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April 6-8, 2017 was a busy day for all foodies and food entrepreneur as Madrid Fusion 2017 took place at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.  The whole place was like a hive, buzzing with activities and people.

Part of the Region 10 contingent was the product from Clarin, Misamis Occidental – the various sticky rice cakes or suman ng Clarin.  Nearly all 17 flavors were displayed for tasting and sold in the 3-day event.  ASEC Fredrick Alegre, along with some visitors, was wowed with the number of flavors that Clarin was able to showcase during Madrid Fusion, knowing that this is the first time that the said municipality has joined in this kind of event.  The flavors of Clarin’s suman were as follow:
Mango – sticky rice with ripe mango slices, cooked in coconut milk and sugar.
Pinya – sticky rice with ripe pineapple slices, cooked in coconut milk and sugar.
Durian – sticky rice with durian slivers, cooked in coconut milk and sugar.  The durian’s strong scent is not present, making this a delightful way of enjoying the fruit.
Tsokalate – sticky rice with tablea made into a spread, cooked with coconut milk and sugar; making this rich in local flavors.
Tsokolate with Mani – similar to tsokolate with added with peanut flavor coming from processed peanut spread.  Also cooked in coconut milk and sugar.
Moron – a classic suman in the Visayan region. 
Balintawak – created in honor of a place where it was made, this sticky rice goodness is with coconut meat made sweet by cooked coconut milk/oil (latik).
Classic – this is your standard sticky rice, wrapped in leaves and cooked using coconut milk and sugar.
Carrot – with shredded carrots made into a slightly sweet paste, this is mixed into the sticky rice and then wrapped in leaves before being cooked in coconut milk and sugar.
Ube – another root crop common in the area, the purple yam is made into a semi-sweet paste that is mixed with the sticky rice before being wrapped in leaves.  Cooked with coconut milk and sugar.
Keso/Queso – slices of cheese are added into the sticky rice mix and then cooked with coconut milk and sugar.  The cheese melts into the sticky rice making it more creamier in each bite.
Choco Moron – the classic suman of the Visayas region with chocolate jame added into it.  Cooked in coconut milk and sugar mixture.
Buko –  sticky rice with strings of young coconut meat added into the mixture.  It is also cooked with coconut milk and sugar, making it slightly sweet and delicate.
Peanut – this is your locally processed peanuts, finely grounded and made into a near paste in texture then added into the sticky rice mixture before being wrapped in fresh banana leaves.  Cooked with coconut milk and sugar, this suman creation is both delicate and with a crunch.
Latik -  the sweetened form of the coconut milk, cooked till dark in color and then added into the sticky rice mixture before being cooked in coconut milk and sugar.
Adlai – two types of rice mixture was used in this suman.  One is your standard sticky rice and another is one that is high in fiber.  This suman creation can be considered  healthy because of the high fiber content that helps in the digestion of food.
Langka/Nangka – slivers of ripe langka (visayan: nangka), is place into the sticky rice and then wrapped in fresh banana leaves before being cook in their standard coconut milk-sugar mixture. 

People can’t have enough of this sticky rice mixture that some even came back to buy more of it.  They can’t believe that you can have that many variations of sticky rice creations and still be delicious and true to the nature of suman.   Such were the feedback given especially during the 3rd-day Regional Lunch, which was attended by all the delegates present in the event.

As of the moment, this sticky rice cake creation can be bought in the House of Suman in Clarin, Misamis Occidental.  For further inquiries regarding the product, you can reach the PR/Social Media team of TBDC thru 09778400606 (Kezia Noblia – Account Director).


Madrid Fusion 2017, the biggest food event of the year, went into a spin as Region 10 brought in the best of the province in a variety of kakanin.  With Regional Director Marie Elaine S. Unchuan of the Department of Tourism (DOT) leading the way, Region 10 aimed to win the heart and stomach of all attendees of the event, local and foreigner alike.

