Sunday, December 11, 2016

Where to Eat in Ozamiz?

You will definitely know a place better by the food that they serve and Ozamiz is all about food. 

The street where we are staying is actually a foodie district because the restaurants are just next to each other! 

Here are some of my top picks (In no particular order)

1. Big J. 

This smorgasbord of a food place is a crowd favorite. Ask anyone in the city and they will point Big J to you with lots of recommendations. 

And they are actually really good in terms of catering to different crowds and their preferred cuisine. 

Currently they have three themes - a food truck, a high scale seafood restaurant and an old west. 

The cool thing with Big J is that even if they have an international line up of food, it still has the Filipino touch to it. 

My favorite is their grilled Liempo or pork belly because its always cooked right to perfection and not too charred. 

2. Isla Grill.

Another crowd favorite, Isla Grill has a surf and turf line up with a Filipino / International flare to it. 

One of the things I love about Isla Grill is they have pizza! 

I am a pizza lover and when I saw their brick oven the first time I ate at Isla Grill was like me seeing an old friend because you don't really see that in Ozamiz. 

A definite favorite I have in Isla Grill other than their Pizza is their Secret Juice! 

Its made from three kinds of fruits which will make you comeback for more to know what they are! 

The taste of the Secret Juice is sooo good! Its sweet but refreshing which is a perfect thirst quencher on a hot day. 
3. Johann's Cuisine.  

Johann's Cuisine is actually making their rounds in the metro as well as the premier place to taste the best of Ozamiz City. 

The food that they serve in their Aguada branch caters more to Filipino favorites with an Ozamiznon twist to it. 

My definite favorite is their kilawin because it is made differently than the ones in Manila. They actually include a special ingredient - Tabon Tabon. 

Its like a lemon but not really like one - I can't really explain it but definitely something else than what I have tasted before! 

Another favorite is their Lumpiang Shanghai. It tastes different than the one my mom makes at home and its totally packed with flavor even without ketchup. 

Johann's Cuisine is actually opening a new restaurant along Banadero High way early 2017 called The Promenade by Johann's Cuisine which is a bit more high scale than their Aguada branch but still the same delicious food that Ozamiznon loves. 

So there are the top three places to eat at Ozamiz. 

There are actually lots more but I will leave that to your imagination because quite frankly I got hungry by telling you all my foodie adventures so I do need to feed my hungry tummy with an apple to appease it for now. 

Thank you for reading! make sure to check back for more updates on my adventures! 

xx Alice 


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