Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Moonleaf is Love! ^_^

Last Friday, Me and my officemates went out to eat after work and we decided to go to Il Mercanti. 

Il Mercanti actually serves food that is just delicious and also fit for our budget.
And when we were there, I was able to get my Moonleaf fix.

Moonleaf is a tea shop that I actually discovered when I got bored one afternoon and started strolling in our neighborhood and to Teacher's Village.

Moonleaf according to their website is a tea shop offering freshly-brewed tea mixed into a variety of delicious and refreshing concoctions in which milk tea being their popular offer.  If you are a certified foodie that lives in QC, you would know that Maginhawa St. in Teacher's Village is a way to go if you want to eat good food without burning thousands of pesos. And I am serious with that :D 

And I remembered I first tasted it I was a bit not sure if this will taste good since most milk tea out there usually taste just like tea and doesn't have a hint of tea in it - confusing I know. So when I first bought it I tried their best seller which is wintermelon tea to know if it really taste great. And I was quite shocked that IT IS GOOD.

The drinks actually range from 45 PHP to 75 PHP which is really nice. If you want add ons like pearls or aloe vera you can just add 10 PHP.

If you want to know more about Moonleaf tea and their drinks visit their Facebook Page here.

Have you tried Moonleaf tea? What is your favorite flavor? let me know on the comment box below and I'll talk to you soon!

Much Love!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Food Finds: Fudgee Barr!!!

Here's another food find!

I know I am breaking my diet with these but they are so yummy!

I think I started liking fudgee barr when my friend gave me one back in college.

Yes seriously that is how it is spelled. Its a cake bar that has a filling. There are I think several variants but their most popular are chocolate, custard, vanilla and mocha.

The price may vary from store to store but it would be from 6.00 PHP to 8.00 PHP per piece, but if you buy a pack of 10 it would be 50+ pesos. This is best paired with coffee or hot coco and also great to be shared, especially if you are on a diet LOL. 

Mostly you can purchase them from any store either individually on in a pack of 10. Mostly I would buy only  half a pack since I would store them in my station at work in case I get hungry or when I need a jolt of energy. I know its bad since it shoots up your sugar level fast and it would also plummet down real fast so I suggest you move at least 10 minutes after munching this down. Seriously I've done it before and I felt horrible after wards.

I hope you liked this post. I will have more food finds for the sweet tooth next time.

Much Love!

-- Alice 

Food Finds: Rice Paper Wraps or Wollamsam

Hello ladies!

Its 2:52 AM and I am blogging. Yes I get more comfortable when it is so quite since my brain can only work this way when I am blogging.

Remember my Sonamoo mart post and the stuff I bought there, if not please check it our here. Okay so lets talk about the food that I got from Sonamoo. I basically got fermented soy paste which I haven't finished, then I also got rice paper and the rice paper sauce. And that is our topic for today.

Rice paper wraps or Korean spring rolls are commonly called Wollamsam in Korea. There is also a Vietnamese version of this but I forgot what it is called. So basically what you do is you dip the rice paper wrap in hot water, and ones that its a bit soft you put your desired toppings. You can go all meat or all veggie or basically a mix of any ingredient you want. There are lots of possibilities with this meal so if your a little adventurous you will like this.

Then after putting your toppings, you will have to wrap it then dip it in the special sauce. I've tried researching if you can make your own but unfortunately I wasn't able to find anything :(

Sorry I won't be able to show the finished product since mostly when I make these they go out in seconds. LITTERALLY. My mom really likes these even if it is a little spicy, she likes it because you can use any vegetables that you like.

If you are wondering what vegetables you can start with you can try with these:

- Lettuce
- Chinese Cabbage
- Carrots
- Cucumbers
- Red and Green Bell Peppers

For meat choices you can start with these:

- Lean beef strips
- Shredded Chicken Breasts
- Hotdogs

The list is actually endless if you want to try different variants.

Have you tried Wollamsam?

Let me know on the comment box :)

Much Love!

-- Alice

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guess what I got at the mail ^_^

Last June 27, my mom woke me up since I had a package I have to receive. Its pretty weird since I wasn't expecting anything. So when I received this I was a bit surprised since its the limited edition yellow fin tuna fillet from San Marino!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Food Finds: Sonamoo Mart!

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting food blogs. I promise I'll post more soon! 

For today's post I will be featuring the Korean store I mostly go to.

Sonamoo Mart! 

I first went to this store when my office mate needed to buy some food because she was craving Korean food. And since there has been a lot of Koreans here in Ortigas these Korean stores have been popping up as well. Like most stores, Sonamoo has a variety of items to sell like make up, kitchen ware, homemade food and of course lots of kimchi! There is a difference between the store made one to the one that they import straight from Korea.

I only bought a few items in which part of them were the banana juice and the cheese cake I'm holding right here. The cheese cake was fluffy and moist but not that sweet unlike the ones available here. Its retailed for 72 PHP. Its pretty tasty with the banana juice (not in the picture)

If you wants to buy some Korean food you can drop by Sonamoo Mart. 

Sonamoo Mart is located at Centerpoint Bldg., Garnet Rd. Cor Julia Vargas Ortigas Center, Pasig City. 

Much Love! 

-- Alice