With this year’s delivery of the best delicacies from the region, RD Unchuan aimed to let people knew that there is truly more than what is known about Region 10.  From point to point of the region, the whole Region 10 DOT was ready to wow those in the event with what they were presenting in the 3-days event.  From Bukidnon to Misamis Occidental, a good selection of delicacies was presented as part of the gastronomic wonder of the region.  The delegations are as follow:  RD Marie Elaine S. Unchuan - DOT10, Josephine H. Roque – DOT 10 Focal Person, Leonila S. Arguelles – Kitchen Focal Person, Chef Benzar Aradani , Camille Ambalario – Chef’s Assistant , Nelia B. Lee (Food Sponsor), Agnes Garcia Sue (Food Sponsor – Clarin, Misamis Occidental), Mayor Clive Quino and Mrs. Rina Quino (Food Sponsor -Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon) with other DOT 10 personnel.  

People were won over by the delicious suman from Clarin, Misamis Occidental, the crunchy peanut brittle, the delicate pastel by Vjandep from Camiguin, that grated young corn delicacy called binaki  and chicharon from CDO, the peanut goodness of Cheding’s from Iligan City and the sweet pineapples of Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.  Paired off with it were the various coffee goodness of the region.  Not only are delicacies featured but also the Humba de Oro and Ostrich Salpicao; two dishes displayed during the regional lunch last April 8 under the careful hands of Chef Benzar Aradani.

A good number of gastronomic wonders are to be expected and seen at this year’s Madrid Fusion.  Region 10 was all set to give and serve their own tongue-wonder creations and win the hearts of people to come and explore and taste what they have to offer as a region, as a province and as Mindanao.

Monday, April 17, 2017


When a dream is driven by passion, there is no reason for it not to come into reality.  Such is the case of known liquid chef, Chef Kalel Demetrio – the man behind the name Liquido Maestro (Liquid Master).  From humble beginnings, he worked his way up and be where he is now.  From a simple restaurant staff, to a bartender, to a name and status he desired now, he never forgets his humble beginning.

As a liquid chef, Kalel has never strapped himself down to simply creating cocktails – which is common to most mixologist, he pushed himself in creating innovative infusion and drinks suitable to all ages.  From simple juice or iced tea with a twist, to cleverly mixed smoothies and satiny smooth cocktails, Kalel will show you what he can do and what his mind can create.  An advocate of the farm-to-glass principle, he believes that nature has given us a lot of things to use and enjoy as a consumable item.

Not only can he create drinks of wonder but also food of delights.  He has collaborated with other restaurants creating flavors that are tongue-talizing to one’s senses.  He also now have a restaurant where in shows his kitchen and bar skills.  Like any other chef’s, he believes in stimulating the senses of people to enjoy the bounty coming from Earth.  Not only are his drinks visually and taste bud-dancingly good but also has texture and scent delight.  He likes to explore the local market of a certain place to know the community and see what unknown goods he can harvest and try in his laboratory.  Part of the long list of bars and restaurants wherein his creations are featured are:  Big Bad Wolf, Gorda and Green Pastures.

He is a man of duty and obligation. Kalel knows how to balance his personal life with that of this work demand; a caring individual to those who are close, important and of value to him.  Despite his tight work schedule, he still manages to give time and space to himself and those he love.

Liquid may be his working craft but Kalel delivers with a punch to remind you of the experience you had with his creative concoction.   

Kalel Demetrio Bar Crawl Experience Part 4! (OH MAY GHAD LAST NA TO???)

Mini rant: (please forgive me) Now guys at this point of writing this article I have eaten 2 veggie burgers and 3 liters of water to suffice the need to go back to these establishments – That is how passionate I am when I am writing so don’t curse me behind your keyboards saying that you got hungry reading this because I, TOO am hungry!

Okay with that over let’s go to the last bar we went to for the bar crawl.

This time we went to XXXX or 2020. This establishment is the child of the bohemian age in the 90’s in Malate, Manila. I grew up in the 90’s and to be honest this thus remind me of the places my brother and his friends would bring me when I tag along him on his adventures with his friends.

I grew up with a brother that is a night owl so now you know why I am mostly awake at night rather than sleep early.

The walls are decorated with paintings by various artists that are sold off and the paintings are different every few months so you may say it is also an art gallery of sorts. 2020 still has that cozy vibe despite being an “underground” scene for the young professionals from the corporate world who would like to escape the corporate life for a bit.

They are open from Wednesdays till Sunday and from what I heard this is a place you can just chill out and be in the crowd.

