Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Trip Going To Ozamiz

As a first time traveler by air (after a long time) I didn't know what to expect on our trip to Ozamiz. 

And if it is your first time travelling to Ozamiz City this post is for you! 

There are three main ways of getting to Ozamiz City: By Air, By Sea, and By Land!

By Air: 

There is a direct flight catered by PAL Express every morning. Unfortunately if you are not a morning you may want to change that because at the moment they only have one flight going to and from Ozamiz.

There is another option which is Cebu Pacific but I don't know the schedules for their flights. And as far as I can remember its a Cebu to Ozamiz flight so you do have to book two flights with that.

The travel time between Manila to Ozamiz is 1 hour and 20-30 minutes. So by the time you get to Ozamiz City via PAL the sun is shining bright welcoming you to this beautiful city!

By Sea

Currently there is 2Go that docks in Ozamiz City. Its an 18 hour trip though and would pass by several ports first before getting to the Big OZ.

By Land

This option is only given if you are travelling from neighboring cities like Iligan, Cagayan De Oro, Pagadian, Dipolog, and Dapitan.

The dominant public land transport in these places that goes to Ozamiz City is the Rural Bus Transit. They have trips almost everyday to Ozamiz city you won't have to worry.

Out of the three options I've given, I would highly suggest taking the Air route because

1. Its faster.

2. You get to see the transition of the sky.

The only down side though is sometimes the airfare spikes up if you book last minute so make sure to plan your trips wisely.

My overall advise in going here in Ozamiz is get out of your comfort zone - Ozamiz may look scary from an outsider's point of view but you will never know what is in Ozamiz until you go here.

I tell you this is one of the best cities in the Philippines so try visiting here for yourself!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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