omiyage: Hattendo Japanese Chilled Cream Bun

Growing up knowing the Japanese culture, I know how small family businesses tend to stick to the traditional way of preparing their items in which it also instills to the consumer that there is definitely a personal touch to the items they bought. 

That is what Hattendo is known for. Although they are new to the Asian market they are backed up with around 80 years of experience in bringing high quality chilled cream buns to the consumer. 

Hattendo is named after a small shrine in Hiroshima, Japan. And the English translation of their name is unlimited prosperity.  

Hattendo is mainly known as the perfect "omiyage" or gifts according to my relatives in Japan because its perfect for your loved ones to enjoy on any season. 

And I am so happy that Hattendo is now in the Philippines! 

Hattendo Philippines currently has two main stores: one on the 2nd Floor of Mega mall's Fashion hall and the next at the South entrance of Mall of Asia. They also have a pop up store every Friday to Sunday at Rockwell Power plant mall. 

Instilling tradition, great taste and safe food for their customers, all chilled cream buns are done by hand inside the Hattendo factory in Hiroshima, Japan. They are sent here  exclusively to C3 Premium Partnerships, Inc. which me and some selected bloggers were honored to meet and ask some questions to them. 

They mainly talked about how the buns are made in Japan and also shared their experience in seeing first hand how its made and how meticulous each bun is made. We were also very lucky to try these chilled cream buns for ourselves and bring some home for our families. 

I'll be doing a second part about each flavor of the Hattendo Chilled Cream Buns on this blog and which ones are my top favorites.

Have you tried Hattendo? Let me know which is your favorite flavor on the comments section! 

Much Love! 
xx Alice