Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guess what I got at the mail ^_^

Last June 27, my mom woke me up since I had a package I have to receive. Its pretty weird since I wasn't expecting anything. So when I received this I was a bit surprised since its the limited edition yellow fin tuna fillet from San Marino!

I was expecting this to come around the first week of July but it came sooner as expected which was great. I got two cans of the original and two cans of the Spanish style. I've already tasted them and both are great since they have olive oil which I really really love.

Let me give you a little insight what is the limited edition all about

San Marino, the country's number one corned tuna brand, recently launched the premium San Marino Limited Edition Gift Set. Elegantly-packaged, this product is the perfect hearty gift for our loved ones. Each gift set contains four cans of San Marino Yellowfin tuna fillet in Olive Oil 180g which is rich in Omega-3. Spread love by sharing prime cuts of Yellofin Tuna fillet, one of the most premium types of tuna, packed in pure olive oil to your family and friends. San Marino Limited Edition Gift Set is available in selected supermarkets for only 320.00 per set. 

For more information visit for the list of supermarkets where you can buy this limited edition gift. 

I really like this gift set because its yummy and healthy also. Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture of what it looks like but I can tell you that the San Marino Limited Edition Gift Set is a good gift idea for your health conscious friends.

I've added this to my salad since I am mostly eating greens and fruits because of my diet.

I hope you grab one now since its limited edition.

I'll try to buy one soon since mine have already been eaten by everyone here at home. And surprisingly, they all love it! especially my niece and my nephew.

Thank you again San Marino for this wonderful gift!

Much Love!

-- Alice 


  1. may nareceive din akong ganyan :)
    sobrang sarap grabe!!

    1. I know right? Its soo yummy! I will definitely buy one again :)