Sunday, December 17, 2017

Making every Christmas Celebration better with Bai's Boneless Lechon

In December 2014, Robert Dexter Ding started a small business, hopped on a motorcycle to deliver Cebu lechon porchetta to pork lovers in Metro Manila in order to help pay for the hospital bills of his father who had been confined for almost a year.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mayon Planetarium and Skyline

Do you want to see Mayon Volcano closer than what the postcard pictures give you? You can actually! 

I was really surprised that there was a planetarium about halfway to Mayon Volcano. It quite fascinating and also they have a skyline deck you can have picnics with your family. 

The Planetarium wasn't like how I would expect it to be. There wasn't really a big telescope there to check the stars and we were day during the daytime so we were allowed to watch a documentary about Mayon Volcano which fascinated me a lot because of how active it was. 

Mayon Skyline is a relatively new attraction but its so amazing to see. 

We did some photo shoots in the marker which I won't show you because the pictures I got are so embarrassing I can't even think of posting them! 

But quite honestly if you will be visiting Mayon Skyline make sure to bring your closest friends because its really fun to just chill here and also you have a closer view of Mayon Volcano. Its so beautiful up close although we weren't given the opportunity to see the top closer. 

But it was really fun. 

I still have tons of posts to share to you guys so make sure to check back ok? 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Yummy lunch at Kuyang's

One of the places we ate during our day tour was Kuyang's in Ligao. 

The whole place reminds me of a family restaurant in Manila which I will not name here because there are lots that I absolutely love. 

Kuyang's also offers catering services and most of their cuisine is Filipino and International cuisine based. Here are my favorites. 

Szechuan chicken. 

Its a bit on the savory and spicy side but still great on the palette. Great to share with friends and family for sure. 

Another thing I want to recommend is Kuyang's Chicken. Its actually a specialty they have so make sure to order this! Is sweet and savory and I love it! 

Honestly if I make this post reeeeeaaaaaallllllyyyyy long I might eat my own stash right now. And your girl is not financially for that so yeah. 

I promise to make it up on my other posts! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

A Visit at Cagsawa Ruins

Another part of our tour in Albay was to visit Cagsawa Ruins. 

Its definitely a MUST. 

But I do have to tell you that its best to visit Cagsawa Ruins before noon to at least get a glimpse of Mayon Volcano to add to your pictures. We weren't so lucky though since it was about noon time when we got there so there were cloud formations so yeah. Not really something I will suggest if you want that post card picture effect. 

You can also go around the ruins and just explore but since there were a lot of people when we got there, peace and serenity wasn't really present. 

I still loved it though because FINALLY I SAW THIS PLACE IRL. 

I still have a bunch of posts about Albay so make sure to check back for more! 

Much Love!

xx Alice

Trying out new food! 1st Colonial Grill in Albay!

Touring around Albay will make you hungry. Like REALLY hungry. 

With additional of the heat from the sun which made us crave ice cream so we went to 1st Colonial Grill! 

Me and the group tried out a bunch of ice cream so here are some of the notable ones. 

Tinutungang Bigkas. 

This is really creamy and also nice to the palette. I actually prefer this one aside from the rest because its just something that reminds me of when I was younger.

We also tried level 1 and 2 of the Sili Ice Cream. 

Level 1 was okay but level 2 kind of tipped me off the wrong way. It would start as sweet and creamy but then the spiciness will just punch you right in the throat but it would go away after a few minutes. It wasn't like when I eat a real chili but it was close to it. 

We also tried some kalamansi ice cream which was amusing to the tastebuds because its not as sour as I expected it to be. It was actually a WTH kind of taste until now I can't even decipher what it is. 

It is something to try out nonetheless. 

I will recommend you guys to try these out at 1st colonial grill if you are in Albay because its an experience to definitely try, 

Much Love!

xx Alice

Your Perfect Destination: Visiting Lignon Hill in Albay

Want to have a 360 view of Albay? Check out Lignon hill! 

Besides from the amazing view of Mayon (which I know you want to see too) There are also other activities in here! 

There are zip line, air bicycle and other stuff you can do. 

Overall I just loved this place because you can either chill and enjoy the view OR experience extreme adventure with your friends and family with a 360 view of Albay. Who don't want that experience tell me and I will bring them here myself. 

That's it for today guys! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Visiting Padang Cross

In one of our side trips, we visited Padang Cross. 

This three interconnected cross figures which prominently sticks out of the blue in Brgy. Padang is Padang Cross. 

This is in commemoration of the lives lost during the Super Typhoon Reming back in 2006 which had left about 734 people dead. 

Its quite saddening though but this structure also reminds us how nature can be both beautiful and destructive so if we don't take care of it, nature might bite you back hard. 

Much Love!

xx Alice

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Where to Eat in Albay: Rayben's Resto Bar and Grill

One of the things I am actually really excited is trying out food from Albay. 

Its really weird but even though I have friends that live in Albay but I still prefer to eat the real thing where it came from. 

So for our first lunch in Albay we went to Rayben's Resto Bar and Grill. The way they have the place set up is really simple but their food is THE BOMB!

Their bicol express is spicy as I can remember and it left me reaching for more rice and its sooo nice to partner this with rice. Its rich coconut milk taste is there but the spiciness kicks you right in the curb. 

 Rayben is actually known for their version of Pinangat which is also called Laing which is made from meat, taro leaves, chili and coconut milk. 

This is the first time I have tried this in Albay and ever in my life so I was floored with the taste that I actually ate the second plate all by myself. Its creamy taste and soft texture is just A-MA-ZING I actually asked my mama why didn't she make this at home since she knows how to cook this! 

Didn't got a reply though from my mama which sucks. 

