Sunday, July 8, 2012

Food Finds: Rice Paper Wraps or Wollamsam

Hello ladies!

Its 2:52 AM and I am blogging. Yes I get more comfortable when it is so quite since my brain can only work this way when I am blogging.

Remember my Sonamoo mart post and the stuff I bought there, if not please check it our here. Okay so lets talk about the food that I got from Sonamoo. I basically got fermented soy paste which I haven't finished, then I also got rice paper and the rice paper sauce. And that is our topic for today.

Rice paper wraps or Korean spring rolls are commonly called Wollamsam in Korea. There is also a Vietnamese version of this but I forgot what it is called. So basically what you do is you dip the rice paper wrap in hot water, and ones that its a bit soft you put your desired toppings. You can go all meat or all veggie or basically a mix of any ingredient you want. There are lots of possibilities with this meal so if your a little adventurous you will like this.

Then after putting your toppings, you will have to wrap it then dip it in the special sauce. I've tried researching if you can make your own but unfortunately I wasn't able to find anything :(

Sorry I won't be able to show the finished product since mostly when I make these they go out in seconds. LITTERALLY. My mom really likes these even if it is a little spicy, she likes it because you can use any vegetables that you like.

If you are wondering what vegetables you can start with you can try with these:

- Lettuce
- Chinese Cabbage
- Carrots
- Cucumbers
- Red and Green Bell Peppers

For meat choices you can start with these:

- Lean beef strips
- Shredded Chicken Breasts
- Hotdogs

The list is actually endless if you want to try different variants.

Have you tried Wollamsam?

Let me know on the comment box :)

Much Love!

-- Alice


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