Monday, July 20, 2015

Enjoy the weekend with your family at Amber Trail Water Park!

I remember when I was younger, the last week of Summer is something that I dread because after that week I can't go out of town anymore with my family. If only I was able to discover this sooner all those last week of Summer would not be dreadful. I'm talking about Amber Trail Water Park in Pampanga! 

Just located along San Pablo, Mexico, Pampanga Amber Trail Water Park is just 15 minutes away from SM San Fernando. 

This water park is not just perfect for family outings but also team outings because it has a water basketball court, water volleyball court and 5 pools which everyone can use to what activity they want to do.

The whole water park has a pre-historic / jungle theme to it that would appeal to kids a lot.

One of the things I do love about this water park is their giant slide. I will admit that although I am terrified of heights I won't say no to some slide action. It was really fun but it almost killed me - due to my inexperienced nature with using tubes.

And if you look closely, the slides look like snakes which actually looks creepy at night haha!

There are units you can rent out which is great because you don't have to worry about leaving your stuff near the pool area.

One of the things that is needed to be checked on the room is if possible there can be 2 bathroom so when you are washing up there won't be a queue. The design of the villa is fit for families but its somewhere you can drop off your stuff then go swimming.

We also had a special treat when we were taught how to cook tocino the Pampanga way. I never really thought there was a better way than what I knew.

Overall my experience was great and I was also able to spend time with my new friends and learn also from them. Definitely check out Amber Trail Water Park!

Much Love!

xx Alice 

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  1. Happy family! A perfect place for summer vacation. Added this place on my list so that we can visit this when we visit Pampanga soon. :)


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