Thursday, December 13, 2012

Road To Tagaytay with my girlfriends!

This is a food and travel blog, but the only thing is.. I rarely travel which makes this blog more of a food blog. I know. I have failed as a travel blogger... BUT that doesn't mean I have to give up right? 

Luckily I was able to go to Tagaytay a couple of weeks ago with my friends. This post is a little late because I was terribly busy with a lot of things but all the memories are still fresh in my mind.. wow may ganun talaga? LOL 

Okay lets begin. To start off I traveled to Tagaytay on a private vehicle so I'm not sure how much money you have to shell out to get there but you can easily ride some buses. I suggest going to Tagaytay before the weekend starts, around Thursday to Saturday? Traffic is less hassle and going around is much easier - Trust me enjoying the view without other tourists will be a much blissful experience. 

We went there Sunday morning and we stopped over Nuvali which I heard has a wave park. Unfortunately we weren't able to see that. the only one that we saw is their clubhouse which actually looks more of like a convention center.

Of course in the tradition of me and my friends, we had a jumpshot.. but almost all the pictures are FAIL. either my face is not ok or their faces are not ok. Oh well.. 

Then of course we went to Tagaytay! We went first to the overlooking.. the weather was not really cooperating with us since it was drizzling but still we were able to take pictures. We also went on a hike from the overlooking to the picnic grove. Originally we were planning to eat there. But then all the cottages were occupied.. and we were not in the mood to wait for a cottage to eat.. 

And now on to the food porn! haha! 

We ate at ATS Green restaurant. I will do another post for this but for now.. 


Next we went to Calaruega. Calaruega is a church in Nasugbu, Batangas.. around at least an hours worth of drive from Tagaytay. This was my first time to be there and I was in awe of it. You can also visit the church which is small but is exquisite. It will remind you of those small chapels in Italy.. if only you have been there..

Over all I had a great time having this road trip with my girlfriends. It was a bit tiring but it was all worth it. Quite honestly I fell asleep on the way home because the trip was super tiring so better bring your travel pillow so you can take a nap in between.

So.. when was the last time you went on a road trip?

I'd like to know! Comment below ^0^

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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