Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Food Finds: Toasted Siopao

Hello ladies! I am back with another food find! 

If you live within Teacher's Village, you would probably know this place already. Last Sunday, my friend's Grandmother offered us this small bread that actually looks like siopao but its brown in color. 

it was actually called toasted siopao. 

I was surprised since I haven't tasted one and when I did, it tastes so different compared to the original siopao. 

Siopao or steamed bun is white in appearance and its quite fluffy which is its distinct trademark. 

This is what a toasted siopao looks like on the outside, You can definitely see that it has that bun shape but its brown in color with come dark contrasts.

It contains meat and a slice of egg on the inside. There isn't a special sauce that would be given to you to add with the toasted siopao since the filling inside has sauce which is savory. 

One thing that I like about this is two or three of these would make you full already so if you are watching your weight, you can eat this without the guilt. 

I would just like to remind you that eating too much is unhealthy so make sure to watch what you eat. 

My mom and my nephew actually likes this so I'm planning on buying again next time when I go to my friend's house. 

You can buy this at TatyStar Bakery located at Madasalin St., Teacher's Village in Quezon City. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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