Sunday, July 8, 2012

Food Finds: Fudgee Barr!!!

Here's another food find!

I know I am breaking my diet with these but they are so yummy!

I think I started liking fudgee barr when my friend gave me one back in college.

Yes seriously that is how it is spelled. Its a cake bar that has a filling. There are I think several variants but their most popular are chocolate, custard, vanilla and mocha.

The price may vary from store to store but it would be from 6.00 PHP to 8.00 PHP per piece, but if you buy a pack of 10 it would be 50+ pesos. This is best paired with coffee or hot coco and also great to be shared, especially if you are on a diet LOL. 

Mostly you can purchase them from any store either individually on in a pack of 10. Mostly I would buy only  half a pack since I would store them in my station at work in case I get hungry or when I need a jolt of energy. I know its bad since it shoots up your sugar level fast and it would also plummet down real fast so I suggest you move at least 10 minutes after munching this down. Seriously I've done it before and I felt horrible after wards.

I hope you liked this post. I will have more food finds for the sweet tooth next time.

Much Love!

-- Alice 

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  1. I love chocolate fudgee bar the most... it is not just a chocolate bar it has an awesome feeling and the chocolate explodes in the mouth unlike other chocolate bars that I tasted...  that kind of feeling made me an idea of buying it online at so that I can rest after work and to avoid going to markets.. My favorite merienda is a must that will fulfill my tummy needs...