As for the food that was served, we were served the 3-way soft shell taco. Its served 3-way due to the way the meat were served and then topped with aioli sauce with finely chopped chorizo. It also comes with a pimiento based sauce which is creamy and gives the tacos a distinct flavor to it.

Along with this, was Chef Kalel’s drink selection which is Querida.

The base of Querida is Barik Supremo Lambanog along with some personally made syrups Chef Kalel made and topped with a burning basil leave on top. The drink gives off an earthy aroma which complements the fruity flavor of the drink coming from the passion fruit.

We also got a taste of Barik Supremo Lambanog in its purest form and mind you I was not prepared for it!

I was actually scared of drinking it because the aroma is lethal! But you know me, I don’t back down to a challenge so I tasted it and man its good! The aroma of the lambanog dies down after a few sips.
But a word of caution – this is not for light drinkers! I don’t want to be held responsible if you young 
ones try this out and black out after one glass!

This drink is more of a one glass kind if you are on your own, but if you are with good company take it in small amounts okay?

Again, moderation is key in effective drinking. I learned that from other seasoned drinkers that could last hours in a drinking session.

One thing I learned during the bar crawl that there is a lot of great places to spend time with your friends so try visiting these places!

And the proper way of drinking is knowing your limit. If you think you have had enough but you don’t want to leave the pack, be there as a support system for them!

If you are planning a night out with your friends make sure to try these places out along with Chef Kalel’s recommended drinks!

Much Love!
Xx Alice 

Chef Kalel Demetrio Bar Crawl Experience Part 3!

Honestly the bar crawl that we did was fun because I never knew how much a few hours of hopping from one bar to another just for a drink can do to you.

It’s a bit tiring so if you are planning one that is similar to this make sure to visit bars that are within the vicinity because it can be tiring and when the alcohol kicks in you might end up wasted – so drink moderately!

The next place we went to is Green Pastures.

The first organic restaurant in the city, this themed restaurant caters to those who wanted to have healthy food served in a delicious manner.  The serving is big enough to be shared thus family and groups come here to enjoy their food offerings.  Open every day from 8:00AM – 10:00PM, the place has both indoor and outside seating.

I was not really expecting this as the third stop because it’s an organic restaurant!

But as Chef Kalel’s recommendation, they do serve great food along with his creations.

At this point of the bar crawl, I am feeling a bit doozy but not tipsy because the night before I had little sleep so I was thinking please give me food because the alcohol will kick in soon.

We were served Carbonara with Goat meat which was really light making it a delightful treat for my taste buds.

There was also the honeycomb with lemon curd but I wasn’t able to taste it because my system was preparing me for a long haul of traffic ahead. I wish I would’ve tasted that then because I love honey and lemon desserts. I will go back to Green Pastures for this soon guys don’t worry!

Chef Kalel served us Gayuma as the drink that compliments the food. And boy I had to hold myself in chugging it down!

I forgot what this concoction is made of which I would like to apologize but what I can remember is that this drink packs a punch to my system because its base is Lambanog from Chef Kalel’s creation called Barik.

It was strong but refreshing because it has the cucumber taste to it.

If you are planning on having this on a date, prepare to get flustered because this is not for light drinkers.

I just noticed that as we go on the bar crawl, the drinks get intensely stronger than the one prior to it. It is quite alarming for my system because when I drink I usually go for the strongest first then go down to the lightest drink on the menu so when I sober up it would be easier.

That is a drinker’s tip for you guys okay? I learned that from my dear Papa because when you wake up the next day you won’t have a hangover! And drink lots of liquids in between of each shot so dilute the alcohol in your system.

Going back to the bar crawl.

I would recommend you guys try the Carbonara with goat’s meat! It’s not like how you would expect it to be. It's light and creamy but doesn’t overwhelm the taste buds.

Gayuma, on the other hand, would give you a run for your money because it is refreshing but you must get used to the taste if you are a light drinker. I have warned you okay?
And now we will be going to the last installment of this series!

My goodness. I am committing a sin with this posting because all the food that were served were so good I can still taste them!

Now I will finish this post for now so check the last installment okay?

Much Love!
Xx Alice 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Liquid Chef Kalel’s Bar Crawl Experience Part 2!

