Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lala Lanao Del Norte Celebrates its 68th Founding Anniversary along with 16th Alimango Festival!

Dear Friends, Family and random person reading this post,

Ever wonder how living in a place known to export the most mud crabs is? Neither did I, but I was so glad to be part of their celebration towards these ten-legged crustaceans (Thank you for this trivia Arnie Alesna and Google) 

Yesterday, March 22, 2017 the 16th Alimango Festival was held in Lala, Lanao Del Norte.

From Ozamiz City it was roughly 2-3 hour drive with a 20-minute barge ride which makes me love Northern Mindanao more because its so easy to get to one place to another! Imagine if Manila's driving situation was like this? There would be no such thing as road rage in Manila.

People are so chill here in Northern Mindanao I don't really know why people outside of Mindanao is saying such negative things about it.

I'm getting off the topic sorry guys. 

One of the things I was not ready for this festival is the scorching heat of the sun and also the energy of the people - They are both hyped up from the presentations from different schools around the town that showcases different representation of the legend of Alimango.

Each barangay also had their little space within the plaza decorated with their names which was really cute because its an area where a community can join together with a drink and enjoy some food.

But the highlight of the program is actually the humongous Alimango Mountain.

The first thing that went in my head was...How I wish my brother is here.

He loves crabs more than I do and he is not the one to deny his love to eat this. He would look like a kid in a candy store seeing this fleeting sight - 1.2 ton of crabs that was also enjoyed by all the residents by lunch time.

Mayor Allan Lim of the Municipality of Lala, Lanao Del Norte

But don't think I despise these 10 legged creatures to even eat them. I do love them but I need to limit myself because just like my brother - Once I start, I might make a mountain as big as the one in the picture but these are all shells with no more meat inside.

I swear if they had the crab-eating contest, I would join that and eat to my heart's delight!

As being globally known for its Alimango Festival and the Department of Tourism - Northern Mindanao have committed to give more support of the event, as noted by Lala Lanao Del Norte's Mayor Allan A. Lim that they will be bringing back the Alimango rodeo, Alimango Eating contest, Alimango marathon and the Alimango recipe cooking competition on next year's activities will surely bring in more tourist in the said town which globally export mud crabs.

One of the guests in the program is Department of Tourism Region 10 Director May Unchuan and Kyle Jennermann or more commonly known as Kulas of here in the Philippines.

I am thankful to be part of this event and will surely be back to visit Lala soon.

- Alice