Wednesday, December 23, 2015

TINAPAYAN FESTIVAL, House of Breads – Speaks of Real Bread Flavor and No Other

There are only a few small businesses that turn into something near to an institution in a community after of years being in the business. I remember when we had our own small family business of an eatery that almost everyone in our neighborhood knows.

Our 'claim to fame' is basically what my mom cooks - from Adobo to even fried chicken everything gets sold out immediately. It wasn't until the late 1990s that my mama and papa decided to close it down because they can't manage it anymore.

And whenever I find these kinds of businesses I am so thrilled because it really takes a lot of hard work not just from the staff but also the owners to keep it that way! And for Tinapayan Festival: House of Breads, bringing that value and importance of bread to the public is what makes them well known.

Located at the corner of Dapitan and Don Quijote sts. in Manila houses this business for nearly three decades. Owned by Mr. Lucito Chavez, a panadero by heart dedicated a lot of his time in making breads near the public.  His aim is to make people truly value this staple food in terms of nutrients and the craftsmanship that goes with each piece created and served.

Tinapayan Festival is currently serving loaves – standard and specialized, cakes, savory breads, cookies, sweet and soft dough creations such as cheese rolls and ensaymadas.  They have a bread creation for nearly all occasions. 

They actually have a lot of breads available from the loaves of bread to their ensaymadas, and even to their scrumptious cheese rolls that are simply amazing that are freshly baked everyday.

I am really thankful to be part of the bloggers that were invited to try their holiday breads which a lot of people don't know you can have besides the usual fruit loaf which they actually have a version which are amazing for the kids!

They also have breads for the healthy minded individuals that are so tasty as well.

Here are some of what we had. And if you get hungry just scroll further to see where you can buy these delectable treats for this coming Christmas season!

almond cheese cakes
 This cake has a very mild sweetness to it and has a light glaze that makes it look and taste delicious.

Premium Cheese Roll
 This is one of their best sellers. I will make another post about this but I can describe this in one word - heavenly.

Special Ensaymada
 We also had the special ensaymada. Its light and fluffy, the taste is not overwhelming to the palate.

Cheese Dinner Roll
 This is like a bigger version of their ensaymada that you can serve for Christmas dinner.

They also had some brownies that were very moist they are like fudge that are so addicting.

They also had an array of pastries like eclairs and cream puffs that are sold almost immediately because they cost lower than 40 pesos each! And they are so good!

Pineapple upside down cake
 I am quite picky when it comes to pineapple upside down cake because if the sponge bread is too wet from the syrup it will destroy the cake. But this one actually was not soggy so you can enjoy about one to two slices of this cake.

Custard Cake
 This is by far my favorite. Just like the pineapple upside down cake, if the cake or bread part is so soaked from the syrup, I will force it down my esophagus because I hate seeing a plate that has excess food.

The taste of this is really light, its not too sweet so if you are having guests that are older they will really like this.

holiday cake
I have a secret to tell you. I HATE FRUIT LOAF.

Whenever I get fruit loaf for Christmas from colleagues or anyone I know in particular, I would still accept that but either my brother or my mom will the ones who will eat it. I hate how they mixed the rhum in the bread which gives the bread a really weird scent that is really not my type so I am so thankful that they have a version that does not have that rhum scent nor taste. The taste of this is really fruity and sweet that is also infused in the bread!

I really love these breads and pastries that Tinapayan Festival is offering for Christmas! and This holiday season, Tinapayan Festival is accepting bulk orders of your American loaf bread (commonly known as tasty) at a discounted price!  You may start calling them at 732-2188/7328718 to get details and file your orders, if interested.

At present, Tinapayan Festival has three store locations; the main store in Manila (at the corner of Don Quijote and Dapitan Sts.), the one at the Fisher Mall in Quezon City (old Pantranco area) and that of in Market, Market in Bonifacio Global City (BGC).  You can enjoy all of their bestsellers and find new favorites when you visit any of their store locations.

So make sure to check out Tinapayan Festival: House of Breads to have a whole new bread experience this holiday season!

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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