Thank you so much for going back for the part two! I know it’s really not a good time to read these kinds of articles during the holy week but hey you can try this out with your friends after the holy week!

Now let’s go to the second spot we went for the bar crawl – Gorda.

Gorda is located at the 2nd level of Uptown Parade in Bonifacio Global City. The name of the place is derived from the Spanish term Gorda meaning fat lady – this might be offensive for some sensitive ladies out there so make sure to be careful in using this term. But instead of being offensive, the owners picked this name as more of a playful tease and in honor of their mother.

 The food served are with Spanish-Mexican influence which we are familiar with but given added push in terms of flavor level.  This resto-pub/bar is open every Monday and Tuesday from 11:00 AM till 2:00AM and from Wednesday till Saturday up to 3:00AM.

We were served two delectable treats from Gorda which compliments the two drinks that were made by Chef Kalel.

The first one was the two-way nachos. It was called such because of the two types of Nachos that vary in color. Its served with cheese, tomatoes, ground meat and jalapenos. The difference of this to other Nachos in the market is that each layer has ample serving of the topping that makes each nacho filled with goodness! Added to it is the lemon that gives a whole new taste to the nachos! Never really thought Lemons can make such a big twist in a regular bar chow.

The next one that was served was the Keso-Quessadilla. Its what it is called basically. It served in a party slice pizza serving and each slice is filled with light, cheesy goodness to every bite you would want some more!

Now let’s not forget the drinks shall we?

I may be a seasoned drinker (Hey I won’t deny I love it at this point so I am embracing it) but I never really went beyond the regular when it comes to my drinks so trying out the ones Chef Kalel made was really new to me.

Chef Kalel served Horchatta Morena and the El Ecuador De Margarita.

Horchatta Morena is a rice-based drink with Old Captain Rum as its base. This drink is something I would love to have a couple of glasses because its light, sweet and doesn’t have a hint of alcohol in it. Half of the rim is edged off with finely grinded rice and muscovado sugar. And when its served it comes with burned cinnamon bark which gives a light earthy aroma to it.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the alcohol doesn’t come out of this drink so it’s a bit deceiving to the nose, but after two glasses of this, the alcohol will hit you but in a light buzz.

I would prefer recommending this drink to my conservative friends because it doesn’t look like an alcoholic drink at all, especially if they are closet alcohol consumers – there is such a thing which boggles me WHY HIDE IT? drinking isn’t that bad guys as long as it is in moderation.

The last drink that was served is the El Equador de Margarita. It is served in a hallowed out watermelon which calls out SUMMER DRINK just by the appearance. It is refreshing and fruity with a kick. But if you are thinking that this will make you black out don’t worry because of the watermelon container the alcohol slowly blends into the drink making it light and decreasing the alcohol level.

This drink is best for sharing so bring as many of your friends as possible!

In this stop over, I was quickly blown away by the level of expertise of Chef Kalel because he was able to make this kind of drink with ingredients solely fit for Gorda’s aesthetic and food choices.

Check out Gorda at the Uptown Parade and get a taste of this one of a kind drinks soon!

And be back for the third and last installment of the bar crawl series.

Much Love!
Xx alice 

Liquid Chef Kalel Demetrio Bar Crawl Experience Part 1!

When you say Liquid Chef what does it mean for you? For me it means one that dabs in the arts of the liquid form. And I am not just saying alcoholic drinks but any kind – Smoothie, tea-based drinks and everything in between.

Its really such an honor to meet one which is Chef Kalel Demetrio.

As his nickname Liquido Maestro or Liquid Master in English, He is a master of his craft in more ways the mind can think.

I first met Chef Kalel during Dine Misamis Occidental and learned that from humble beginnings, and his passion for making Philippine-based products to be known internationally made me more interested in knowing his advocacy.

As being one of the attendees of his very first Bar Crawl, I learned more about his craft by the story of each drink that was showcased and also we tried.

The first stop was Big Bad Wolf in Burgos Circle.

This establishment features international dishes prepared with local produce.  Opens from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 AM till 2:00 AM, Big Bad Wolf is your homey place to eat away from home.
The exterior would remind you of a café as they have plants and the tables and chairs gives a laid-back vibe to it.

