Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ermita Hotel Tours

One of the things my relatives do is they like to do staycations. I like to do it too but not too much because I prefer to stay at home at time. 

But I had a chance to check out some of the hotels in Ermita after we went to the event EMBOA hosted. 

We were able to tour 2 hotels so I will show you these for today. I might do a hotel review, but that would be in the future. So expect that this will be an introduction. 

This is especially great if you are staying in the Ermita, Manila area so I might give you some tips. 

The first hotel we checked out is Miramar Hotel. As being an art deco hotel this actually was built during 1930's but was only re-established around 2000s. It is situated within the Roxas Boulevard area so expect that the rate in this area is quite higher than other hotels since Roxas Boulevard is one of the main roads here in Manila. 

The whole hotel has a vintage feel to it. And since it was built during the 1930's it has small hallways and boutique style of setting. 


For me I don't find this hotel suitable for me since if I am staying in the city I would prefer something that is in the middle of the city. This is actually more suitable to those that are staying for business. 

They do have a spa suite which you can use for sparty or a getaway for you and your partner. 

The second hotel we went to is Hotel Kimberly. 

The facade of the hotel is actually very clean and more like a condominium but don't let that fool you. The lobby is really spacious and each floor has wifi access. 

There are actually different rooms that they provide here at a more affordable rates. 

Compared to Miramar Hotel, I actually like this hotel more because it is near a mall and basically everything I need. And one thing I like about this hotel is that they have cheaper rates so if you are staying with your friends your wallet won't burn you. 

You can check out Miramar Hotel and Hotel Kimberly on Facebook for their rates. 

I will do another post on the individual hotels so make sure to check back. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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