Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tinapayan Festival's Ensaymada

Hey guys! If you are a Filipino, you would probably know that every time we visit a friend or relative this is probably the most common bread that is being served to us - The Ensaymada. It was actually told that is a bread creation from the Spaniards. 

Making ensaymada is not that easy because once you get the perfect combination of the dough and filling that the market wants you have to maintain it. There are other bakeries that have been in the market due to this break and one of them is Tinapayan Festival, House of breads. 

This is one establishment that is still doing what they have started about 30 years ago. They crafted their own ensaymada brand and enhanced it further to deliver the same quality goodness in each piece that is wrapped individually. 

For Mr. Lucito B. Chavez, owner and creator of all the breads being sold in Tinapayan Festival,  his main aim in making his ensaymada the way it is, is to make sure that people of all ages gets to enjoy it.  Young individuals love sweet items.  People in their prime love something that is flavorful but not detrimental to their health.  Two markets in opposite taste spectrum.  What he did was to combine the two concepts together and came up with his now known signature ensaymada – not to sweet but flavorful, not overpowering the bread and has a soft texture.

Being a bread maker or panadero, as he fondly calls himself, Mr. Chavez is a man who stayed true to his craft.  He diligently created and learned from all his bread creations and its demands without sacrificing the taste and quality of each product.  He priced all his items to the best of his capability without making it unreachable to the people that he is serving at.  He is a businessman but bread making is his heart.

From simple ensaymada of good quality and taste – similar to that in hotels, Tinapayan Festival has 
brought it to new levels in terms of flavor enhancement without losing the bread quality which they are known for.  Now they have special ensaymadas that you can enjoy – may it be with red egg, ham or ube mixture!  It all has the flavor and texture of their original ensaymada and more!  With quality ingredients in every bite, you are assured of a deliciously, soft, tasty and balanced flavored ensaymada.   With Tinapayan Festival, you are assured of freshly baked ensaymada daily.  Should you wish to extend the life of your item, simply keep it in your ref/fridge – from the tagged date on each item, if refrigerated, you will have an additional 2 to 3 days.  Will it go tough since it was placed inside a cold environment?  

The answer is NO.  Simply heat it up using a toaster or even a frying pan (traditional way of heating things) and you will have a warm ensaymada to enjoy.

Tinapayan Festival, House of Breads is presently located at Don Quijote corner Dapitan Sts., in Manila, with branches at Market, Market in BGC and at the Fisher Mall in Quezon City.  Come and visit their stores and see their wide bread offerings!  Bring home a piece or a box of ensaymada for you and your love ones to enjoy.

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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