Sunday, December 20, 2015

Midnight Hunger Pains

I like to write when it is about twelve midnight onward. And when I get in the mood it won't stop until my tummy goes rumbling like a broken radiator - seriously it sounds like that after a few hours of continuous writing.

And thankfully I have this in our pantry - Potato bread from Tinapayan Festival! 

It is basically an ensaymada without the messy top. Its moist, sweet, fluffy and did I say sweet? 
Although its name is potato bread, I don't think there is any real potatoes, but maybe some potato flour. 

I am merely a hungry foodie that did a complete rampage on our pantry so please don't think that I am making a sensible point right now. 

And now my tummy is filled again I am ready to work! 

Honestly, do you guys get hungry while doing something for a long time? Let me know on the comment section! and let me know what you like to munch on when you get hungry. 

Much love!

xx Alice 


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