Sunday, June 18, 2017

Perfect Place to Stay in Legaspi Pepperland Hotel

Its been a while since I last traveled but one of the things I don't tell you guys is where to stay which is crazy! 

So if you are in Legaspi THIS.PLACE.IS.FOR.YOU.

Pepperland Hotel brings the comfort and luxury PLUS its only 2 minutes ( Yes I'm serious) from the airport! 

When we checked in I was amazed at the facade, its like you will be transported to a different place with its interior. 

Besides from the interior I fell in love with their rooms because its super spacious that a room for two can be fit for five. 

The funny thing I usually do when I was left on my own in our room is just dance on the open space because I have never been into a very spacious hotel room in a long time. I know I'm weird but what's new right? Dancing on my own isn't really something new so don't hate. 

They also have standard rooms, a conference room and also rooms that can be fit for families. They have a total of 39 rooms available in Pepperland Hotel so if you are planning on getting a venue for your conference I would definitely suggest this place.

Did I mention they also have this gorgeous open space that can be used for events?

This open area can be designed to your liking. This is perfect for wedding reception and also debuts.

For almost a week's stay we had there most of the time we eat breakfast in their Cafe called Alfonso's Cafe which its design reminds me of a cinema house. It also has  mementos of how old cinema houses are. Its really chic and classy and their food is good in which I'll share to you guys on the next posts ahead. 

I really loved this hotel although it is a bit pricey I would definitely recommend this because their staff are really helpful, their rooms are spacious and also it is near to a lot of places - especially the airport!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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