Sunday, April 16, 2017

Liquid Chef Kalel’s Bar Crawl Experience Part 2!

Thank you so much for going back for the part two! I know it’s really not a good time to read these kinds of articles during the holy week but hey you can try this out with your friends after the holy week!

Now let’s go to the second spot we went for the bar crawl – Gorda.

Gorda is located at the 2nd level of Uptown Parade in Bonifacio Global City. The name of the place is derived from the Spanish term Gorda meaning fat lady – this might be offensive for some sensitive ladies out there so make sure to be careful in using this term. But instead of being offensive, the owners picked this name as more of a playful tease and in honor of their mother.

 The food served are with Spanish-Mexican influence which we are familiar with but given added push in terms of flavor level.  This resto-pub/bar is open every Monday and Tuesday from 11:00 AM till 2:00AM and from Wednesday till Saturday up to 3:00AM.

We were served two delectable treats from Gorda which compliments the two drinks that were made by Chef Kalel.

The first one was the two-way nachos. It was called such because of the two types of Nachos that vary in color. Its served with cheese, tomatoes, ground meat and jalapenos. The difference of this to other Nachos in the market is that each layer has ample serving of the topping that makes each nacho filled with goodness! Added to it is the lemon that gives a whole new taste to the nachos! Never really thought Lemons can make such a big twist in a regular bar chow.

The next one that was served was the Keso-Quessadilla. Its what it is called basically. It served in a party slice pizza serving and each slice is filled with light, cheesy goodness to every bite you would want some more!

Now let’s not forget the drinks shall we?

I may be a seasoned drinker (Hey I won’t deny I love it at this point so I am embracing it) but I never really went beyond the regular when it comes to my drinks so trying out the ones Chef Kalel made was really new to me.

Chef Kalel served Horchatta Morena and the El Ecuador De Margarita.

Horchatta Morena is a rice-based drink with Old Captain Rum as its base. This drink is something I would love to have a couple of glasses because its light, sweet and doesn’t have a hint of alcohol in it. Half of the rim is edged off with finely grinded rice and muscovado sugar. And when its served it comes with burned cinnamon bark which gives a light earthy aroma to it.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the alcohol doesn’t come out of this drink so it’s a bit deceiving to the nose, but after two glasses of this, the alcohol will hit you but in a light buzz.

I would prefer recommending this drink to my conservative friends because it doesn’t look like an alcoholic drink at all, especially if they are closet alcohol consumers – there is such a thing which boggles me WHY HIDE IT? drinking isn’t that bad guys as long as it is in moderation.

The last drink that was served is the El Equador de Margarita. It is served in a hallowed out watermelon which calls out SUMMER DRINK just by the appearance. It is refreshing and fruity with a kick. But if you are thinking that this will make you black out don’t worry because of the watermelon container the alcohol slowly blends into the drink making it light and decreasing the alcohol level.

This drink is best for sharing so bring as many of your friends as possible!

In this stop over, I was quickly blown away by the level of expertise of Chef Kalel because he was able to make this kind of drink with ingredients solely fit for Gorda’s aesthetic and food choices.

Check out Gorda at the Uptown Parade and get a taste of this one of a kind drinks soon!

And be back for the third and last installment of the bar crawl series.

Much Love!
Xx alice 


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