Monday, June 19, 2017

Your Perfect Destination: Visiting Quituinan Hills World War II Tunnels

I am by all means not an active person on a daily basis. My source of exercise is running from my evil spawn of a cat because he has another fit and I am his human scratching post - I am a bullied owner of a Persian cat. 

Okay I am getting off the topic so let's move to my latest adventure in Albay when we visited the Quituinan Hills and the World War 2 tunnels. 

During World War II, the Japanese troops made these interconnected bunkers as a way to keep safe from aerial attacks. They also made base in the Quituinan hills because it has a clear view from the sea and the land. It is also high enough to keep the enemies away. 

 The trek down to the tunnels lasted about 10 minutes going down there but it will be longer when you go back up. It is a bit steep so be sure to wear comfortable shoes on this trek. 

Before entering the cave, our tour guide gave us some information about the tunnels. That in this age there are only a few that can be entered since some of the others are covered due to erosion. 

The only thing that went in my head is will I emerge alive after this? 

I am actually terrified of the dark so going inside is both exciting and terrifying. I don't want to do that anymore though because it left me zoning out while inside the cave. 

But I will still recommend this when you visit Albay. Its such an experience because its a way to conquer your fear. Its a big thing for me and I have to give myself a pat in the back for this. 

Hope you love this series! I still have more in store for you all! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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