Thursday, July 28, 2016

Say Hello Again to the Chef Next Door!

I am a big fan of food related shows, I can spend a whole day just watching them because I learn a lot from the hosts and also their adventures and I am so glad to see a one of a kind television show on its 2nd season!

The Group Entertainment together with Lifestyle Network channel welcomes another feisty, hot character on the block this July with Chef Next Door and its host Chef Jonas Ng. 

Being the head chef and owner of Huat Pot Hotpot restaurant in Greenhills and Le Jardin in Bonifacio Global City, Chef Jonas will take us on a whole new culinary journey to the intricate food industry not just by the food but also showing us the faces, places and stories behind the food we love and enjoy.

Just like any other culinary shows, Chef Jonas shares his tips on how to prepare food the easiest and most practical ways. There are also some chef hacks that he has learned over ten years of working inside the kitchen.

The whole media launch was held in Le Jardin in BGC last week. We were served a lot of delicious food from different establishments that Chef Jonas also loves that honestly if you ask me to prepare them, I might just say please help me chef! 

If you are like me - which has a bit knowledge but still does not know if I have the skills to be like the experts watching Chef Next door is possibly the best show I can recommend since each episode teaches us how to come up with restaurant quality output from modern urban limitation because lets face it - with the limitation of space, budget and materials some of us would break down in tears in recreating that restaurant favorites in the comfort of our home...or maybe that is just me.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Chef Jonas along with some bloggers during the press launch and I asked him what can he suggest for that ultimate comfort food for the brokenhearted ones - yes humuhugot ako guys pagbigyan nyo na! 

And it might be something you guys have to check out on the next episodes of Chef Next Door. 

Something that I can also say you need to check out is Chef Jonas' #ChefNinjaMoves as he is also known as the "MacGyver" (PS Google what that word means to the younger millenials *wink*) for his ways to come up with creative and informative solutions in every kitchen crisis that is thrown to him that we can also use when the time come. 

As I have seen the first and second episode I can describe the show in 3 words: Comical, Adventurous and Passionate. 

So make sure to check out Chef Next Door and be prepared to fall in love (sige na nga pa-friendzoned nalang ) with Chef Jonas' adventures! 

Chef Next Door Season 2 will air regularly on Lifestyle every Wednesdays at 9:30pm, Thursdays at 1:00AM, Saturdays 6:00PM, Sundays 10:00AM, Mondays at 3:30PM, Tuesdays at 12:00MN. The show is a joint production venture by the Group Entertainment and iSnap Creatives. 

So make sure to check out Chef Next Door on Lifestyle! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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