Monday, April 17, 2017

Chef Kalel Demetrio Bar Crawl Experience Part 3!

Honestly the bar crawl that we did was fun because I never knew how much a few hours of hopping from one bar to another just for a drink can do to you.

It’s a bit tiring so if you are planning one that is similar to this make sure to visit bars that are within the vicinity because it can be tiring and when the alcohol kicks in you might end up wasted – so drink moderately!

The next place we went to is Green Pastures.

The first organic restaurant in the city, this themed restaurant caters to those who wanted to have healthy food served in a delicious manner.  The serving is big enough to be shared thus family and groups come here to enjoy their food offerings.  Open every day from 8:00AM – 10:00PM, the place has both indoor and outside seating.

I was not really expecting this as the third stop because it’s an organic restaurant!

But as Chef Kalel’s recommendation, they do serve great food along with his creations.

At this point of the bar crawl, I am feeling a bit doozy but not tipsy because the night before I had little sleep so I was thinking please give me food because the alcohol will kick in soon.

We were served Carbonara with Goat meat which was really light making it a delightful treat for my taste buds.

There was also the honeycomb with lemon curd but I wasn’t able to taste it because my system was preparing me for a long haul of traffic ahead. I wish I would’ve tasted that then because I love honey and lemon desserts. I will go back to Green Pastures for this soon guys don’t worry!

Chef Kalel served us Gayuma as the drink that compliments the food. And boy I had to hold myself in chugging it down!

I forgot what this concoction is made of which I would like to apologize but what I can remember is that this drink packs a punch to my system because its base is Lambanog from Chef Kalel’s creation called Barik.

It was strong but refreshing because it has the cucumber taste to it.

If you are planning on having this on a date, prepare to get flustered because this is not for light drinkers.

I just noticed that as we go on the bar crawl, the drinks get intensely stronger than the one prior to it. It is quite alarming for my system because when I drink I usually go for the strongest first then go down to the lightest drink on the menu so when I sober up it would be easier.

That is a drinker’s tip for you guys okay? I learned that from my dear Papa because when you wake up the next day you won’t have a hangover! And drink lots of liquids in between of each shot so dilute the alcohol in your system.

Going back to the bar crawl.

I would recommend you guys try the Carbonara with goat’s meat! It’s not like how you would expect it to be. It's light and creamy but doesn’t overwhelm the taste buds.

Gayuma, on the other hand, would give you a run for your money because it is refreshing but you must get used to the taste if you are a light drinker. I have warned you okay?
And now we will be going to the last installment of this series!

My goodness. I am committing a sin with this posting because all the food that were served were so good I can still taste them!

Now I will finish this post for now so check the last installment okay?

Much Love!
Xx Alice 


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