 We also ate a lot more but these two dishes really stood out to me because its a basic and must eat when you are in Albay. 

You can check out Rayben's at Camalig, Albay!

Much Love!

xx Alice

Your Perfect Destination: Visiting St. John the Baptist Church and Daraga Church

If you are someone looking for churches to visit in Albay then read on. 

I grew up Catholic so as much as possible when I visit a new place, I want to see a locally known church to pray and also make a wish.

In Albay I was able to visit some like these two I will be sharing to you guys.

The first one we visited is St. John the Baptist Church in Camalig, Albay. Originally built in the early 1600s but was destroyed during the Mayon Volcano eruption in 1814 which was reconstructed in 1837 and finished in 1845.

It still stands to this day and has regular masses.

Now let's go to Daraga Church shall we?

Also known as the Nuestra Senora De La Porteria Parish Church (THAT is a mouthful) was established as a settlement by people relocating from Cagsawa, who feared another eruption of the Mayon Volcano in that region. 

This is a popular wedding destination with its beautiful facade and rich history. 

And this is also where you can see Mayon Volcano in its beauty. I was really thrilled to see a glimpse of it when we were in this church. 

I have more in store for you guys so check back real soon! 

Much Love!

xx ALice

Monday, June 19, 2017

Your Perfect Destination: Visiting Quituinan Hills World War II Tunnels

I am by all means not an active person on a daily basis. My source of exercise is running from my evil spawn of a cat because he has another fit and I am his human scratching post - I am a bullied owner of a Persian cat. 

Okay I am getting off the topic so let's move to my latest adventure in Albay when we visited the Quituinan Hills and the World War 2 tunnels. 

During World War II, the Japanese troops made these interconnected bunkers as a way to keep safe from aerial attacks. They also made base in the Quituinan hills because it has a clear view from the sea and the land. It is also high enough to keep the enemies away. 

 The trek down to the tunnels lasted about 10 minutes going down there but it will be longer when you go back up. It is a bit steep so be sure to wear comfortable shoes on this trek. 

Before entering the cave, our tour guide gave us some information about the tunnels. That in this age there are only a few that can be entered since some of the others are covered due to erosion. 

The only thing that went in my head is will I emerge alive after this? 

I am actually terrified of the dark so going inside is both exciting and terrifying. I don't want to do that anymore though because it left me zoning out while inside the cave. 

But I will still recommend this when you visit Albay. Its such an experience because its a way to conquer your fear. Its a big thing for me and I have to give myself a pat in the back for this. 

Hope you love this series! I still have more in store for you all! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Perfect Place to Stay in Legaspi Pepperland Hotel

Its been a while since I last traveled but one of the things I don't tell you guys is where to stay which is crazy! 

So if you are in Legaspi THIS.PLACE.IS.FOR.YOU.

Pepperland Hotel brings the comfort and luxury PLUS its only 2 minutes ( Yes I'm serious) from the airport! 

When we checked in I was amazed at the facade, its like you will be transported to a different place with its interior. 

Besides from the interior I fell in love with their rooms because its super spacious that a room for two can be fit for five. 

The funny thing I usually do when I was left on my own in our room is just dance on the open space because I have never been into a very spacious hotel room in a long time. I know I'm weird but what's new right? Dancing on my own isn't really something new so don't hate. 

They also have standard rooms, a conference room and also rooms that can be fit for families. They have a total of 39 rooms available in Pepperland Hotel so if you are planning on getting a venue for your conference I would definitely suggest this place.

Did I mention they also have this gorgeous open space that can be used for events?

This open area can be designed to your liking. This is perfect for wedding reception and also debuts.

For almost a week's stay we had there most of the time we eat breakfast in their Cafe called Alfonso's Cafe which its design reminds me of a cinema house. It also has  mementos of how old cinema houses are. Its really chic and classy and their food is good in which I'll share to you guys on the next posts ahead. 

I really loved this hotel although it is a bit pricey I would definitely recommend this because their staff are really helpful, their rooms are spacious and also it is near to a lot of places - especially the airport!

Much Love!

xx Alice

Perfect Destination: Visiting Sumlang Lake in Albay

Hey guys! 

I am back with another travel blogpost. I recently went to Albay to see the Magayon Festival celebration and along with that we were showed different places in Albay as well! 

I will be making a whole series about the places that we went and also the food that we ate so don't expect that I will over load you with pictures from the whole trip in this post okay? 

Let's get started! 

When we first arrived in Albay, we actually checked into The Pepperland Hotel. 

The last time I was in Albay I was about 12 years old and I remember we only picked up someone in Albay then went back to Naga so the Albay I remembered was so different then to now. 
On our first day the itinerary consisted of visiting Sumlang Lake. 

Sumlang Lake is one of the newest places the tourism office of Albay has opened to the public and it has only been open for a couple of years. 

When we first arrived we were welcomed by the souvenir shop which showcased so many locally made products of Albay like Pili and Abaca and also cool furniture that were also locally made.


When you go to Sumlang Lake there is an entrance fee of about 10-20 pesos and that includes gazing at the wonder of Mayon Volcano in its background. 

You can also go on a short cruise along the lake  and take pictures! 

I was wearing ballet flats and jeans so I wasn't ready to get wet in these jeans but maybe next time I will try the lake cruise. 

One of the things I am so amazed with this is that they have cabanas and swings that invites you to just rest and feel at ease with mother nature. 

It was quite early on our itinerary so I was able to take lots of pictures and also just enjoy the view.

Mayon wasn't really giving us a great view though which was a bummer but there were more things to discover in Albay so I am so excited! 

That's it for this part of the series because I don't want to bore you guys too much. 

Make sure to check back for more! 

Much Love! 
xx ALice