And of course since this is a bar crawl, it wouldn’t be complete without food to pair up the drinks.

The first one that was served is the Burrata. It is an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream, but unlike other versions of Burrata, the mozzarella and cheddar was made from carabao’s milk. 
Another factor that made this dish good to the taste buds is it was smoked with acacia wood giving an added flavor.

This appetizer really worked up my tummy for the next food to be served. Along with the cheese, it is best enjoyed with tomatoes, greens and salt toppings.

Next served was the Carbonara with pork cheeks.

It surprised me when the owner mentioned that the ‘bacon’ bits were made from pork cheeks. It has a different flavor to it but still hit the right notes in my taste buds. The cream that was used was also carabao’s milk.

The third specialty that was given was the Big Bad Wolf’s Chili Wings.

This is a different kind of twist to the regular chili wings because the spice doesn’t hit you hard unlike those that I have tried before. It also come with a side cream dip made from carabao’s milk with some herbs that brings the flavor to a different level when added to it.

The drink that Chef Kalel paired with these three wonderful dishes is called Basi Spritz.

Now if you don’t know, the older generation would know Basi as a traditional fermented drink made form sugarcane. My memory of Basi in my childhood was when one time my cousins from the province brought a big bottle of it in Manila and had a drinking spree with my brother and my dad. Let’s just say that my brother and father were not prepared to the impact of Basi. I tried it as well when I was in college which solidified my nickname in my group of male friends as the girl who can’t be drunk – Ever!

The one that Chef Kalel contained basi as the base of the drink and added syrups, orange and cucumber which gives this drink a refreshing effect which I will go back for an afternoon drink with my friends.

It’s very light and refreshing to the taste which makes it a great drink with your coworkers after a whole day of stressful tasks.

Out of the three dishes that were served, I would like to have the Big Bad Wolf Chili wings again. I really like the taste of that dish and it’s a great barkada bar chow along with your favorite drink and also along with the basi spritz.

This is only part one of Chef Kalel’s Bar Crawl Experience! Make sure to check back for part 2 and 3!

Much Love!

Xx Alice 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Let Chef Thomas Take You on a Wild Ride in Wild Juan

April is a busy month for a good number of people in the food service industry as Madrid Fusion 2017 takes place.  From April 6 – 8, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, people from near and far places come together to share their passion for food.  Part of the delegation representing Calabarzon is the chef behind the placed tagged as “definitely not your ordinary food find among the rising places at Tagaytay Ridge”; this is Chef Thomas Murillo of Wild Juan.

As a food lover as well, We usually start young in appreciating food. His love for food started young and he took his first step towards it during his sophomore year as a Consular and Diplomatic Affairs student at the College of Saint Benilde.  He decided to take commercial cooking and culinary arts at First Gourmet Academy and had his apprenticeship at 2nds after.  This lead him further by becoming one of the pioneering member behind Paprika PH and years later his own restaurant at a family-owned place at Tagaytay Ridge.  Wild Juan is born.

Wild Juan bears the concept of East meets West and is delivered with the hospitality of Filipinos in the Southern part of Luzon.   His food creations are something that we are all familiar with but are delivered with a twist and flair.  Perfect sample are the Sisig Paksiw, Krispy Kasoy Kare-Kare (KKK) and Gumbulalo.  Three common dishes but comes with a new level of flavor and goodness due to techniques and passion.

Learning never ends for Chef Thomas as he earns his NCII Commercial Cooking and ServSafe:  Food Safety & Sanitation certificates.  He pushes himself to be the best and at par to the world, thus making his quality for food high and passion much higher.  He doesn’t stop there as he then shares his knowledge and passion this coming Madrid Fusion 2017 to foreign delegates and proudly represent Calabarzon.

Chef Thomas Murillo, stays humble yet proud of his craft thus from love of food it now is a burning passion.  Come at the biggest food event this season at the SMX in Pasay or visit Wild Juan located at KM 68 Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway and experience the comfort and passion that he shares at every plate served.

The Wild Juan is located at KM 68 Pinesville, Tagaytay- Nasugbu(National) Highway, Tagaytay City, 4120, Philippines
For Inquiries/reservation: +63 9154324196    +63 9178404211

Much Love! 
xx Alice