Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mojitos and calamares at Graham's Diner

Its no secret that I like to drink. I like to drink even when there is no occasion! But of course drinking in moderation is important and of legal age.

One of my good friends- Arnie invited me for an afternoon just to chill out and chat since its been a while since we chatted.

He actually introduced me to this place at BGC called Graham's Diner and once we were inside it was like I was not in BGC. Maybe its because of the interiors that would remind you of cafes abroad or maybe I was really fascinated by the big chalkboard/blackboard as their menu.

Arnie ordered coffee with some pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs while I have calamares and 2 glasses of mojitos. 

It was a weird combination though since he is having breakfast at 3 in the afternoon while I was starting party hour. But let me tell you about about those calamares. They were a-ma-zing! 

Or maybe they were amazing because of the mojitos. The mix of the mojito is just right and you would ask for more. 

But honestly I wouldn't recommend that because you might go drunk so drink responsibly! 

Overall I love these two at Graham's Diner. I will be coming back for more soon for a full review of their best sellers. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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